Things to Do On a Vacation: 11 Inspiring Ideas for nigerians

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We all love vacations. You do, I do.

Ok, maybe that’s not true. If you’ve seen the big bang theory, you’d remember that Sheldon hated his vacation day. He didn’t want to take it because he loved to work. But then, the school management forced him to take it against his will (Quite hilarious thou). His life was close to misery throughout out the vacation days because he wasn’t opportune to read this post “things to do on a vacation”

We’ve got 11 inspiring vacation ideas for you, just relax and read.

There are many things to do on a vacation, but you’ve got to know what you want to achieve. In other words, you have to have a goal in mind first. Going on a vacation is really a good way of relaxing yourself and consider new things.  This article will show you inspiring things to do on a vacation to make it lively and worthwhile.


If you are struggling to come up with what to do, AtlanticRide have got your back.

Here, you will see many inspiring ideas on things to do on a vacation. In fact, after reading this article you will definitely see more ways than one to enjoy your vacation.

Things to Do On a Vacation

The List of Things to Do On a Vacation

1. You can organize special programs for people in your environment

Vacations don’t always involve traveling or site seeing. It can simply mean a couple of days off work, or a few days of me time. If you’ve got a few vacation days and you don’t want to hop on a plane or go on a road trip, there is always something to do at your back yard.


One of the many things to do on a vacation is to organize programs for people in your neighborhood. Programs like this gives you a sense of purpose and fulfillment as you positively impact the lives of people. So long as you have what it talks to organize such a program, you should take it up.

Aside from making money from such programs, it also affords you the opportunity to know the people in your locality. It is always tricky getting back to work after a vacation, especially a long one, but let’s finish with things to do on a vacation first.  

Things to Do On a Vacation, organize social programs
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2. Travel

Traveling is also one of the things to do on a vacation that will really make you smile. During vacations, you should try to change your immediate environment and try new places. You could also try to be a tourist in your own back yard, I hear that works too.


There are ways you can really make traveling worthwhile for yourself. Some of these ways include:

  • Book one of the college student tours available: There are different sites that offer travel tours for college students, why not take advantage of that during your vacation. This is specifically for those that are collage students. You will find out that these tours will expose you to many interesting aspects of life you have been missing.
  • Visit your friends: Traveling to see or visit friends can really be very heartwarming during vacations. So, if you are searching for things to do on a vacation try visiting your friends. One very good thing about visiting your friends is that you don’t have to spend money on your accommodation.
  • You can become an oversea camp counselor: Another way you can enjoy traveling during your vacation is by becoming an oversea cam counselor. This gives you the opportunity to meet people from different cultures and you get paid in the process. So, what are you waiting for before becoming an oversea camp counselor?
  • You can also travel during vacation to study: There are companies and schools that allow you the opportunity to travel during vacation to study. So looking for things to do on a vacation, you should try out studying abroad for work experience or extra college credits.
  • Visit tourist centers: This is another way to enjoy travelling as one of the things to do on a vacation. Visiting such places will really be a good treat for you.
Things to Do On a Vacation

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3. Work on an internship

Working on an internship is also one of the things to do on a vacation that can be very beneficial to you. Mostly for students, internships can be very useful to you irrespective of your field of study. You must be very careful while looking for internship programs as many students have been scammed. Some internship you can work with while you are on a vacation includes:

Things to Do On a Vacation, work on internship
  • You can enroll with a media internship program: Media internships help you make most use of your vacation and make it to be very productive. You are certain to gain lots of experience under good media internship programs.
  • Science internship programs: This program offers god opportunities to young scientists during vacations. As a young scientist looking for things to do on a vacation, why not try one of these science internships. It will definitely be an added advantage for you.
  • You should check out Disney internships: Another very good internship program you should consider while on a vacation is this Disney internship. Through this internship opportunity you can make good money as well as be given a position in the company. So, why just sit at home and while away time during a vacation?
  • Sports internships: Joining a very good sports internship program can really be an added advantage to your sports career. You should try to learn more than just playing that particular sport. These sports internship programs are a very good way to kick start your sports career.

4. Try expanding your knowledge


One of the wonderful things to do on a vacation is acquiring new knowledge. You should take advantage of the free time to gain new knowledge on different areas of life. Some of the ways you can increase your knowledge while on a vacation include:

  • You should take an education vacation instead of just sitting out your vacation with no plan or purpose. Plan your vacation trips in such a ways that you will have the opportunity to learn new things in your new environment. You actually learn about the history and the way of life of the people in your new environment.
  • Reading books is a wonderful way of acquiring new knowledge while you are on a vacation. You can actually make a list of the different best sellers and read to you full while on your vacation. There is no doubt that reading books is one of the things to do on a vacation to gain knowledge.
  • You can also register for a non-academic class like learning music, art, or anything that interests you. What matters is that you learnt something new while on your vacation. You can also learn how to play instruments like violin, guitar, and saxophone during your vacation. When looking for things to do on a vacation, try any of these non-academic classes.
  • Consider learning a new language while you are on a vacation. In fact, you are going to enjoy yourself in this particular venture during your vacation. You can register for classes either in person or online, buy the books or software application to help yourself. There are inspirational and wonderful things to do on a vacation that the list cannot just be exhausted. 
  • Try your ability to create by building something new by yourself. You can try your hand on building tables, bookshelves, etc in order to expand your technical and creative ability. It will surprise you how this will actually be of help when you eventually get your own house.
study on vacation

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5. Look for volunteer opportunities to join

One of the things to do on a vacation is joining volunteer organizations to do something very productive. There are lots of volunteer organizations in your locality that you can join; you simply have to identify them. Some of the volunteer activities you can join include:

  • You can join volunteer organizations that work to make the environment healthy for humans. This particular organize seminars and workshops to sensitize the general public on things to do and not to do. I belief that there are lots of this volunteer organization in your country or immediate environment. So, why not get yourself busy and productive with any of them that best suit you.
  • You can also volunteer to coach a sports team. Should you be a lover of sports and kids, you can offer to coach a sports team during your vacation. It is a wonderful way of really affecting lives positively that many people are neglecting. The very good thing about this volunteer job is that the kids will never forget your impact in their lives. So, stop looking for things to do on a vacation and go coach a sports team of your choice.
  • You can also volunteer to work in a retirement home and make those people feel alive. If you are good at relating with the aged, then go make them smile in that retirement home near you. It will surprise you to know many of those people have not been visited by anyone since been admitted. It will really be heartwarming for them to have a gentle soul as you. You should not deny these people you wonderful services.
  • Volunteering to read for those that are unable to read for themselves is another great thing to do on your vacation. Instead of just watching your vacation time fly away while you do nothing, consider this volunteer job. The way these blind ones or Dyslexic will appreciate will really want to make your heart bleed. So, why not give them some part of your vacation time and be happy you did. You can see that there are lots of things to do on a vacation.
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6. One of the things to do on a vacation is earning extra cash

Vacation is not only meant for you to relax and spend your money on things you like. You can as well make extra money while enjoying your vacation time. Some of the many ways you can earn extra cash include:

  • You can take up the job of teaching students during your vacation in your strong subject(s). Instead of just staying idle, you can take advantage of this opportunity in tutoring students. Aside from just earning extra cash, you get to positively impact the lives of the world’s future leaders. What is more fulfilling than this if I may ask you?
  • You can also enter into the business of selling wares or anything you think is in high demand in your environment. Although, the underlying factor is that you can afford to raise the capital to start this business. Since is just for the time of your vacation, you can just buy in small quantity. You can also clean your house and sell things you o longer require or need.
  • Finding a part-time job that relates to your field of study is also another way to earn extra cash for yourself during vacations. This specifically for you as a student. Aside from helping you save money, you will also gain the needed experience to perform better in the classroom.
  • You should also consider starting your own business as one the things to do on a vacation. Some of the businesses you can start on a vacation ranges from web designing to yard care and so on.

7. Things to do on a vacation also includes personal challenge


You can take on tasks that challenge your ability physically, mentally, and psychologically. Making use of your vacation to challenge yourself can really be a fun task to undertake. Some of the personal challenges you can actually undertake include:

  • You can challenge yourself to research your family history to the best of your ability. Get in touch with the living elders in your family and ask them for your history. Make sure you don’t depend on a single source for the history, compare from different individuals for the best result. After the research, you make use of good genealogy website to put together your family history.
  • Try reconnecting with some family members that you haven’t had the time to check up on before your vacation. You should really try to repair any broken relationship caused by your lack of time. It always good to a peaceful environment because it comes with a positive energy that uplifts your spirit.
  • You should consider fitness exercises so as to always keep fit and be in constant good shape. If you know that doing it on your own might be less effective, try paying for an exercise program. By paying for the program, it will motivate you to really be very serious with it. The things to do on a vacation are simply endless, let us just keep going to accommodate as much as we can.
  • You must build good habits and also see to it that you let go of all the negative ones. Quitting smoking and alcoholism is a good way to start if you guilty of any of them.  Developing healthy habits like positive mindset, healthy relationship with your friends, healthy eating habits, saving money, etc are wonderful.
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8.  Personal development


There is no way we are leave out personal development on the list of things to do on a vacation. In fact, this personal development ought to be the first on the list if you ask me. You must know that personal development is very important to your general development in life. Some of the many ways to develop yourself include:

  • Work on your life goals and plan on ways to actualize them. You must never walk aimlessly in life; always have a definite direction no matter your sphere of life. Without setting goals and seeing that they are actualize, that good future you plan for yourself will become an illusion.
  • You can get books or attend seminars to learn good money management that will positively influence your life. Without proper management, you will always find yourself drowning in dept without any plan to help yourself. The things to do on a vacation should not only be about enjoyment. Also make out time for proper personal evaluation.
  • Learn how to always failure as temporal defeats that you will definitely overcome. You must develop that mental capacity to keep going no matter the drawbacks or discouragements that comes your way. Always believe that you shall win no matter the situation.
  • Develop proper and good time management that will make you very efficient at your work or in your school. There are books, audio tapes, and online teachings you can avail yourself to in order to learn what you need.

9. Go camping


Rather than just locking yourself indoor during the period of your vacation, consider signing up for a camp. It is always good to spend your vacation outdoors with other people. It really has a way of helping you get rid of stress really fast and easily without even knowing it. Those summer camps and hiking trips are always trilling and liberating. You should actually give this a try during your vacation.

Things to Do On a Vacation go camping

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10. Use the time to actually put your house in order

You might be looking for things to do on a vacation while one of them is just right under your nose. Instead of just rushing out on that journey, why not use this time to really do some cleaning in your house. You might have been really busy before the vacation, there for not having the needed time to get your house in order. Now that you are on a vacation, what stops you from getting your house in proper shape? It really speaks volumes about you if you can’t keep your house clean and in order.


Things to Do On a Vacation with family

11. You can sign up for a board game

This is one very way to really enjoy your vacation. If you like board games like scrabble or chess, then you are in for a good time. These games help you develop your thinking ability and also help you become more strategic with your reasoning. You can see that aside from the relaxation you enjoy from playing these games, they also develop your mental alertness.

Lots of very inspirational things to do on a vacation have been listed for you above. All you have to do is to identify the one that catches your interest and go enjoy your vacation with it. You also need to be careful about vacation scams that are everywhere on the internet.


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