USPS tracking not updating: Here is what to do

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Is your USPS tracking not updating and you need the best solution to go by it? If yes, fret not as this article will guide you on what to do next so as to get accurate information about your shipments.

Ideally, the USPS is built with a top-rated tracking device or system with high efficiency and service reliability.

So on every shipment, you will be given a tracking number to use for checking your items delivery status of at all times.

Moreso, some of the information that will be contained on the USPS tracking page are the delivery date, time, address, etc.

However, when you are tracking your shipment, there is the possibility of you getting “USPS Tracking Not Updating” message.

What then will you do in such an instance?

What this means is that the exact location of your shipment hasn’t changed recently or unknown.

There are unforeseeable circumstances, that may occur in the course of transporting the shipments thereby leading to delivery delays.

What’s more, this “USPS tracking not updating” message could be annoying.

Most especially, when the core purpose of using it is to provide accurate and well-detailed tracking information of one shipment.

But notwithstanding, this is the exact question this article tends to provide a definite answer to. But before then, let’s consider the following subheadings.

Some of the Reasons Why USPS Tracking Not Updating

You might be wondering as to why your USPS tracking number is not updating. The reasons for that are not farfetched.

Although there are multiple reasons for that, let’s just discuss, one after the other, the most common ones.

1. Unscannable or broken barcode

If your barcode is broken, damaged, or unscannable, it will be difficult for the system to scan the package.

Even if it is able to scan it, chances are that it won’t give accurate information.

So having a damaged barcode can cause your shipments USPS tracking number not to be up-to-date or it can cause it to give inaccurate information.

2. Shipments Barcode not scanned

Another reason behind the USPS information not updating is the issue of package or shipment barcode not scanned in the first place.

Whenever an item or package is being shipped with USPS, there is usually a barcode attached to the top of the box to be scanned by every warehouse involved in the transportation.

This process will be repeated until the package reaches its delivery destination. In the cause of doing this, the USPS track and updates the delivery status.

But once they forget to scan the barcode attached to the package box, tracking it will be impossible and thus, USPS tracking not updating message will comes in.

3. Weather

Weather is yet another reason as to why your package USPS tracking number is not updating. This may sound awkward but it is possible.

Snowfall, rain, or thunderstorms are some of the contributing weather element to inaccuracies of USPS tracking information.

These disturbing weather conditions cannot get shipments scan and delivered to the appropriate destination on time.

That is to say, rain, thunderstorms, snowfalls, and the likes can come at any time of the day and they are capable of creating traffic jams and other related issues.

As such, cause delay in scanning, shipping, and delivery of the package.

4. Unforseen circumstances

Other than the above-mentioned three reasons why you may be experiencing USPS tracking not updating issue, your package delivery may be late, too, due to some unknown reasons.

That is, the delayed or not updating problem may be from the part of the seller, the warehouse that received it, and it may come from the carrier.

USPS Tracking Not Updating: Solutions and What You Have To Do

In a situation whereby your shipment tracking number is not updating, there are three options available for you to know the situation of your package.

These options are:

Option #1: Exercise patient

Yes, the first option available when your USPS tracking information is not updating is to wait and exercise patience for a couple of days to see if the package arrives.

To do this, you can calculate the day you made the order and the expected date of delivery. Then add a couple of weeks — say two — to it.

Within that period, if the package was actually in transit, it must have reached it destination thereby getting to you.

But if you waited the added weeks out without receiving any information about your shipments yet, then you can proceed to the other options.

Option #2: Go to the last known facility

This option is only possible if your order is within your country of origin or if the last USPS tracking was updated in your country i.e destination country.

When you must have waited for the package to no avail, kindly go to the last warehouse or facility where your USPS tracker shows that the shipment got scanned.

Option #3: Call USPS service center

The moment you’ve exhausted the added weeks to the expected date of delivery, then you can call the USPS service center for more information about your item.

You can reach the United States Postal Service (USPS) customer care via 1800-ASK-USPS.

Once you are able to put a call across to them, take your time to explain everything to them.

Start from when the order was placed, the expected date and day of delivery down to the last facility where the USPS tracking system was updated.

Having provided all your details including your tracking number to the USPS customer representative, ask him to give you your package new tracking number.

After that, you will be provided with accurate and well-detailed information within 24 to 48 hours.

You have a 99% chance of getting proper information about your items from the USPS Customer Service this time around.


Although getting a USPS tracking not updating message may be annoying, but if you observe the solution explained above, you’ll realize there’s nothing to worry about.

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