Turning Your Passion into Your Profession 


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When you can work at something you love, it can never be considered as ‘just a job’. It’s the dream of most people to develop their passion until they can use it on the professional stage, but it’s not an easy feat to pull off.

For those looking to follow this ideal path, here are some tips along with some possible work options.

Professional Gambler


Clearly this job comes with a caveat. It’s one of the few professions where it’s possible to actually lose money, but many are making a living out of gambling. While there are risks, the earning potential is much higher and it’s worth remembering that profits from gambling are tax free in many countries.

Those that want to become a casino professional gambler should firstly forget about chance and focus on mathematical probability. The process of card counting may see you ejected from a bricks and mortar casino but, in the online world, it can give a player a significant advantage.

Blackjack offers a perfect example of probability in action. Along with the ten card itself, all picture cards are worth ten points and this can be a valuable score in the context of the game. If no picture cards are currently on the table, there is a high probability of one being drawn next.

That’s a basic rule of card counting, while things can get more intricate. The system can also be used in other casino card games such as poker and baccarat.

In sports, the process of matched betting is another case of maths taking over. There is always going to be an element of risk involved, but those who gamble professionally have reduced that risk by employing probability.

When Crafting Gets Serious


The digital revolution has provided us with so many additional opportunities to market our products. Popular auction sites and general marketplaces such as Etsy showcase individual sellers, many of whom are able to become a professional seller of custom products.

The list of potential options is almost endless. Pottery, art, photography and embroidery are among the many crafts that can be sold on these digital platforms.

Like a lot of job changes, these websites also allow sellers to develop before committing to a full time profession. Those who are considering selling their crafts full time can enter the market slowly while gauging the demand.

A Passion for Pets


Dog and cat lovers also have the potential to turn their passion into a viable business. Many pet owners are time poor and, in their hectic daily lives, their furry friends could end up being neglected.

There is now an opportunity to become a professional dog walker or dog groomers. They now operate widely in many countries around the world. Cats aren’t so high maintenance but, when their owners are on holiday, a pet sitter can be a welcome alternative to a trip to the cattery.

All kinds of pets may need a little extra help at times. Lizards, rodents, snakes and birds are among those where demand for assistance can lead to a potential new career.

Food and Drink


Digital sales help to drive many industries but face-to-face transactions still have their place. One of the biggest areas of growth has been seen in food and drink where the advent of the ‘pop up shop’ has helped many entrepreneurs to get a foot up on the business ladder.

Microbreweries are becoming more prevalent. The list of producers continues to grow while craft beer bars are being incepted to showcase their wares.

Pop up restaurants are big business too. Exceptional home cooks can now set up shop with relatively little outlay. Many have gone from here to owning their own major establishments, so this is a definite route to the top for the talented few.

Outdoor Pursuits


Many who change profession have taken the opportunity to get out of a stuffy office and into the fresh air. Gardening and design are among the many outdoor jobs that have become popular among those seeking a new challenge.

This is another industry where homeowners that are time poor will turn to external help.

Questions to Ask

Irrespective of what the potential profession may be, there are some generic questions to ask. Those looking for a career change should seriously consider whether their talent is marketable.

Is that gift something that stands out in what is naturally going to be a competitive environment? It’s a difficult question to ask, but those would-be entrepreneurs have to be completely honest with themselves. 

Once that has been established, it’s time to take a look at the market and potential demand. The good news is that the majority of these new job options can be tested out before it’s time to take the plunge.

Consider the options, formulate a business plan and see if it’s possible to turn that passion into a profitable business.


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