Making a Dubai Vacation on a Budget: Pulling it off in 2023

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Dubai is without any doubt one of the most happening places in the world, that’s why a Dubai vacation is half of the world’s favorite. You cannot deny the wonders Dubai holds as a tourist destination. Aside from the beautiful things Dubai presents, it is also very expensive to visit; you should at least have that at the back of your mind.

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This article is aimed at helping you enjoy your Dubai vacation on a budget without missing out on any of the fun. It is one thing to put your Dubai vacation on a budget and another to make it work.

There are tips made available for you in this article on how you can make your Dubai vacation work on a budget. It will only take a little bit of discipline to make your Dubai vacation work on a budget. We also know that the entire idea of a vacation is to be a little less disciplined; we promise to take the whole fun out of it.


If you embark on your vacation without devising ways to live within your budget, the end might be frustrating. So, before you go for that your Dubai vacation, be prepared to make the budget work by following the tips listed for you in this article. Unlike other expensive cities in the world, Dubai makes it seem as though it’s only the expensive choice that is available.


You should know that there are those who don’t need a budget to enjoy their Dubai vacation, if that’s you, then this article isn’t exactly for you, but please keep reading so that you can see how the rest of us live, might really be inspiring.

It is true that you need money, lots of it too, in order to enjoy your Dubai vacation, but that notwithstanding, there are lots of ways to also save money and live within your budget while on your Dubai vacation and still enjoy every part of it.

Tips on How to Enjoy Your Dubai Vacation on A Budget


Let’s begin shall we:

1. Plan how to spend your Dubai vacation

The number one criterion to make your Dubai vacation on a budget work is to plan in advance. By planning in advance, you make up your mind on the things that you will be doing while in Dubai. This will help you to efficiently manage your budget despite the charged environment that’s always compelling you to spend.

Booking your flight ticket on time to avoid the price hike experienced during the rush hour. With your plan, you will always know what to do at every point in time to stay within your budget. You really need to plan very well and follow it through as Dubai has a lot to offer.

2. Make use of the internet rather than a tour guide

This is another way that you can enjoy your Dubai vacation on a budget. There is no doubt that the internet is presently the traveler’s best guide. With your GPS you can find your way around any city in the world. A guide can always be of service to you but certainly, it will cost you some extra money. While you might not have all the time to plan your Dubai vacation in advance, the internet has got you covered. You should see usnews for more information.


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Using the GPS, you are sure going to enjoy yourself the way you want. This is because; a guide will reduce the time you have to explore the goodies a place has to offer. Traveling alone has its own fun sometimes; you should enjoy it while on your Dubai vacation.

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3. Don’t bother about the exotic hotels

You should know that not everyone can afford the rooms provided by the Burj-Al-Arab. To be able to make your Dubai vacation budget a reality, you should forget about those exotic hotels and accommodations. The question you need to ask yourself is this; how many hours do you spend in a hotel room?

Dubai is a tourist center, which means you will certainly be outdoor most of the time. It will certainly interest you to know that even the so-called cheap hotels are also very good in terms of lodging and accommodation. There is no doubt that the exotic hotels will offer you better services, but the two are more or less the same.


Economically, it is more beneficial to lodge in a cheaper hotel since you will be doing more of touring your new environment. In order for you to really make your Dubai vacation budget work, you need to avoid those expensive hotels.

And while I’d love for you to book expensive hotels through our website, it doesn’t make sense to book those hotels if you are on a budget, so here’s what you should do instead, click on our hotels search and adjust the filter to a price you are willing to pay. I promise you you’d find an awesome one for your budget. Book your hotels here

Dubai Vacation : burj al arab hotel

4. Avoid the shopping malls and visit the local markets

Yes, another one. Dubai has arguably the largest shopping mall in the world. The things sold at these shopping malls are alarmingly very expensive, well, I think you know why (those guys are freakingly rich).

Instead of shopping in these malls and exceeding your Dubai vacation budget, the local market is a very good alternative. You should know that almost everything sold in those expensive malls is also available in the local market at a very cheaper rate.


The question is, why should you waste time and money traveling to those malls when you can get what you need from the local market. You can also learn more about the people while in the local market than you would at the malls. I want to believe that your Dubai vacation is not just to go and shop around, but also to understand the way of life of the people.

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Shopping : Dubai Vacation

5. Make use of the metro services

To be able to live within your Dubai vacation budget, it is recommended that you ditch the expensive cabs for the metro service. There are currently two lines of this metro service that provide transportation across the whole of Dubai. When compared to the cabs, the metro services are faster and even cheaper. Why spend exorbitant fares using the cabs when the metro is there for you?

If you really want to make your Dubai vacation on a budget work; then you have to consider this critically. Using the metro service is certainly better for you, especially when you are on a budget.


Dubai Vacation using the dubai metro

6. Visit the local cafeteria instead of the Restaurants

You need to know that most of the restaurants in Dubai are very expensive. While you are trying to maintain your Dubai vacation budget, it might be counterproductive to visit the restaurants.

If you don’t want to really stretch your budget, then consider the local cafeterias rather than those expensive restaurants. These cafeterias offer you a more local Arabian delicacy that is far cheaper than the restaurant equivalents. 

If you are traveling on a business or official trip, these restaurants won’t hurt because you are not the one paying. When you are the one sponsoring your Dubai vacation, you need to consider these local cafeterias. It will really help you not to stretch your vacation budget.

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7. Make use of alternate airports

This might sound a little bit like an added stress to you, but in an actual sense, it does help if you really wanna save some cost. Due to the constant influx of people into Dubai, the flight tickets also cost a fortune.


You can search for flights into Abu Dhabi and then take an hour or less drive into Dubai. So, to make your Dubai vacation fit into that your tight budget; you really should use a detour and enjoy the ride. You can book cheap airport taxis here.

Aside from saving money, it also offers you the opportunity to see both cities. This is not actually bad, is it? Don’t just enjoy on Dubai, feel the environment of Abu Dhabi as well.

8 Try using points for hotels

This is another wonderful way to make that your Dubai vacation budget feasible. In fact, there are times that buying hotel points are cheaper than booking your hotel directly with cash. Hotels in Dubai are quite easy to book using points even with their top-notch services that are second to none around the world.

If you are looking for how to make your Dubai vacation budget work, this use of points can really do the magic for you. With just a little amount o points, you can get a room upgrade or better still a free night. Before you start making use of these points, try to also consider other options available to you.


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9. You can always bring your own

Within the UAE, there are few places that are licensed to serve alcohol. This has made alcohol a very expensive commodity in Dubai. The very good thing about their alcohol law is that tourists are also allowed to bring their own while entering Dubai.

You should know that it is allowed for tourists to bring up to 4 liters of alcohol. So, if you are sure going to be taking some drinks (alcohol), it will be to your own advantage to bring yours.

You should also consider the inconvenience of carrying about 28 cans of beer to Dubai. While considering the inconvenience, you should place it side by side with the amount of money that you will spend should you not travel with them. You can also visit Dubai online for more clarification.


10. You should eat in old Dubai

To be able to make that Dubai vacation budget work for you, consider staying away from those malls, hotels, and other fancy restaurants. You really need to visit the old Dubai, the meals here are also fantastic and costs between 20-30AED ($5-$8). What else can you ask for from this old city? Nothing is wrong with you eating in the Burj Khalifa hotel if you can afford it. When your Dubai vacation is on a tight budget, visiting the old city is worth a try.


There is no need for you to stretch your budget to a point of no return. Once you know your own capacity, try not to exceed it no matter what.

11. You can make use of the entertainer magazine

You might be asking what a magazine has got to do with helping you stay out of your Dubai vacation on a budget. Well, let me inform you that this magazine offers discounts on hotels, restaurants, and other activities in Dubai. With this magazine, you can get 2-for1 special discounts on restaurants, clubs, parks, and hotels. You can always get a copy of this entertainer magazine immediately you arrive in Dubai.

Alternatively, you can still get the online version of this particular magazine on The Entertainer’s website for 445 AED or $121. The hard copy from supermarkets and bookstores goes for 495 AED or $134. You shouldn’t bother about the amount as it can serve you at the end.

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12. Know where those accommodations are


To be able to stay within your Dubai vacation budget, inquire from the locals about cheap hotels for accommodations. You should know that the average nice hotels in Dubai cost between $150 – $200 per night. So, you have to carefully select the hotel that you will be lodging during the period of your Dubai vacation.

You should know that there is a well-organized active couch surfing community in the city of Dubai. I would advise that you ask around by contacting the locals to see if there a room for you.

The conventional basic hotels cost between $40-$50 USD per night while the private rooms go for $35-$45 USD. There are also hotels that charge between 15-$25 USD per night, although it is a 6-10 bed dorm room. If you can bear staying there, it will certainly be a relief on your Dubai vacation budget.

13. Remember that the health care in Dubai is private 

You should remember that the healthcare services in Dubai are privately run and it is very expensive. While you enjoy your Dubai vacation, make sure you have very good travel insurance cover. If you make the mistake of traveling to Dubai without valid insurance, the experience might not be good for you. Most especially when you need the health care service in this beautiful city.


Places You Really Need To Visit While O Your Dubai Vacation

If this is your first time visiting Dubai, here are some really beautiful places you should visit.

  • Go see the Burj Khalifa

If you travel to Dubai without seeing the Burj Khalifa, then you might as well visit Buckingham Palace without seeing the Queen. Currently, the Bur Khalifa is the tallest building on earth at 823 meters above sea level.

Observing from the bottom of this magnificent building is completely free. There is a wonderful fountain show that goes on at this place from 6 pm on, every day all through the year. This is really not what I recommend that you miss if you find yourself in the beautiful city of Dubai.

If you wish to get to the 128th floor of this building, it will cost you about 100 AED which is approximately $27 USD. At this point, you can see the breathtaking view of the whole city. Going up to the 148th floor will cost you about 500 AED which is approximately $136 USD. For me, there is not much difference between the view at the 128th floor and that of the 148th floor. Therefore, there is no need for you to pay such a high amount of money, especially when you are trying to live within your Dubai vacation budget.


  • Visit the palm Jumeirah

This palm tree island is another lovely location that you should visit while enjoying your Dubai vacation. Here, there are large shopping walkway, an Atlantis resort, fancy restaurants, and lots of bars and clubs. If you have the financial means, you should come here to give yourself a real treat. You are certainly going to enjoy it during the day, but at night it can be pretty boring.

  • You should go see the Marina

This is another beautiful and wonderful place to visit in Dubai. The Marina is surrounded by very tall buildings with a boardwalk. Here, you can get to see the harbor and some really fancy boats. While on this location, you should check out the Pier 7. The Pier 7 is a seven-floor restaurant and beautiful bars on the water.

  • The Dubai Museum

You should really try to visit this small museum found in old Dubai. It will really teach you lots of things about the history of the people and the culture and life in this desert city. At just $1 USD admission fee, you will enjoy yourself in this museum, especially if you are a fan of history.


This article has provided with ways to really maintain your Dubai vacation budget as well as some of the interesting places to visit at this beautiful city. I hope you have really enjoyed yourself reading this piece.

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