Top Sights and Reasons to visit Ibiza, Spain

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It is one of the highly recommended islands of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea after top attractions of Madrid, Spain. It is known for its parties/ fun and nightlife while you can also enjoy quiet villages and beaches as per your taste. Ibiza is an island that has something for both, young and old, while you can also enjoy a trip along with your kids.

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  • Platja d’en Bossa: Popular beach with an amazing nightlife
  • Cala Comte: Sandy beach with a fancy restaurant
  • Cala Benirrás: Compact bay with a pebble beach
  • Es Vedra: Beautiful, uninhabited limestone island
  • Cala Llonga: The resort of Cala Llonga boasts a wide and sandy white beach.
  • Sant Josep de sa Talaia: The resort of Cala Llonga boasts a wide and sandy white beach.
  • Sant Antoni de Portmany: Sant Antoni de Portmany, also known as just San Antonio is one of the top attractions of Spain.
  • Portinatx: On the northernmost coast of the island is Portinatx, a resort with three spectacular beaches.
  • Es Canar: Es Canar is a beach resort on the eastern side of the island.
  • Ibiza Town: The port city known as Ibiza Town is the largest and prettiest destination on the island.
  • Cala Llenya: If you are hoping to find a slightly quieter beach in Ibiza
  • Santa Eulalia del Rio: Santa Eulalia del Rio is a major resort on Ibiza, and it is located on the island’s eastern coast.
  • Bar Anita: This mainstream bar is in San Carlos, a little, pleasant town in the north of the island.
  • Hippy Markets: Ibiza’s renowned hippy markets can make for a beautiful and thrilling day or a night out, with the opportunity to peruse for keepsakes, appreciate supper and see some unrecorded music.


  • Dalt Vila: Dalt Vila (which means upper town), is Ibiza’s old town and is on a slope, contained inside antiquated dividers, and watching out to the ocean.
  • La Maison de I’Elephant: Fronted by colossal models of robots, silver skulls, and pink elephants, it’s difficult to miss this inside structure idea store headed straight toward Sant Josep.
  • Croissant Show: Albeit basically only a bistro, Croissant Show is a touch of an Ibiza organization. Truly, you come here to appreciate espresso and cake, or breakfast, however, it’s everything about the people viewing, and the unfathomably unusual proprietor, Andres.
  • C’an Marca Caves: Initially utilized by bootleggers to stash their illicit products, the C’an Marça Caves, in the north of the island, can be very crisp inside and make a much-needed reprieve from the extraordinary warmth of summer.
  • Aquarium Cap Blanc: Regularly alluded to as ‘the Lobster Cave’Cap Blanc Aquarium is situated in an enormous characteristic cavern, which was once utilized as a nursery for lobsters, which were then traded to territory Spain.
  • Sunset Ashram: A famous spot to watch the sun go down, Sunset Ashram is on a wonderful untainted seashore, and has an inhabitant DJ playing music for the duration of the day and visitor DJs playing nightfall meetings.

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Top Reasons to Visit Ibiza:

  • Hippy Markets: Ibiza had been home to these markets from the 60s and these hippie markets are still adding to the charm of the island. Organic food, old school clothing, or whatever you want, the stalls have a lot to offer. Famous Hippy Markets include; Las Dalias, Cala Llenya, Es Canar.
  • Sandy Beaches: Pebble beach? Sandy beach? Popular beach? Peaceful quiet beach? Family beaches? This island has all types for you to choose from. If going to a famous beach, you can expect to spot a celebrity there and get chic selfies along. Top Beaches recommended are; Las Salinas, Cala Jondal, Cala d’Hort, Benirras Beach.
  • Spanish Food: Ibiza’s cuisine has Spanish and Mediterranean touch; the Mediterranean could be tasted well in fishes and salads while Spanish touch can be found in the traditional dishes. You can also find a lot of International restaurants offering different origins and tastes, whatever suits you.

  • Ibiza Town: the town itself is beautiful. It is said to be divided into two parts: one is a historic area with outstanding restaurants, chic bars, and amazing sights, while the other is where you will find a new construction and all. The best part is walking around the city walls while enjoying the atmosphere and going with the vibes of the town.
  • Sunsets and scenic sights: Ibiza is one of the best locations to adore sunsets on the Mediterranean Sea. All year; the sea and scenic beauty offer breathtaking sunsets. Sunsets are already beautiful with the splendid colors but if you want to enjoy with a view adding to the beauty, the island is the right place. Top locations include; Sunset Strip and San Antonio Bay.
  • Clubbing and parties: Ibiza is famous as a party island and why not. The clubbing season starts in May with the big International Music Summit followed by parties and goes on to summers until late September’s closing gala. Moreover, there are not stop parties going on in Ibiza town or lively resorts. There are clubs with bomb parties going on with DJs from all around the world.

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