17 Pros and Cons of Living in Mississippi.

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Are you contemplating on whether to move down to Mississippi or not? Do you need the pros and cons of living in Mississippi? Assuming that is the situation, then this is a comprehensive guide.

Right away, you’ll agree that Mississippi’s rich soil and aesthetic sceneries made it to appear as one of the great States to live. Well, in all reasonableness, it is!

Mississippi might be undeniably more modest than the encompassing states yet it has a rich hydrographic organization, an and environment positive for horticulture.

What’s more, the state of Mississippi is laid back and full of individuals who partake in the better things throughout their every day life.

That being said, it is important you get yourself familiar with the Pros and Cons of living in Mississippi. Hence, we shall be discussing the two under different subheadings.



The Pros of living in Mississippi.

If that is what brought you here, then you will find this blog post worthy as we have provided 17 Pros and Cons of living in Mississippi (10 Pros and 7 Cons).

Pros of living in Mississippi

Therefore, without wasting much of the time, let move into the course of discourse.

1. Low cost of living

Mississippi can be an incredible area for individuals who need to settle down and raise a family.

Apart from the beautiful scenery and excellent landscape, the state has perhaps the least average cost for basic items in the whole of US.

A house is 40% less expensive than the average cost per nation and there are a few help lines financed by the public authority for first-time home purchasers.

Furthermore, food, transportation costs, and even childcare administrations are reasonable. In many situations, Mississippi positions as the least expensive state in which to live.



What’s more, Mississippi is perhaps the least expensive state in the country for childcare administrations and babysitters.

Putting all these together, when every one of the dollars and pennies are shake out, Mississippi regularly positions as the least expensive state in which to live.

2. Affordable Education

Whether you are a parent with school age youngsters or, a student searching for the best arrangement to further your education, then you can think of Mississippi.

School is a costly venture. However, the educational costs in Mississippi assist in making it one of the less expensive states when compared with different states in the country.

The yearly educational cost of higher institutions and colleges can in any case be had for less, particularly, under $10,000 for the whole year or session.

Then, at that point, couple with the minimal expense of living there, Mississippi is merited.



Perhaps, you get a fair deal when compared with different states and this positioned Mississippi’s expense of advanced education in the best 5-7 least of all states in the country.

Notably, the state has eight state’s funded colleges and 17 community colleges for inhabitants to look over.

There are ten extra private schools, mostly Christian schools.

3. Nourishing Foods

We have been examining the pros of living in Mississippi but the list will be incomplete without mentioning its breath-taking nourishing foods.

Should we talk about the barbeque made famous by its neighboring state, Missouri, or should we stop and check out the marvelous fried chicken especially when served with collard green and some pieces of biscuit.

Well, it is to be remembered that Mississippi have gulf shrimp and oysters as local specialties owing to the fact that the state is located on the Gulf Coast of Mexico.



Also, Catfish and tasty sea critters are specialty too and they are quite plenty in the Mississippi river.

In any case, most catfish are ranch brought up in Mississippi making the state one of the biggest catfish producers in the U.S.

4. Hospitality

There is no doubt that citizens of Mississippi distinguish themselves with the South.

What’s more with this southern state is their level of hospitality and friendly accommodation. This is indeed a commendable factor about Mississippi.

What do we mean by this hospitality? All things considered, Mississippians bring a blend of respectfulness, thoughtfulness, great home cooking, and appeal.

This is an attempt to name just a few of the many characteristics.

Furthermore, the state has decent and respectful individuals which, at that point, toss in restricted impacts from urbanization.

Likewise, a culture that embraces a slower paced lifestyle. Again, you have a charming climate where to take up residence.



5. Less harsh winter

January is the coldest month of the year in the state, even toward the Northern boundary, temperatures range from 30-50 degrees in a large portion of the month.

While drawing nearer to the Bay Coast, the normal winter temperatures are considerably higher.

The region doesn’t qualify to be referred as a state offering 4-seasons since the possibility of seeing snowfall is very remote particularly in the southern part of the state.

So, if it is to get away from the colder time of year climate, then, at that point, living in Mississippi might be appropriate for you.

6. Rural

If you are the type that you appreciate living in the country, outside of urban areas, Mississippi would be a decent decision for you.

Mississippi is the fourth most provincial state in the country, with 97% of land in the state being rural and with 51% of its populace being rural.



It is one of just four states where the country populace dwarfs the metropolitan populace.

Accordingly, the populace thickness inside Mississippi is just 63 for each square mile and under the public normal of 93 for every square mile.

The state has just a single city with over 100K individuals (Jackson) and just a single city with over 50K individuals (Gulfport).

7. Hunting

With 97% of state land being rural, there is plenty of room for animals to roam in Mississippi. The state has 2 million acres of forest land.

If you enjoy hunting, this is a good state for you because Mississippi has been positioned as number 1 state for whitetail deer hunting in the country.

The state is one of only four states where the number of male deer is more than the number of hunters. It’s nearly on 2:1 ratio.



8. Absence of racial and tribal discrimination

Since the 1950s, the territory of Mississippi has seen a rising expansion in variety, particularly along the Bay coast.

Today, almost 40% of the state populace is African American, providing Mississippi with the most elevated level of African Americans in the country.

Moreover, the quantities of Hispanic and Asian inhabitants are likewise expanding every year.

With such a combination of races, it isn’t the business as usual to see a comparative blend in political association, with 60% of the state casting a ballot conservative and 40% democratic leftist.

9. Closeness to urban cities

While Mississippi comes up short on significant urban areas, its area puts inhabitants inside a two-hour drive to at least one of the states urban cities; Memphis, New Orleans, and Birmingham.

These huge urban areas furnish Mississippi occupants with more choices when they need a significant medical clinic or are hoping to go to a significant amusement or game.



This is another factor that beautifies the state of Mississippi.

10. Religious sensitivity

The presence of Christian universities is owed, to some extent, to the huge number of Christian inhabitants in the state.

Mississippi is viewed as a strict state in the country with 77% of inhabitants being thought to be very religious.

So, if it is that being in a strong religious local area is critical to you, Mississippi merits thought.

The Cons of living in Mississippi.

We have successfully provided 10 pros of living in Mississippi but now we will briefly examine 7 Cons of living in Mississippi as it is important you have the facts at your hand.

11. Poverty

Mississippi has the most obviously terrible poverty rate in the country, with 21% of its inhabitants living underneath the destitution line.

This isn’t shocking considering the fact that Mississippi additionally has the most minimal normal pay of any state ($21,000) and the least middle family pay of any state ($39,000).



It is to be noted that despite the fact that their occupants are altogether low, the state actually keeps up with the fifteenth most elevated taxation rate in the country.

12. Low Quality Health Care

Mississippi is also ranked last in the nation for health care. The state scored poorly on access to care, health care quality, public health factors, health care cost, average emergency-room wait time, and life expectancy.

Only four of Mississippi’s 112 hospitals scored high enough to even be considered in a national ranking, that is, 2 in Jackson, Tupelo, and Hattiesburg.

13. Low quality education

Considering the poverty rate and inadequate school facilities, it is nothing unexpected that Mississippi positions as the fourth most awful state for government funded training.

It’s really astonishing that a poor state in the nation isn’t dead toward the end in schools. The state is unquestionably the fifth most terrible country of the world not spending on schooling.



Up to this point we realize that Mississippi offers, probably, the most reasonable advanced valuable education.

However, this state’s schooling system is inadequate. Mississippi’s schooling system is regularly positioned at the base in the US.

This is halfway because of low state financing for the schooling system.

14. Natural disaster

It is very pertinent to mention the natural disasters as found in Mississippi.

The fact that Mississippi is located on the Gulf Coast makes the state vulnerable to serious typhoons.

The state has been hit with eight significant tropical storms in present day times, making it the fourth most dynamic typhoon state, behind Florida, Texas, and Louisiana.

Mississippi additionally sits in one of the most dynamic twister regions, called Dixie Alley.

The state is the ninth most dynamic cyclone state, averaging 50 twisters each year. As of late, the twisters of Dixie Alley have shown to be more damaging than those of the notorious Cyclone Back street.



15. Less active in sport

Mississippi is less active in the games world and it is positioned toward the lower part of the list of the best states to live in assuming that you are an avid sport fan.

The state has zero proficient teams and just two school teams, Ole Miss and Mississippi State. The two universities have an engaging competition with one another.

16. Harsh weather

Serious or outrageous weather conditions are another current reality regarding Mississippi and it can hit inhabitants in 3 unique ways after a transition to the state.

Notably, there is the mid year hotness and moistness. This is the most unsurprising atmospheric conditions happening every year in the state.

Then again, we have tornadoes. Despite the fact that Mississippi doesn’t fall within tornado alley, it actually dwells in a high-hazard region of the US recording more than 40 tornadoes each year.



These places the state in the best 10 for most twisters yearly.

17. Poor Economy

Maybe the low quality of primary and secondary education channels into Mississippi’s economy, the state’s joblessness rate ordinarily runs higher than the public normal.

Likewise, the state is ranked low for business-accommodating arrangements and favorable development drives.

While farming and forestry are top ventures inside the state, the economy has not taken an interest in high-development regions like innovation and medical services.

This is an awful aspect regarding Mississippi. Thus, in the reality, Mississippi has a high level of its populace living underneath the poverty line.

Wrap up

Prior to moving to Mississippi, you need to get yourself familiar with the conditions and status of the state which necessitated this blog post about the Pros and Cons of living in Mississippi.



So do take note of the following;

  • Get to know legitimate departure methodology to get ready for the serious climate.
  • Save your eyes and ears at alert for the most recent climate news prior to moving.
  • Try not to move during possible rainstorms and twister minutes.
  • In the event you have no other decision, ensure you take every one of the vital safety measures to guarantee a smooth move-in, similar to a completely energized cell, tool kit, emergency treatment unit, arrangements, etc.

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