Why Travelling Solo As A Woman Is The Worst Thing You Can Do

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You will have to forgive the society for giving more control to the male folks. Without sounding anti-feminist and risking the ire of feminists, some of the male folks enjoy and get away with what will be difficult for you to do. Traveling solo as a woman is just one of them.

However, it is about perception. For some, the experience will be quite ugly while for some others, it is just one of the amazing things out there. But on the general basis, you will see more cons than pros for lone traveling, especially as a woman.

So many things happen out there during our journeys and you should know that. Nobody should deceive you. By telling you why you should not travel solo as a woman, we are not insisting that there is something wrong with it but we are just saying that there could be more fun and protection if you traveled in the company of a man or another woman.


You can travel alone and totally love it as this girl did. You can read her story here but there is no guarantee that it will always be like that and your destination may be different.

I do not intend to bore you with unnecessary details as I just want to get to the point but you should know and I believe that you know that two is always better than one in almost all aspects of life and your journey is just one of them. I expect some people to disagree with this assertion anyway.

Let them go through these reasons below on why traveling solo as a woman may not be as interesting.


Reasons Why Traveling Solo As A Woman May Not Be The Best Option For You


1. Generally speaking, it is more expensive

Just imagine that room, either a hotel room or an airbnb apartment, you will rent alone. You could have split the expenditure with someone else if you had a friend come on the trip with you. You know one of the determinants of your journey; the fun you will have, the time you will spend and the places you will stay has a lot to do with money.

Now, if you are sharing the expenditure with someone, it does a world of good for you. Seriously, you won’t have to feel angry at spending so much on what you could have gotten cheaper if you split the cost. There is a damn big benefit of sharing. Trust me on that.


2. Your photos will be filled with selfies

In our time, there is a higher emphasis on pictures and what it stands for. There are moments you want to take personal pictures popularly known as selfies and there are times you just want a crowded crazy picture with you and your friends or friend.

How are you going to get that if you are traveling solo as a woman? Well, some will argue that you will get someone else to handle that for you but seriously, think of the inconveniences. Some people won’t mind but others will and that is when you will realize that you could have been better off with a company

If you are traveling for business, it will be different but fun traveling is a different ball game. In my own opinion, you need someone with you to give you the real definition of fun, someone to look out for you and to enjoy the fun with. Just taking pictures can remind you of how important that could be.


3. It could be depressing

Look around darling, what do you see? Look around the park, what do you see? A group of girls; giggling and laughing, a group of boys waiting for the girls to meet, a family of three and above, couples (married and unmarried) and so many people together.

On so few occasions, will you see some someone alone. That could impact your psychology and bring up unnecessary regrets. Now, get away from that park and get to a good restaurant where you want to have the pleasure of satisfying yourself. What do you see? People will stare at you and look at you in an uncomfortable way especially if it is in a place for holidays and vacations. They expect you to bring company.


All of these could be depressing to you and you will begin to regret your choice of coming out alone. You really don’t want to have regrets on such travels do you? If it is any comfort, you can try to learn how to eat alone and you might just be able to navigate this one without depression knocking on your door. 

4. It can be dangerous

There is no gainsaying that traveling solo as a woman can be very dangerous. Well, this is dependent on the places you will be visiting as some places are safer than others. You can have some terrible experiences if you are alone because you have become an easy target for people with evil intentions.


When you have people or someone with you, you will have someone to fall back on when something happens. Imagine losing your wallet or purse with all your money and your cards without anyone to help you with the expenses. In a bus, you could fall asleep in a bus and your bag will be stolen and that won’t happen if you had company.

Remember, there is a general conception that men are not scared when walking in the night while it scares the shit out of women. This may not be absolute but it has some elements of factuality embedded in it.

Women are easy targets and you become vulnerable when you are alone. Take some time to prepare and take better precaution and also ask more questions if you want to have a safer trip but they would have all been unnecessary if you had someone or some people with you.


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5. It could be more difficult to make friends

Traveling solo as a woman could present you with the difficulty of making friends. It is not strange to find people acting strangely towards you when you meet them for the first time. They may not be very open with you and they will tend to act the way they want.

In their mind, they don’t know why you are alone. It is difficult for them to understand you until they have seen the things you do. Before you will make friends with them, you may have to stay around for a day or two.

If you had the company of others, you won’t need to bother your head about that. However, there are really nice people out there who will welcome you warmly into their fold without much ado. The issue is that you won’t see so many people like that and you are not even sure of their real intentions because you know nothing about them.


Solo travelling could mean you eat alone like this woman is doing

6. It could be boring

No one wants to get bored. That is the truth. If you are not a hopeless introvert, there will be a limit to what you can take alone. There are times you need to be alone and it is even encouraged but if it goes beyond the normal level, you could become very bored.

There are places you would want to visit and you will wish you had someone with you. Depending on what you want to do and how you want to do it, you will need someone around to help out with it. Imagine the boredom of having to that mountain climbing alone, cycling round alone, touring and doing sightseeing alone and handling other things alone. It is damn boring and you know it.


Except getting bored is your hobby, then you have no reason to travel solo as a woman.

6. You might question some of your choices

Like I said earlier, staying alone for some time is great. Spend some quality alone time and you will be able to get a handle on the things bordering you. You will also be able to handle some creative ideas flowing through your veins.

Let us stop for a moment and look at how to get things done without making them bring unnecessary consequences. When you dwell on your thoughts longer than you should, you will begin to have certain things come up. You will remember past wounds, past heartbreaks, failures and other choices you made that didn’t end well.


These things don’t end well for you if you are not mentally strong. If you had company, you won’t be able to dig up those thoughts as you will be actively engaged in some activities. Traveling solo as a woman can do this and much more. If you are alone, you must try to make new acquaintances and help yourself to more fun.

7. Little things are always magnified

Part of what happens in the course of any journey is the possibility of running into little misfortunes and mischief. They are normal and they have various degrees. When you are alone, some of the things that will happen to you that you should have ordinarily laughed over if you had company could become real issues.


I will give examples; you could miss your train or bus, you could start having a runny stomach, or they could deceive you to buy tickets for a non-existent bus. There are other minor things that could happen that you should have just laughed over but you won’t because everything is magnified and every action is scrutinized.

On many occasions, people have cried over such things and some have packed their bags and gone home. You wouldn’t want that to happen to you. If you don’t mind and if it is not official, please, try and take a great company along if you have the resources to do that. Traveling solo as a woman should be the last resort.


8. Memories shared are the best memories


You can argue with this but deep down, you are aware that a memory without pals, friends, colleagues or family is not exactly complete. It is about moments shared with people that could make the whole difference in the world. Though traveling solo as a woman can make you sharper, it also takes some things from you.

There is nothing wrong with having memories of yourself having fun or going through a certain level of adventure. There is nothing absolutely wrong with that. It is just that it is incomplete and you need that extra vibe that friends and family with. You should be able to share your memories and great moments with someone and that will only happen if you don’t travel solo as a woman.


When you come back, you will try to tell people stories of what you went through and the fun you had in whatever place you visited. They will be keen for some time and then they lose all interest. They just don’t want to hear about it again. But, if you had traveled with someone, you would have someone to reminisce about your time in whatever jungle you visited. That is the essence of having people with you when holidaying.

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9. The inconveniences could be very disturbing

When you are traveling alone, you are likely going to come under certain inconveniences. Imagine what will happen when you have to take a break to the bathroom in a bus and you have to drag your load with you. Someone could have watched over it for you but let me remind you that you have nobody to do it for you. You are alone and you will need to handle yourself.


You may handle the loneliness and being alone without much issue but just think of the discomfort involved and you will think twice about traveling solo as a woman. It is not just the bathroom break that matters but every kind of discomfort that you will face.

10. It kills the fun of tours

When you are on a tour, you may want to go beyond the point you are meant to. It is absolutely dangerous to do that on your own and it is definitely not a good idea if you are a woman. These are situations that you would have been better off and safer with good company and good friends.

To remain safe, you may have to curtail any plans you have to go further from the point you are meant to stop in your adventure. That way, you will only be bordered about the loneliness and other things can fall in line.


11. It will suck if you are stranded

In the time you will be enjoying your holidays wherever you decide to have that, you will find out that so many things that you did not plan for could happen. Shit happens and you can actually prepare better for it. You should anticipate it.

However, if you had anybody or group of people with you when such circumstances arise, you will be better equipped to handle it. It is the whole truth. If, for instance, the bus drops you at the wrong destination and you were super late, you will be better off with some other people experiencing the particular event than you would alone.

It happens all the time to travelers so don’t even give me that God forbid crap. It does not work. You should better prepare and you are even a woman so that makes it more delicate.


12. You could get lost

Before someone gets the whole idea twisted, it is not our prayer for bad things to happen to you. If you are careful, you can avoid certain things but unfortunately, you cannot avoid everything. So, crazy things will happen whether you like them or not. I would suggest that instead of wishing that they don’t happen, you prepare for their occurrence so that you won’t be taken unawares.

This is not particular to women. It is for everybody’s consumption. You can get lost anywhere if you are in a new territory. The idea is that it will be better if you had an extra head to help you figure your path and lead you home. How would you do that if you are travelling alone as a woman? You need the help of the people around you so get a good company if it is possible. You don’t want to be exhausted trying to figure your path alone.



Before you think we are probably out of our minds, there are series of benefits of traveling solo as a woman but they are nothing compared to the harm that could come to you. There are different kinds of journey you can embark on and there are some that will be totally okay if you traveled solo.

But when it comes to going on holidays and vacations, you are definitely better off with some other people than doing that alone.

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