The dark side of Bitcoin: scams, hacks and shady dealings

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Most information about Bitcoin paints a positive picture of this digital currency. The data portrays Bitcoin as a fantastic innovation and investment opportunity. Stories of rising Bitcoin prices and people getting rich by investing in Bitcoin are commonplace. Such positive ideas about Bitcoin are good. However, they obscure the dark side of this digital innovation. Additionally, if you are looking for a free and easy-to-use website that helps people find an educational company to learn about investing, you can crypto bots visit.

Saying that Bitcoin has a dark side does not mean that it is terrible. On the contrary, it only gives people the right information to make the right decisions regarding using Bitcoin and investing in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin scams

Bitcoin scams are numerous and often vary. Generally, these are scammers who scam unsuspecting people out of their Bitcoins. One of the most common Bitcoin scams involves crypto exchanges. Scammers can develop fake crypto exchanges or Bitcoin trading platforms to woo unsuspecting investors and steal their Bitcoins.

If you fall for the scammers’ trap, you become vulnerable to the scammers’ tricks. For example, the scammers can trick you into using a fake Bitcoin account to trade Bitcoin. Once they purchase Bitcoin, scammers disappear with it before they can transfer it to their Bitcoin wallets. This is just one way Bitcoin scams can occur.


Bitcoin owners can also become victims of hacker attacks. In this case, hackers gain access to an investor’s Bitcoin wallet and can then steal it or take control of it. Bitcoin wallets come with private keys. Each user has a unique private wallet key to access the wallet. If this wallet key falls into the wrong hands, someone can easily hack it.

If your Bitcoin wallet is hacked, it can be a devastating blow. Some investors have significant amounts of Bitcoin in their wallets, worth as much in US dollars. If hackers access an innocent investor’s account and empty it, it will be difficult to trace the stolen Bitcoin. The growing value of Bitcoin has made hacking even more lucrative.

Shady Bitcoin deals

Another dark side of Bitcoin is dubious transactions. Criminals and other companies find Bitcoin an attractive channel for their shady business. The fact that Bitcoin guarantees user anonymity means that these criminals will use Bitcoin to hide their identity and thus conduct their business smoothly.

One of the notable examples of how criminals can use Bitcoin for their shady dealings was the infamous Silk Road scandal. This was a powerful platform for conducting and supporting criminal and other shady businesses, ranging from drug trafficking to illegal arms trafficking to money laundering. To conceal their collusion, members of the network used Bitcoin as their preferred payment method.

Although law enforcement eventually located and stopped Silk Road, many shady and criminal transactions had already taken place thanks to Bitcoin. This is just one of many possible cases in which Bitcoin supports shady businesses. Just think of cases where people use Bitcoin for notorious online sex work. Bitcoin, for example, can be a perfect way to pay for online live sex without revealing your true identity.


Bitcoin has a dark side. Knowing this dark side can be a good way to stay safe. Use Bitcoin or invest in Bitcoin despite its dark side. After all, the majority of Bitcoin usage is fine.

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