Tips to implement online assessment technology.


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Remote learning is becoming increasingly popular as more colleges, schools, and other sorts of exams institutions have adopted online learning. Online proctoring is essential; since the pandemic outbreak, most educational institutions have switched to administering tests through the internet.

However, ensuring that the test is done fairly is a difficult undertaking because applicants have access to the internet, which can occasionally jeopardise the exam’s integrity. This is why using software developed by a trusted online assessment solution provider is critical. It will assist you in conducting online evaluations and managing and monitoring the exams in real time.

Moreover, such software ensures that candidates do not use unfair means to ace the test.

Here are some tips for implementing online assessment technology.

  1. Ensure the delivery is easy

Educators must utilise the best software available to offer examinations to applicants in the most efficient manner possible. To enrol students, you must first create a session and enrol them either by class or individually. Following the test, you can begin invigilation and observe what the participants are doing.

The finest software has a dashboard view that allows examiners to see the student’s progress and test sessions in real-time. Furthermore, you may view each student’s audit trails and trials of activities at any moment.

  1. Conduct test sessions with complete control.

The greatest software that gives educators complete control allows the examiner administrator to supervise and monitor a student’s test session.

Some software allows you to start the exam, pause it, grant entrance, and give applicants extra time.

Furthermore, if live proctors are used, they can interrupt the exam to admonish the participant. In the worst-case scenario, administrators can also abandon or cancel a candidate’s exam if they employ unfair techniques throughout the examination. Choose a software that allows you to regulate your test sessions to provide credible evaluations.

  1. Exceptional technology integration

Internet connections are quite stable these days, but there are chances of the connection being slow or dropping out. So, online assessment solutions will function without hindrance even if the internet drops out for a minute; modern-day software is made using the best technology that enables the candidates to continue with the tests. Moreover, such software is available on every standard operating system for ease.

  1. Easy to use

There is no point in having the best software if the students cannot use it to pass their exams. The software must not be challenging and must have all the necessary features that a candidate might need to pass their exam.

Features such as flagging or bookmarking a question, tracking progress summary, science, and maths equation editor, and timer are pretty standard.

So, if you ensure that the platform has suitable delivery methods, gives you complete control, exceptional technology, and ease for the candidates, it will be easier for the institution to implement an online assessment solution.


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