Selling Feet Photos Online: How to Make Money by Selling Pictures of Your Feet.


I have always loved my feet and for the first time, I want to share them with the world. How do you sell pictures of your feet? How can I make money from photos of my feet? What should I say in a description about my feet?

How do people feel about buying pictures of someone’s foot online? These are all questions that many people ask themselves when they decide to post their photos on social media or other websites. But it turns out that selling pictures of your feet online is not as difficult as one might think. It is also not entirely illegal (Check with your countries laws)


If you are looking to make some extra cash by selling pictures of your feet, it is important that you follow a few simple steps. This article will cover the basics of how to sell feet photos online and make money in the process. What should I do if people don’t want to buy from me? How much money can I expect from this business venture? These are all questions we’ll answer today!

Lets start from the very beginning

Selling Feet Photos Online:

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What is a feet picture?

Simply put, a feet picture is a picture of a person foot or feet. It could be a picture of your own feet or the feet belonging to someone else.

Every person who has ever taken a photo with their phone (or any camera) can be called a photographer, or at least an amateur photographer, and whether they know it or not, many people are making money off selling pictures that they have taken.


There are lots of ways in which you can make money from photos including taking professional-level photographs for photographers; becoming one’s own agent through social media platforms like Instagram by posting images on behalf of other people; earning a commission when sharing links posted by businesses on your page as well as freelance work such as weddings and events where you often take candid shots.

But today we will discuss how to sell foot pictures online! This is an easy way to make money with your feet!

Why sell feet pictures?

We all have feet and they are often the most ignored part of our body. They’re on display for everyone to see, but we don’t pay them much attention. Well, I think I should let you know that there are a lot of people who like feet. In fact, there is a small niche of the population that has an intense fascination with feet.

There are many people who enjoy looking at pictures of feet and they will be willing to pay for them. This is because everyone wants something different when it comes to their fantasies.

How to take a good foot picture

The first step in selling pictures of your feet is to take a good picture. Before you can post an image online or anywhere else, make sure that it’s taken well and has no obstructions like shoes, dirt marks, etc.


How to Make Money by Selling Pictures of Your Feet.

Take the following steps:

  1. Make sure there are no sharp edges (such as the frame) sticking out from around the foot so that toes aren’t cropped off depending on how you’re taking photos;
  2. Stand with one foot at least six inches away from a wall for best results – this will allow you to see what kind of shadowing occurs when positioning your camera straight ahead instead of at an angle that may distort how people perceive shadows;
  3. Take several shots by rotating slightly every time and see which poses look best for you.
  4. Make sure that your feet are in a natural position: – You can do this by bending and flexing your foot;
  5. Adjust the height of where the camera is held so that it isn’t too close to or far away from the ground, but level with how tall you are;
  6. Avoid having shadows cast onto any part of your leg as it will distract people’s eyes and make them more difficult to focus on what they’re looking at. This also includes anything situated behind you like trees, cars etc.;
  7. It may take some time before getting comfortable enough with taking pictures of just one foot (or two) because there are many different angles possible depending on how far back from the foot you are.
  8. If you need help, there are many tutorials online or books to read like ‘The Photographer’s Ten Commandments: The Essential Roadmap for Making Better Pictures’ by Stanton Evans
  9. It is also worth noting that while most people think having just one good picture of their feet will do, it may be better to have a few different ones in order to appeal more and have variety. This way someone browsing through your album can decide which they prefer without being bothered with scrolling back up in order to find another photo;
  10. One last thing – make sure that when taking pictures (whether long or short), always include some context so viewers know what they’re looking at! For example, if you’re selling a product and you’re taking a picture of your feet, it’s best to include an item from the store in the background such as shoes or even clothes.
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This way people who are looking for something with which they can buy will find what they need more easily!

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Where can I sell my foot pictures online?

You can sell your feet pictures online on various platforms with different levels of popularity. A few examples are:

1. Instafeet

Instafeet – a site which is specifically for feet pictures and doesn’t require any sign up process. You can also choose to post your foot picture anonymously, if desired;

InstaFeet is a social media app that connects people who sell their feet to those who want to buy them. The app has quickly become one of the most popular apps on the market, with more than 100 million downloads in its first six months. It’s grown so rapidly because it solves two major problems: how to sell feet and how to buy feet.


How to sell your feet picture on Instafeet; A step by Step Guide

  1. Create a high quality profile picture with your feet in it
  2. Make sure the toes are clearly visible and that you’re not wearing shoes, socks, or tights so people can see their color. Feet should also be well lit (not too dark).
  3. Uploading sellable pictures is a great way to get started on InstaFeet! You can upload up to 20 sellable pictures for free per day – but once those sellables have expired they will need purchased again if you want them available more than one time.
  4. Pricing: It’s important not only to price your sellable photos at an attractive rate for potential buyers but also set prices according to what other sellers

2. Sell your feet picture on Reddit

Reddit, a popular discussion website that is divided into subreddits where people post their own images and others vote on them in order to see who gets the most upvotes;

There are many ways to sell feet picture on reddit. Reddit is a great place for you to make money through the internet by posting content that interests people and then getting paid in return. You can also use it as a place to promote your business and get more customers too.

Post quality content! You should post something that people actually want to look at and enjoy. Redditors are a very critical and opinionated crowd, so you need to be able to put out consistent high quality feet pictures with different angles for them to view every day, or else they’ll stop visiting your page all together. Quality will keep the attention of redditors on what you’re selling.

To sell feet pictures on redit, you need to be able to post quality content so that the redditors will keep coming back for more.

Post a variety of pictures! You should try posting as many different feet pictures with angles and poses, such as in an office or while standing on your head. This way, people can see all kinds of positions for their own entertainment value plus they’ll have something new everyday which is always enticing when it comes to these sorts of things on reddit.

People love having options and seeing what’s posted there daily because we are never bored by seeing the same picture day after day right? Variety keeps them interested!

To sell feet pictures successfully on redit, you first need to know how important it is to share a high quality photo every day. You should also post a variety of pictures so that people can see each feet picture in different poses and positions for their own amusement.

Be active! It’s important to be responsive when redditors comment on your site, too. They might have questions or want to give you feedback on what they’ve seen, but chances are if you’re not responding back then they’ll just move onto something else instead which is less time consuming and doesn’t require any effort from them at all.


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Redditors love it when the person behind the work responds to comments because often times they will return with more questions about other things as well since there was some kind of personal connection made between the two parties involved in this conversation event taking place online – meaning money.

3. Instagram

Instagram – this platform has an option for selling items which you have posted, as well as your contact information such as name and email address if desired (this does not include any private info like phone number or home address);

Do you want to sell your feet picture on Instagram? If so, this blog post is for you. There are a few ways that you can go about selling your feet pictures on Instagram. You can find existing foot fetish communities and sell your pictures there, or you could create an account dedicated to just selling photos of people’s feet. In this article we will cover both methods in detail!

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4. Pintrest

Pinterest – this popular social media site focuses on posting images that people find interesting such as recipes or fashion advice etc.;

Selling pictures on Pinterest is a great way to make money with photography. How does this work? It’s actually quite simple, and you can do it in just three steps! Here are the 3 easy ways to monetize your images:

1) Pin a Product

2) Share Your Work With Brands and Agencies

3) Sell Photos Online

Step One: Pin a Product

If you have an item to sell, then this is the easiest way to monetize your photos. You can simply take a picture of what you are selling and pin it on Pinterest for sale! How do people find these pins? When someone searches for something they want like “dog food” or “pants,” images will show up that match what they searched for – including yours if those pictures are pinned as sponsored content.


To get started with this method, all you need is an eBay account. First log in to your old ebay account and click “Sell” at the top of any page. From there just create a listing by filling out necessary information about what you’re selling. When creating a listing on eBay, be sure to include:

  • A clear picture of the product
  • The quantity and size that is being sold (ex. one pair)
  • How long the item will take to ship after it has been purchased (usually by ground shipping only)
  • How much you are asking for it in USD or GBP (£), etc., with no spaces between numbers and without commas separating them! You can also choose if this is an auction or fixed price sale where people know what they’ll pay before bidding – make your selection at “auction” or “fixed price.”

For more information about how to sell products on Pinterest, check out their blog post on How to Sell Pictures on Pinterest, here.

How to Make Money by Selling Pictures

Step Two: Share Your Work With Brands and Agencies

If you have a client who wants your photos for their business or an agency that specializes in stock photography, then this is the option for you! These are clients who usually want exclusive rights over your images and can be paid per photo or as a flat fee depending on what they need.

This way of selling pictures also grants them permission to use those pictures publicly without paying any more fees. To get started with this method all you need is find out how much the company will pay upfront before agreeing to work together (usually around $50-100 USD) plus the royalty percentage after it’s been sold ($25-30 USD per photo). See How to Sell Pictures on Here for more information about this option.

Step Three: Sell Photos Online

Finally, you can sell photos online by posting your images onto the different websites that specialize in such a service like Adobe Stock and Getty Images.

With these sites, people are able to use your pictures without any financial transaction necessary; they just have to give credit (usually as “photo of” or “image provided by”) when using them publicly.

To start selling with one of these services simply sign up for an account at their website after filling out all personal details which includes uploading some work samples from previous jobs!


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5. Flickr

Flickr – a platform where you’re able to upload photos of just about anything with no restrictions. This includes the ability to categorize them into different folders so they are easier for others to browse through;

6. Facebook

this social media site is one where you can either upload your own pictures that are related to the category of what you’re selling, or post links and tags which lead straight to a place where people can buy.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms that people use to sell their pictures. It is also a great way for photographers and artists to sell their work. We will talk about how you can sell your picture on facebook without being blocked by Facebook’s policies.

Selling pictures on facebook

Here are some tips to sell photos on facebook:

  1. Create an Account and set up a business page for the sale of your images. This will allow you to upload more than one photo at a time.
  2. Create custom images for each photo that you sell on facebook by using software like Photoshop or other similar editors where you can add your logo, contact information, and price. You will also want to edit the image with filters prior to uploading it so that it is clear what type of picture they are viewing. This will help people interested in purchasing an image know how much money they should spend and let them see if the pictures fits their needs before buying it off of Facebook
  3. Filter out any inappropriate photos from being sold such as those containing nudity or violence

8. Sell feet pictures to Stock Photo Companies

Stock Photo Companies are a booming business. These companies buy images from photographers and resell them to customers all over the world. But how do you get your photos into these stock photo companies? We will discuss 3 steps that Stock Photo Companies look for in an image before they decide to purchase it, especially your feet picture!

Step One: Crop the Subject

The first step is to crop out any unnecessary parts of your photo. This will allow for a more focused and detailed image, which Stock Photo Companies are looking for!

Step Two: Fix Your Image’s Exposure Levels

Next up, make sure that you fix your images exposure levels so that they are not too dark or light. This will help them show up more clearly in the photos!

Step Three: Add a Copyright Notice to Your Image. In this case, feet pictures

The last step is to add a copyright notice on your image, which can be done through Photoshop if you have it installed (or another photo editing software). The reason for adding this is so that no one else uses your work without permission!


Now that you know how Stock Photo Companies buy images and what they look for before purchase, make sure to follow these three steps when uploading new photos of yours onto sites like iStockphoto and Shutterstock.

9. Sell on your blog.

You can create a blog where you sell your feet pictures and even include a contact form so that people can reach out to you with questions.

You might want to simplify or make your blog more personal by adding in some of the following:

  • A brief introduction about you;
  • Your interests, hobbies etc.;
  • The prices for each individual foot picture (remembering not to be too high but also as low as possible);
  • Tags – if someone is searching for something specific like “women’s shoes” they will find it easier when there are tags related to this term attached. This way when browsing through different pages on the site, people looking for these items won’t need to search through every page just in case they’ve been shared because other users have

10. Etsy

Etsy – another marketplace site where you can upload photos of what you’re selling before listing it yourself. It’s worth noting that there are other sites too! However they all follow similar principles so we won’t go into them here;

Is it illegal to sell foot pics?

Foot pics are photos which show feet, sometimes in erotic or explicit poses. The legality of these images varies from country to country; some countries prohibit foot pics while others allow them with restrictions on their distribution. Do make sure to check with your country law before going into this.

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