Tactics to Gain Engagement on YouTube Channel in 2023


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Every YouTuber wants viewers to interact with their channel. Particularly when we observed numerous prominent YouTubers succeeding in their careers on this platform. While there are sites that offer you to get YouTube subscribers. It is great when the audience interacts on their own and loves you full-heartedly. 

It contributes to the fun of YouTube. People should respond, too. People should subscribe, please. We desire that viewers enjoy our videos. Additionally, we encourage people to share our videos.

Anything to interact with our content, in other words. So, in this article, we’ll discuss how to increase user interaction on your YouTube channel and support its expansion.


1. Create worthwhile content

 People will join your channel if you create valuable content since you are assisting them in some way, even if it is amusement.

Since you’re assisting them in their education, comprehension, or general well-being, they will unavoidably become curious and post inquiries in the comments. 

Additionally, your chances of receiving those thumbs up significantly rise when you produce valuable material. People will like you since you are producing valuable stuff.

2. Reply to comments in all of your videos

 Although it might seem simple, doing this will boost your chances of being noticed. By answering their questions or attempting to include them, you are attempting to create an environment where everyone feels included.

And if you leave a comment, they will visit, view your videos, and leave another. In essence, your subscribers are engaging with you more.

3. Increase interaction with your content

 Why do I say that? You must request that viewers “like,” “comment,” “share,” and “subscribe” to your channel. Make sure to include graphics at the conclusion of your video to remind viewers to follow your instructions.

It really does make a difference. You can continue this by posing arbitrary questions to them in your videos. Like, hey, tell us about your favorite meal or your next travel plans.

This provides people with a way to contact you, which raises the volume of comments and hence participation.

4. Create Stunning Thumbnails

Perhaps the most important component in a viewer’s decision to watch your material, especially if they are on their phone, is the thumbnail for your video.

An attention-grabbing thumbnail will receive more clicks. It is the first thing viewers see when they explore videos, along with the title. 

If you believe that your thumbnail needs context, add images (such as emojis) to give it some colour, and use large, straightforward text. If you are a beginner, you may generate thumbnails using a free service like Canva. 

4. Use social media to promote your YouTube channel.

 Expanding your brand’s reach outside of YouTube is frequently necessary to increase engagement and brand recognition. For your channel, setting up accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or Instagram will provide you with more opportunities to interact with your viewers. 

The promotion you conduct on social media frequently results in a sizable audience of viewers and subscribers. Choosing the platforms that your current audience is already using is the key to expanding into additional social media channels.  This helps to people get more invested in you and follow you. 

5. Look at YouTube analytics.

The most effective way to learn what your subscribers enjoy is through YouTube Analytics. Look at the main metrics; it provides a wealth of information, such as how long viewers watched the video, how many views you are receiving, and how viewers responded to each video.

You can then decide what does and doesn’t work. In light of this, you can provide fresh content to boost interaction. 

6. Create a Powerful Personal Brand

Having a strong, recognizable brand will improve viewer attachment and make your material easier to recognize. Making a YouTube brand is one of the finest ways to draw in a committed audience.  

You must decide how you wish to be recognized by the world. Whether you want to be regarded as someone who manages businesses, inspires people, or anything else at all. If you build your own brand, everything else will fall into place on its own, and website traffic will be high.

Developing a brand is essential since it makes you more memorable and recognizable to viewers.

8. Collaborate with other creators 

Working with other creators is one of the best methods to expand your audience and raise interaction with your videos. Work together with other YouTubers to increase traffic to your channel or any other social media site. 

They can cross-promote some of your stuff while you can do the same for some of theirs. It’s incredible how much exposure to other people’s viewers can help your channel develop. So give it a shot as well.


Therefore, you may draw the conclusion that a successful and expanding channel is the result of a number of little, insignificant things. See and experiment with your content. See what attracts the audience to you. Please heed the aforementioned advice, and we really hope that your YouTube channel will see rapid expansion. Happy Day!


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