All You Need to Know About Booking Taxi

Booking taxi might seem as a no big deal when you are within your familiar environment. Have you ever wondered how it would be like when you find yourself in a new and unfamiliar environment. This article is aimed at making sure you know all is needed for booking taxi for your transit. When planning your business trip or vacation, among the many things you need to get right is the local transportation at your destination. The taxi service is an easy and convenient way for you to go anywhere at any time.

We will guide you on the best way to book an airport taxi in that your destination. Here at we work to ensure you have a stress free stay in that your amazing destination. Every country might have their own peculiar transport culture, but the taxi industry is very much related across the globe. Booking taxi beforehand is always the best option than waiting until you have arrived in your destination.

On the atlanticride website, you can make use of our metasearch app to locate and book reputable taxi with ease. The best part here is that accessing our site is totally free with no charge whatsoever. Here, we have ideas that will be of great help to you when booking taxi. Booking taxi has been made very easy and you can do this within minutes with no stress attached. There are things you need to get right in order to get the best of service.

Things to Consider Before Booking Taxi

There are certain things you really need to put into consideration before booking taxi in that location.

1.      Does the taxi have a license?

Before booking taxi, you need to be sure that it is licensed and dully registered to carry out operations within that environment. For a taxi company to be registered in a particular location, it means that they have all it takes to render the quality service required. Another reason why you need to make sure that the taxi is operating under a registered and licensed platform is to protect yourself from criminals and fraudsters. You wouldn’t want to fall into the hands of kidnapers and scammers by booking taxi carelessly.

There is no certainty that a registered taxi driver cannot be fraudulent, but booking with the licensed taxi companies reduces your chances of falling into the wrong hands.

2.      The reputation of the taxi service provider

Before booking taxi, you need to know the reputation of the taxi service provider. This will give you an idea of how they treat their customers. It will also tell you about the nature of service you will get if you employ their services. You can always go online and see the reviews and customer feedback on the services of the taxi service provider. Atlanticride has made it so easy for you check on these services. On our site, you can go through as many as different taxi booking companies in your destination to access their customer feedback.

3.      Inquire about the insurance of the taxi company

Booking taxi without knowing about their insurance coverage is a very big risk that you must avoid. It is the duty of the taxi service provider to make sure that their customers are well taken care of in cases of accident or road mishap. So, before booking taxi, first know the level of insurance such a taxi company has. You can ask certain questions like:

·         Are there any changes in the taxi company policy you need to know about?

·         What is their standard operating procedure in times of accident or road mishap?

·         What is the level of insurance coverage on their vehicles?

You are free to ask as many questions as you see important and necessary regarding the taxi company insurance coverage.

4.      Consider the price

Booking taxi without knowing the price can be one of the biggest mistakes you can do. Make sure you know the price or amount of money involved before you book the taxi. We provide you with a means to compare different prices of the taxi service providers before making your choice. On the atlanticride site, you can enter your location and search for the different taxi service providers and their going price. In this way, you will be better positioned to know exactly what agreement you are getting into.

5.      Check reviews and ratings

In order to have an idea of the kind of service you are buying, it is very imperative that you check customer reviews and ratings. Checking these ratings will ensure you don’t book a taxi blindly. Reviews and ratings are always an important aspect of booking taxi in any vicinity you find yourself.

6.      Watch out for reliability, affordability, and ease-of-use

The above three factors are the three hallmarks of a good taxi service. You have to understand the punctuality of the taxi service providers, the attitude of their drivers, and the state of the vehicles. These are some of the things you need to consider in order to determine the reliability of a taxi operator.

7.      Do a background check on the driver

For your safety, it is very important to do a little background check on the taxi driver before booking taxi in that locality. This will tell you about the type of person that will be driving you around the town for that period of time. It is not advisable for you to entrust your safety to a total stranger that you know nothing about.

8.      Thorough vehicle inspection

Before booking taxi, you need to make sure that the vehicle is in good shape. Therefore, thorough inspection of the taxi cab is very necessary. You cannot know the shape and condition of a vehicle simply by looking at the pictures online. It is also very risky to board a taxi that is not 100% functional. Some of the things to inspect include the tyres, breaks, speedometer, side mirrors, etc.

Safety Tips for Booking Taxi

When you understand that anytime you book a cab or taxi, you surrender a level of control over your movement to someone else. It is very important to always be security conscious in this situation. Your personal safety should be the priority whenever you are booking taxi. Below are some of the top security tips for you when booking taxi.

·         Make sure you know the price and tipping range before booking

You can always ask your host or the hotel staff about the exact price range to your destination and the typical amount to tip. It is also important that you clarify this with the taxi driver as well in order to avoid any form of confrontation when it is time to pay your bill. Most of the dispatchers also inform you of the going price, so do well to get the quote ahead of time.

·         Work with the registered taxis

Most times, the independent taxi drivers often work with thieves and fraudsters to defraud unsuspecting customers. So, to be on the safer side you need to call for a taxi and avoid hailing one. Whenever you speak with the dispatcher or taxi company agent, make sure to confirm the taxi number. The company name and phone number should be visible on the taxi before you can get in.

·         Avoid taking taxi alone when you are drunk

Whenever you have had too much to drink, the reasonable option is always to get a taxi but you should never do it alone. You should make sure you have a friend or colleague who would go with you to your destination. In such drunken condition, a bad driver can do all he wants with you and your belongings without you noticing or defending yourself. Many people have been beaten, raped, and even killed after boarding a cab while in a drunken state.

·         Make sure a meter, a radio, and badge are present

Every genuine and registered taxi drivers have a meter (to determine the charge), the driver’s ID batch, and a radio to receive and call the dispatcher. So, look for these things in the taxi you want to board before you drive away. If you don’t see any of them in the taxi vehicle, then there is no point for you to enter such vehicle. Another important feature to also check for is a functional interior door handle. Lots of people have been kidnapped in this manner, so you need to be very vigilant.

·         Always sit in the backseat

While in that taxi, it is safer to sit in the backseat than the passenger’s seat. The reason is that you will be very much less accessible and visible to the driver and passersby alike. By being less visible you reduce the chances of been targeted.

·         Keep your expensive items out of sight

Always keep your gadgets hidden and out of sight to avoid creating unnecessary awareness at the detriment of your safety. You may think that your mobile devices are of little cost until you visit some of these developing countries. Keep your mobile devices, smartphones, and cameras in your bag while in transit.

·         Be sure you know where you are going?

Another thing you need to be sure of before booking taxi is the approximate time it will take to get to your destination. Although the taxi driver knows all the short cuts to get to the destination faster, if you sense any foul play get out of the vehicle with the first opportunity you get. While doing this, you should leave the fare in the car in case you have misjudged the driver’s intention.

Some drivers lure unsuspecting victims to a dangerous location while pretending they are taking a shorter route to the destination. You need to be very vigilant and agile at all times until you alight from the taxi.

·         Make sure the windows are at least half closed

It is no longer news that thieves are always looking for easy targets to attack. You can make sure that you do not predispose yourself by making sure the windows of the taxi are closed or nearly so. The negative aspect might be the lack of fresh air, but you can always roll down the windows when you enter the highway.

·         Be sure you understand the local currency

If you get into a new country, you should be aware of the currency used as well as the currency changes too. There are certain drivers that can give you change in worthless currencies if you lack the proper knowledge. You need to have enough knowledge about the local currency so that it will be easy for you to identify the bills used for payment. Your hotel front desk or host can always help you in acquainting yourself with the new currency.

·         Know the number to call during an emergency

No matter the country you have travelled to, make sure you have the emergency lines to the local police and hospital. No one prays to be in a dire situation but it is very vital to have a plan in case the unexpected happens. At all times, make sure your phone is handy.

·         Don’t enter a taxi with someone in the passenger seat

You should not joke with this particular point. Oftentimes, people have been robbed, kidnapped, and even killed simply because the driver had pleaded with them to allow another person in the passenger seat. The driver might present that person as his friend or colleague whom he wants to help. You should never fall for this prank no matter what. Under no circumstance should you enter a taxi that has another person already in the passenger seat.

Mistakes to Avoid When Booking Taxi

Lots of travelers make mistakes on daily basis while booking taxi to get to their destination. It is not always easy to select a reliable taxi company that offers good quality services with fair prices. In the quest to book a taxi, people often fall to such mistakes as:

·         Choosing a non reliable taxi company

Most people make this mistake in their bid to get a cheap ride. There are also others who are in a rush that they forgot to check the reputation of the taxi company. In your quest to get a cheap taxi, don’t make the mistake of falling into the hands of unreliable companies. You might end up stranded on the road and would have to spend extra money in order to get to your final destination.

Don’t be in a hurry to book a taxi company because the odds are that it won’t end in your favor.

·         Failure to select the right vehicle

Some travelers make the mistake of choosing the wrong vehicle when booking taxi. For example, you are travelling with your family of 5 members and you booked a small vehicle. It will be a waste of time and money if you fail to realize this mistake until the last moment. So, it is very important that you know the size of vehicle to book from the onset so as to avoid such extra cost.

·         Not taking note of hidden charges

Some people rush to booking taxi without considering the hidden charges involved. You need to know that most of the taxi booking companies do not reveal the total cost when a customer approaches them and inquire about the fees. I know you wouldn’t like it when you get to your destination and the driver asks for another pay after you have paid the booking company.

Therefore, it is very imperative that you know the full charges involved before you go ahead with your taxi booking process.

·         Failing to make an advanced taxi booking

Most travelers make the mistake of booking a taxi immediately they arrive at their destination. Following this procedure will make you to be under pressure and open to accept whatever deal they throw at you. So, for a better deal and convenience, you need to book your taxi in advance before arriving your destination.

·         Using smartphones without knowing the third party charges

Many travelers enjoy booking taxi through smartphone apps. The process has been wonderful no doubt but what they won’t let you know is the hidden charges that come with these apps. So, before making use of the smartphone booking apps, you need to know the hidden charges involved.

For everything about your taxi booking processes, you can always visit for all the details. You need to know that we always have your back when it comes to booking taxi in that destination.