What is General Liability Insurance and How to Get It?

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Are you looking to become a contractor and build a name for yourself in the industry, aiming at growing a long-lasting, successful career? A pretty good plan! Yet, you won’t be able to achieve it if you don’t learn more on how to build that career and if you don’t take care of some important things that will undeniably be an important part of that career-building process.

For example, you’ll need to get general liability insurance as a contractor. Perhaps you’ve already come across this term, but that doesn’t mean you understand the concept to the fullest. If you haven’t had the need to deal with this type of insurance in the past, you undeniably haven’t researched the concept at all. So, now that you do need it and you’ve come across the concept, chances are you’re confused about what it actually is, why you may need it and how to get it.

Those are all some rather significant questions, right? Not getting your answers can lead to even more confusion, which is actually what we are trying to avoid. Therefore, what we are going to do is answer those questions for you below, and thus help you not only understand this concept, but also get the insurance you’ll need as a contractor and learn how to get it right. So, let’s get started.


What Is General Liability Insurance?

Without a doubt, the absolutely first thing you want to figure out is what general liability insurance is to begin with. The concept is not that difficult to explain or understand. Basically, this is a type of small business insurance that covers you for accidental injuries, as well as property damage caused to other parties, that is, to your clients. Apart from that, it can also cover copyright infringement, advertising injury, reputational harm and similar things.

Not having general liability insurance makes your business vulnerable so to speak. When you check out the concept more at https://www.contractorbond.org/ or similar places, you’ll realize just how important it actually is. The types of claims mentioned above, made by some of your clients, could lead you towards being liable and paying out huge amounts of money for the claim, which could even result in the company getting bankrupt. The insurance, on the other hand, protects you against such scenarios.


Why Do You Need It?

Wondering why you actually need this type of insurance, then? Well, the above should have made that clear. Or, it should have at least made one reason clear. Basically, when you have this type of coverage, you’ll be protected against any claims regarding accidents, injuries and damage that could be caused while you’re providing service to your client on their property. Being protected, of course, means you won’t lose money by paying for certain claims out of your pocket.

Is there any other reason why you should actually consider getting this specific coverage, though? Well, there actually is. Put simply, when clients notice that you are insured, they are far more likely to do business with you , because they’ll feel safer that way, which is completely logical. So, this further means that general liability insurance can help you land more clients and thus grow your business. 

How to Get It?

Having understood what this kind of insurance is and why you need it, is how you can actually get it. The point is, of course, not in getting any kind of a policy, but in getting a great one for you. And, if you’ve never done this in the past, you may not know how to do it the right way. The actual process of getting the insurance is not difficult, once you’ve found the right provider, so the bottom line is that finding that provider is what you need to focus on.

Finding the right provider, of course, can take some time, but taking that time will be worth it. When getting your general liability insurance, you want it to be great, and due to that, you’ll have to put a lot of focus on choosing the perfect provider. You’ll get to find different options online, as well as by talking to other contractors that could give you some recommendations.

After you’ve found several different options, you’ll have to research them in details, aiming at selecting the perfect provider for you. While doing the research, you should aim at checking the providers’ experience levels, as well as their reputation, so as to be sure you’re partnering up with a reliable contractor instead of an ill-reputed one. Reading reviews could help with that.

Naturally, you’ll also need to get different quotes and compare them. While comparing the quotes, you should keep in mind what it is that’s actually covered by the policy as well. This way, you’ll get the perfect value for your money, which is undoubtedly what you want.

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