Simon Monjack’s Net worth & Biography

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Simon Monjack’s Net Worth and Biography

Who is Simon Monjack? Simon Monjack (born Simon Andrew Monjack; 9 March 1970—23 May 2010) was an English screenwriter, film director, and film producer who worked in the entertainment industry. Besides his work on The Last Movie Star (2018), they also noted him for his work on The Scam (2009).

Simon Monjack’s Net Worth & Personal Life

We can’t talk about Simon Monjack’s Net worth or life in general without diving into his personal life. Simon was the husband of a Popular American actress Brittany Murphy. The late actor is a father to a daughter Jazmyn and a son, Elijah. Unfortunately, Simon Monjack was called a liar and a Con Mom who never told his wife, Brittany about was kids. In fact, people called him Controlling. 

After Monjack’s death in 2010, TMZ reported that his mother, brother, and therapist discovered emails on his personal laptop from two different women requesting child support for Jasmyn and Elijah. But why did he keep such a huge aspect of his life away from his wife, Brittany?


In What Happened, Brittany Murphy? Publicist Roger Neal confirmed that Brittany did not know that Simon had kids while she was alive. Sadly, Brittany is deceased too and in fact, the clueless star, Brittany died before the demise of her husband. Elijah’s mom, Elizabeth Ragsdale, revealed She met Monjack in France Paris, France in the 1990s; and he proposed to her but abandoned them while she was pregnant.

She described Simon as manipulative and said he reached out to her in 2007 after he proposed to Murphy. The late movie Producer allegedly threatened to take Elijah away from Elizabeth. “The stakes were a lot higher with him being married to Brittany,” Ragsdale said. “He didn’t want anybody to know I was out there with his son.” At the same time, Jazmyn gave an interview to the Daily Mail, stating that she had not seen her father since she was 2 years old and now 18, She has no relationship with him before his death.

His daughter said her mother and Monjack split when she was only 2 but they didn’t speak for a long time, especially after he moved to the United States. “I was with my dad I saw this money but not when he left,” she said, adding that “He didn’t pay child support. He didn’t leave my mum anything at all when he died, no money at all. “


Early life

Before we talk about Simon Monjack’s Net worth or life, let’s take a look at his childhood. Monjack was born in Hillingdon, Middlesex, London, England to a Jewish family. He later had his childhood in Bourne and went to End, Buckinghamshire, Flackwell Heath, Juniper Hill school, High & then Royal Grammar School Wycombe.

When he turned 15, his dad, William died of a brain tumor in 1986. During his childhood, he developed an interest in acting and directing. In 1992 he directed a short film titled “The Drowning”.

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The film won several awards including Best Film at the Festival of Fantasies in Florence and Best Director at the International Short Film Festival in Hamburg.

In 1993 he won a scholarship to study film directing at the National Film School in Beaconsfield, Buckinghamshire where he directed two short films: “The Boy” and “The Hitchhiker”. In 1995 he directed another short film titled “Cure Me”.


We can’t talk about Simon Monjack’s net worth without mentioning his career. He directed, wrote and produced the Bmovie Two days, Nine lives in 2000. In 2006, he got Story credit for the biographical movie titled Factory Girl.


The situation surrounding the film was quite complicated, in fact, George Hickenlooper who is a director said ” Monjack had nothing to do with Factory Carl. He filed a frivolous lawsuit against us by making bogus claims that we had stolen his script.

The man said they had no choice but to settle out of court with Simon getting story credit. However, in 2007, E! News reported that Monjack would be directing the film adaptation of D.M. Thomas’s novel about Sigmund Freud, The White Hotel.

Simon Monjack’s Net Worth

What is Simon Monjack’s Net worth at the time of his death well, compared to other film producers, Monjack’s Net worth is quite on average. They estimated the late film director to be $3 million, as of 2022.

Simon Monjack’s Height and height

How tall was Simon Monjack? is 5 feet 9 inches tall, and he weighs around 171 pounds.

Simon Monjack’s Properties

Simon had a property after his death and that house has its own horror stories. This house has been listed 10 times since Murphy and Monjack died and in 2013, real estate valuers had to go for a total reconstruction and makeover of the mansion.


This deconstruction lasted for a whole three years and after sometime, the developers tore down the building in order to upgrade the property into a contemporary style to fit the latest California lifestyle.

According to the developer it was so bad, she left. “It was so bad that she left,” Kaye said. “She went to the Casa Del Mar hotel to stay there and never went back to the house. She goes, ‘I know you’re gonna think I’m crazy. I’m not crazy. I know what I saw, I know what I felt.’ “

Even the property’s recent owners have tried so hard to move on from the creepy history of the house. 

The property is a five-bedroom, nine-bathroom house with an open floor plan and floor-to-ceiling windows in almost all rooms. It has a Crestron smart home system that helps automate window shades to let in natural light to flow into the house. 

Simon Monjack’s Complete Bio

Name: Simon Monjack

Age 40 years old

Net Worth: $ 3 million


Birthday March 9, 1970

Death date: May 23, 2010

Profession: Director

Birthplace: USA

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Nationality: American

Sexuality: Straight

Religion Christianity

Height: 5’9 “

Weight: 167lbs

Eye color: Dark Brown

Simon Monjack’s Marriage

Monjack was married to Simone Bienne for five years. The two love birds tied their union in Las Vegas in November 2001 but divorced in 2006. That same year he met Brittany an actress and their relationship got really serious and they ended up getting married.

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Brittany Murphy and her late husband, Simon Monjack, were not married long before her untimely death in 20 December, 2009 — but the couple continues to garner headlines.

simon monjack's net worth

The actress’ mother, Sharon Murphy, recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Dr. Hooman Khorasani, who treated Brittany in the weeks leading up to her death.

Sharon claims that the doctor was negligent in his treatment of Brittany because he failed to diagnose her with pneumonia and instead told the family that the actress was suffering from flu-like symptoms.


Besides negligence, Sharon is suing for fraud because she says Khorasani falsified medical records documenting his treatment of Brittany. She also alleges that he was negligent by not ordering a CT scan or MRI when she came into the office complaining of abdominal pain and shortness of breath.

Brittany died at age 32 on December 20, 2009, after being hospitalized on December 15 because of a clear overdose of prescription medication and pneumonia. Her death certificate stated that “acute pulmonary edema” caused death; however, many speculated that it was actually anorexia nervosa or bulimia rather than heart failure as originally reported.

Simon Monjack died just five months later at age 40.

What killed Simon Monjack?

Simon Monjack died just five months later at age 36, but the question is, how did he die?

The Los Angeles coroner’s office has concluded that Monjack died of natural causes. (They did not disclose the cause of death.) But his friends and family believe that he did not die of natural causes, and they are calling for an investigation into what happened.


“Simon didn’t die from natural causes,” said Simon’s friend, Todd Gray. “We want to find out what happened.”

Gray believes someone who wanted to keep him quiet about the death of his wife Brittany Murphy poisoned Simon.

Brittany Murphy died on 23 May 2010, at the age of 40 from pneumonia and anemia caused by a severe iron deficiency. She had been ill for years but her death came just three weeks after she married Simon Monjack in Las Vegas.

“I think it’s highly suspicious,” said Gray. “It’s a very strange coincidence.”

Recent Investigations Surrounding Simon Monjack’s death

In December 2009, the wife of Simon Monjack, a movie director, Brittany Murphy lost her life in one of the most mysterious ways. 

A lot of people, fans and family keep asking the same question “what really happened? Was she poisoned” Another thing people kept asking was if Simon had a hand in her death. Sadly, those questions might not be answered because five months after the Clueless star, Brittany died, Simon died in a similar way too. 


So this is a coincidence, right? But is it? The coroners said that just like Murphy, Monjack died from  pneumonia and severe anemia?

In fact, there is a riveting two-part HBO documentary called What Happened, Brittany Murphy? The series reveals a lot of shocking issues, ups and downs of Monjack and Murphy’s life. 

The documentary includes frank and honest interviews of Brittany as a child actor with a megawatt smile and personality; and sad footage of Murphy, so high that she cannot remember her lines, on the set of one of her final movies, Across the Hall. This documentary shows the life and career of the American actress Brittany The story of Monjack also includes a number of peculiar and sinister turns that could easily cover many episodes of Dateline, and that’s just considering the disclosures that were shown on the show.

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“I feel a little bit conflicted that Simon kind of hijacks Brittany’s story,” said Hill. “I think that it is a story about power and control—in Hollywood and in relationships—and the damage that things can do to an individual and how things can get lost in that.”


But how did Simon con Brittany? Well, it was said that the film director was economical about his past life and made sure Murphy never knew he had children from previous relationships. 

 Hill said: “He was a disturbed individual who was used to conning people and Brittany was one of his last victims. There was a pattern of behaviour that became very obvious the more research that we did.” The executive producer of the HBO Max documentary, Buddy Day added: “Her death was so bizarre and there are so many twists and turns.”

Facts you might not know about Simon Monjack

  • He was married to the late actress, Brittany Murphy, for two years
  • Simon died in 2010.
  • The two met when the actress was having career issues and troubled relationships
  • They had a very private marriage ceremony 
  • There are speculations they got married just so Simon could avoid deportation

Simon Monjack’s Criminal History

The film director wouldn’t be considered extremely rich, in fact, there are speculations he died broke with $500, 000 left to his name. In November 2007, Monjack filed for bankruptcy with debts of more than $5 million. It’s unclear if he had any money left after the filing because he continued to rack up debts and lived a lavish lifestyle that most people couldn’t afford to live without going into debt again.


 The police arrested Simon in Virginia for fraud–to be specific; they arrested him for credit card theft which further proves he wasn’t rich. 

They dropped the charges after some back and forth, but the following year, a mortgage firm sued the film producer for almost half a million dollars. Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t left off the hook easily this time, and he had to pay a huge sum of $470,000. That was one problem he got into among countless issues. They also evicted constantly him from four separate homes over the course of 10 years and that is a lot.

After his death, TMZ claimed the man had sent $48,000 in a single wire transfer to lawyers and someone in Europe for an unknown settlement. 

For a known figure, Simon sure had a lot of issues with people, companies and many more. Sadly, he died in a mysterious way and up till this moment, no one has ever understood his weird passing. Was it just a mere condition or was he poisoned? 


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