10 Sneaky Ways to Fire Your Boss if He Deserves It

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Have you ever wanted to fire your boss? Whether you work in an office, factory, company, or other places you may have come across an annoying boss or a supervisor that acts inappropriately towards you or other co-workers. It can be stressful and can also disrupt your work process and the normal workflow of the office.

Ways to fire your boss who is bad to you

Having a harsh or badly behaved boss can affect the overall mood of the office environment and cause a lot of tension. A bad boss can make a job unbearable. This singular point is the reason why a lot of people have quit their jobs. If you have a boss that fits into the above criteria then this article on sneaky ways to fire your boss is for you.


Bad behaviors of bosses or supervisors

These are some examples of traits bad supervisors and boss’s exhibit.

1. Harsh

A boss that speaks rudely and shouts a lot at staff and also lets employees bully each other and tends to pick sides when there’s an issue is a bad boss that should be fired. Their behavior can lead employees to have anxiety and panic attacks.

Some employees end up being fidgety around these type of bosses and are only able to tolerate the work environment by using fidget ring or other coping mechanisms. These types of bosses deserve to be fired.

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Most bad supervisors pick favorites among the employees and allow them to behave badly.


2. Lack of empathy

An employee may be going through a hard time or loss in the family and be faced with a boss who does not have human sympathy or feelings.

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3. Incompetence

Not all supervisors are equipped with skills to tackle the tasks that come with their position. Having an incompetent boss disrupt the smooth flow of work, the boss, not having enough knowledge about a particular subject may end up making wrong choices that will put the company in jeopardy and you should fine ways to fire your boss if he is like this.

4. No regard or reply to feedback

The boss is not willing to listen to feedback from employees about work related matters, they may not disagree with the employee but will definitely not take the advice.


5. Overworking employees

Most bad supervisors enjoy overworking their employees, they make sure to pile more work and make the employee stay behind to finish it off.

6. Takes credit for employees’ effort

One common trait of bad bosses or supervisors is taking credit for a good job done by an employee at work. An employee comes up with an idea that is considered to be a good development for the company, in most cases the boss takes the employee’s name of the idea and brands it as his/her own.

Sneaky Ways on how to fire a boss

I will show you a step-by-step way to fire your boss:

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Step 1: Carry out tasks properly


A good way to ensure your boss gets fired is to make sure you carry out all tasks given and do them properly. When you do all tasks given and your boss screams at you, tries to insult you, or any other inappropriate behavior your colleagues will note and observe that your boss just shouted for no reason.

One thing you should note is that whenever anything happens to you in a working space your co-workers always observe and know what’s going on even if they don’t say anything.

This process can help you fire your boss because with time, these things begin to add up and they’ll begin to ask your boss pertinent questions and eventually fire him.

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Step 2:  Do not gossip

Step two on ways to fire your boss is to not engage in office gossip, you may end up making offensive comments about your boss, and your co-workers may end up telling your boss about your comments. If this happens then it can further disturb your relationship with your boss.

Step 3: Observe your boss

Always be watchful of your boss’s movements and actions whenever you can. Watch how he/she talks to other employees, the reaction to work done, their speech, their mode of operation, and as many things possible. It’s important to observe your boss, you’d gain more knowledge about a lot of little things concerning your boss.

Step 4: Go early to work


Always be early to work, coming late to work is not an option whether with a good or bad boss. Maintaining a clean record and coming early to work is important and can also be an important factor when it comes to firing your boss.

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Step 5: Be on good terms with co-workers

You don’t have to be best friends with your co-workers but maintaining a cordial relationship with them is important, if your boss is also treating them badly with time, you’ll get to know about it. Once you plan to act on the bad behavior from your boss, they may be willing to act as witnesses and support you.


Step 6: Document Your Boss’s Action

You decide to start observing your boss’s moves and actions, What next? Make notes of all the times he/she shouts at other employees, misbehaves, takes credit for other employee’s effort, makes racial comments and many more. You’ll need it for later.

Step 7: Gather evidence

In this stage, you’ll gather all pieces of information you can get your hands on. All types of evidence, speech, recordings, witnesses. At this point you should’ve spoken to certain key and trusted employees who have similar experiences with your boss and are willing to be your witness if the need arises, this is why it’s important to be on good terms with other co-workers or employees. This is one sure way to get your boss fired.


Step 8: Finalize evidence

Make a report of all documents that will prove your claim, ensure that all documents or paperwork is written down or carefully typed before you hand it over to the Human resources section for investigation. The essence of having a well-written report is that it makes you look professional and serious about the issue. Be sure to include all forms of a photo or videos that can serve as evidence in your report


Step 9: Report to HR

Get in touch with the Human resources section and be sure to drop off your report, ensure that whatever is discussed in the meeting be kept confidential and secret. Once all these tips have followed then you are definitely on your way to achieving this goal.


Having to work in an environment that Is not conducive due to an employer’s actions or behaviour patterns

If you have an annoying boss then these tips on sneaky ways to fire your boss should help you.

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