10 best Nigerian restaurants in Dallas

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Talking about the best cuisines in the world, the Nigerian dishes cannot be overemphasized. So today, we’ll be unraveling the best Nigerian restaurants in Dallas that are making it real.

Nigerians all over the world are known for their specialty when it comes to food. Their food has always been one of the most cherished meal across the world.

But sadly, living away from home sometimes do hinder the pleasure of having a bite of those wonderful dishes. Although the reverse is always the case in some countries.

We have many business-oriented individuals who ventured into catering and restaurants so as to fulfill the Nigerian needs in Dallas.

Premised on this, there are tons of restaurants in the beautiful city of Dallas who deals in Nigerian foods but not all are worthy of their names.


On this note, expect the best of the best restaurants in Dallas that serve all kinds of Nigerian delicacies.

Of course, the owners and the directors of these restaurants are Nigerian, so expect nothing but perfect Nigerian meals there.

Best Nigerian Restaurants in Dallas

However, in this blog post, we have simplified the task by hand-picking the best 10 Nigerian restaurants in Dallas that deals in Nigerian foods and meals.

Do take note that this list is without any particular order. Take your time to go through it and pick one that’s near to you.

Nigerian restaurants in Dallas

1. Fusion Vibes Kitchen

Fusion vibes kitchen is one of the highly rated restaurants in Dallas. In Fusion, they particularly major in popularly African foods.


This fantastic restaurant is known for the great services it renders to its esteem customers.

Accordingly, Fusion Vibes Kitchen is located at 100 S Central Exp, Ste 50 Richardson Heights Village Richardson, TX 75080.

The restaurant deal in different kinds of Nigerian food varieties. Ranging from Jollof rice down to Eba.

They offer both delivery and takeout depending on the customer’s choice and instruction.

Payment in this restaurant is made easy. You can pay with any mode that works for you.

They accept Credit cards, Apple pay and Android pay. Customer’s satisfaction is all that they strive for.

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This noble kitchen also offers uninterrupted 7-days per week services. Their days and weekly schedules are;


Monday – Thursday =12:00pm to 08:30pm

Friday – Saturday= 12:00pm to 10:00pm

Sunday = 12:00pm to 06:00pm.

In consideration of their service and customer’s feedbacks, Fusion Vibes Kitchen is rated 4.5 stars.

For booking, reservations, home services, or home delivery, you can reach them via (972) 543-3888 and you can browse through their website here for more info

2. Afrika Fusion

While making the list of the best Nigerian restaurant in Dallas, we cannot risk not mentioning Afrika Fusion.

Afrika fusion is located at 18900 Dallas Pkwy Ste 125 Dallas, TX 75287, North Dallas.

The restaurant deal in different kinds of Nigerian food varieties which ranges from Chapati, Fufu, Grilled Lamb among others.

At Afrika Fusion, there is room for reservation. This means that you can make a reservation by picking a date, time and your party size.


Interestingly, the restaurant offers takeout. And as to their payments options, they accept credit cards.

Afrika Fusion is rated 3.5 stars and also rated for being good for kids. They have changing tables, stroller parking at the table, high chairs and kids menu.

The restaurant has parking lot and for bar party enthusiast, Afrika Fusion have full bar too.

More so, the kitchen is known for great wine collection. Afrika Fusion is really great for lunch and Dinner.

Afrika Fusion offer their service 7-days per week. Their days and weekly schedules are;

Tuesday – Wednesday= 03:00pm-12:00am

Thursday = 03:00pm to 02:00am

Friday – Sunday =01:00pm – 02:00am.

3. Lola’s restaurants and lounge

Lolas restaurants and lounge is located at 3435 N Beltline Rd. Irving, TX 75062.


They deals in different kinds of Nigerian foods of different varieties. According to the reviews made by their customers, Lola’s restaurant serves Amala the best in Dallas.

Additionally, they offer takeout to their desired customers and they accept credit cards as their mode of payment.

The Lola’s restaurant and lounge is rated 3.5 stars. The restaurant opens on Tuesday to Thursday from 11:00am to 09:30 pm.

This list of the 10 best Nigerian restaurants in Dallas will not be completed without mentioning Lola’s restaurant and lounge.

4. Kemi’s kitchen

Notable mention is the Kemi’s kitchen which is located at 1102 W Pioneer Pkwy Grand Prairie, TX 75051.

This eatery deals in different kinds of Nigerian foods such as Fresh fish platter, Eba, Rice platter, fufu platter, amala, yam porridge, among other foods.


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Kemi offer takeout and accepts cash, bank transfer, credit cards, and the likes as its form of payment too.

The restaurants is rated 4.0 stars. This restaurant is also rated well for kids and among its added benefits is that it has a parking lot.

The restaurant opens:

Monday – Saturday =11:00am -09:00pm

Sunday = 11:00am-06:00pm.

5. Aggie’s African restaurant

This restaurant is located at 9205 Skillman Street, Ste 134 Dallas, TX 75243. This restaurant deals in different kinds of Nigerian foods.

In addition, Aggie’s restaurant is one of the restaurants in Dallas that has the special feature of making reservations.

This means that customers can make reservations by picking a date, time, the party size, and more before hand.


Equally, Aggie’s kitchen offers a delivery services too. In term of payment, they accept credit card mostly.

This restaurant is rated 3.0 stars. The restaurant opens:

Monday – Saturday = 12:00pm- 11:00pm

Sunday = 12:00pm-08:00pm.

6. Yemsade restaurant

Next on the list of the best eatery in Dallas that serve Nigerian foods in Yemsade Restaurant.

Yemsade restaurant is located at 3007 Carrier Pkwy, Grand Prairie, TX 75052 and it is a decent home for Afrikan dishes.

In Yemsade, their major delicacies include Nigeria Jollof rice, goat pepper soup, Moi-moi, among others.

Like other popular restaurants in Dallas, you can make reservations for birthday party and other ceremonial activities there.

The restaurant is highly great for lunch and they open on:


Tuesday – Saturday = 10:00am -08:00pm

Sunday = 10:00am -05:00pm.

7. African Village restaurant

African Village restaurant is located at 3003 N Belt Line Rd, Irving, TX 75062. You can also call this restaurant “Feel at home” because of its magnificent services.

In African Village restaurant, they major in different kinds of Nigerian foods; a popular one among which is Curry Goat with white rice.

Furthermore, they also accept credit cards as mode of payment; their staff are very good with kids with 3.5 stars ratings.

By and large, this restaurant is casual and they are very great for lunch. Their parking lot is also wonderful.

They open on:

Monday – Wednesday = 11:00am – 08:00pm

Thursday – Saturday = 11:30am – 09:00pm


Sunday =11:30am – 08:00pm.

8. Exotic Grill African Cuisine

Exotic Grill African Cuisine is arguably one of the best restaurants in Dallas serving African dishes.

Located at 415 N Main St Euless, TX 76039. This restaurant deals in various kinds of Nigerian foods which includegoat, wrapped fish, red snapper, fufu, pondu, samosa, plantains, among others. .

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They are rated 4.0 stars and they are great for kids. In term of reservation, they are reliable and their payment method is credit card.

The restaurant has a wine option with beers. They open on:

Monday – Thursday =12:00pm -10:00pm

Friday = 12:00pm – 12:00am.

Saturday = 02:00pm – 02:00am

Sunday = 01:00pm – 10:00pm.


9. Aso Rock restaurant and lounge

This restaurant is located at 9220 Skillman st, Dallas TX 75243. This restaurant deals in many kinds of Nigerian foods of all varieties.

The restaurant offers takeout and accepts credit cards. They are rated 3.0 stars and they are great for kids.

10. Murphy’s mansion.

Murphy’s mansion is located at 10051 Whitehurst Dr, Dallas TX 75243 and it is one of the best Nigerian restaurants in Dallas.

Here, they deal with different Nigerians meals and dishes making life easier for Nigerian living Dallas that enjoys taking their local foods.

In Murphy’s mansion, their dishes are top notch, and their customer services is second to none.

They don’t just serve dishes, they serve Nigerian culture and heritage there too. So going there won’t be a waste of time.


Also, you can make reservations for your birthday party, wedding anniversary, get-together, etc, there.

As beautiful and fantastic as this place is, there are tons of reviews online in her favor of Murphy’s mansion.


Do you ever miss any of the Nigeria food or you feel like having a trip back home just to savor the taste of your indigenous meal?

Well, it happens. So if you feel like that, you can approach any of the above mentioned best Nigerian restaurants in Dallas depending on your location.

The restaurants are easily accessible either physically or through the internet. Alternatively, you can contact them through their respective call lines.

We hope this article has given you insight into the available restaurant in Dallas where you can have a good taste of the mighty Nigerian meal.


So, enjoy the sweetening taste and make sure you savor the tasty recipes. See you there soon!

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