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AtlanticRide is here again to provide you with those underrated cities in world that are actually a sight to behold. The major objective of this article is to help you make your travel or vacation more memorable. To achieve this, here is the list of top most underrated cities in world that you really need to visit.

So, when next you are considering a place for your vacation you need to give one of these underrated cities in the world a try.


Top Most Underrated Cities In The World

You should note that these listed underrated cities in the world follow no particular order.

Lisbon, Portugal

On the list of the underrated cities in the world is the capital city Of Portugal, Lisbon. At the moment, it can be argued that Lisbon is the most exciting capital city in Europe. This beautiful city lies in the Western Iberian Peninsula on the Atlantic Ocean and the River Tagus. Lisbon combines without difficulty the traditional heritage with strong contemporary practices.

When spending your vacation in Lisbon, it offers you rich and diverse history. You will certainly experience a buzzing night life with a wonderful climate all through the year. So, the next time you desire to see a new location, I suggest this wonderful capital city of Portugal.

Underrated Cities In The World lisbon

Minsk, Belarus

Another one of the most underrated cities in the world is this old but beautiful city of Belarus. Although the signature of the Soviet days of this city is still obvious, but there lies the beauty. With its Soviet era bars to the brutal architectural designs, and the parade ground squares, you will certainly enjoy your stay here.

The thing that surprise me the most about this city is the thriving street art Scenes, art galleries, and the very wonderful cafes. In fact, if you are a lover of arts then you really need to visit this awesome city of Belarus. Another wonderful thing there is currently a 30-day free visa entry into this city. When next you need to alter your conventional travel pattern, Minsk is the city to see.


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Johannesburg, South Africa

This biggest city in South Africa has been very much underrated over the years. It is also among the top 50 urban areas in the world at the moment. In fact, if you ask me I would say that this is the most underrated among the underrated cities in the world. Joburg as it is popularly called is a city that spreads out across a plateau.

The streets of this city are turned purple during the spring due to the blooming jacarandas. In this city, you are certainly going to have a fill of wonderful food, art, museums, hotels, theatre, and above all the wonderful locals.

La Paz, Bolivia

This South America’s interesting capital city of Bolivia was once considered to be dangerous. There is no way you can talk about underrated cities in the world and you don’t mention La Paz. You are still going to see the Shamans that control the streets black magic. In this city, you can still get modern cafes offering sheep hearts and IIama fetuses.

In this beautiful city, you will still find quarters that lights are fuelled using kerosene. The 5-star hotels are also not lacking. La Paz is considered the highest capital city in the world in terms of height above sea level.  Here, the arts are also wonderful and you will certainly enjoy them when you get there.

Busan, South Korea

There is very little known about this wonderful city, especially if you haven’t visited it. Located in the far south of South Korea, this busy port city really has lots of things to offer. It certainly deserves its place among the most underrated cities in the world at the moment.


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The accessible and clean beaches are something you may not see in any other place. Here, the landscape of the city is surrounded with rugged mountains and it s really a sight to behold. You are also going to see a wonderful and beautiful food scene that is so characterized by the Jagalchi fish market. The night life here is so refreshing, just as you would expect from a coastal town. This city of Busan is really underrated when compared with other coastal cities in the world.

Krakow, Poland

This beautiful city of Krakow is also among the list of the most underrated cities in the world today. In this city, you can spend your days touring the different neighborhoods moving from one rooftop restaurant to a basement bar. Being one of Poland’s oldest cities, you will see lots of archaic royal castles that will certainly “quench your thirst”.

While in the old but really wonderful and beautiful city, you should not miss visiting the Wieliczka salt mines. The sight is certainly going to be entertaining for you.

Underrated Cities In The World Poland
Cloth Hall Sukiennice Poland Kraków The Market

Adelaide, Australia

This wonderful city that is located in Southern Australia has had its own share of been underrated. With its world class dining environment and entertaining festivals all through the year; you certainly will enjoy your stay here. Therefore, you cannot talk about the underrated cities in the world, without the city of Adelaide mentioned in your list.

Here, you will see beautiful arts scenes as well as state of the art live music. The climax here is the food and wine, for you can travel for more than 20 hours just to have a taste of their wonderful cuisines. When next you are considering a destination for that your vacation, do give the city of Adelaide a try. It will certainly worth your while.


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Budapest, Hungary

This 10th largest city in the whole of Europe is not left out on the most underrated cities in the world. The city of Budapest lies on the both sides of the Danube River. This Danube River is one of the longest and most beautiful rivers in Europe; often called the “Big Blue” by the Europeans.

In this beautiful city, you will get to see beautiful medieval castles just like the ones you get to see in the movies. In the city park of Budapest is the Castillo Vjdahunyad castle built between 1896 and 1908. The sight of this castleor the Fisherman Bastions will certainly trill you beyond words. You should also go see the chain bridge of Budapest, or the Matthias Church built in 1015. There are lots of entertaining sights and cuisines to enjoy in Budapest. You simply need to go and experience this feeling yourself.

Here, we have provided you with a list of some of the most underrated cities in the world; you should really visit one of them or as many as you can. One thing is sure, you will certainly enjoy yourself more than you expect.

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