Money saving tips for family you’ve never heard about

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Either you’re an employee for private firm, government worker or business owner, there’s always need to manage expenses and grow at some point.

While you can expand your business or invest part of your income to increase your revenue, you can save costs of expenses to improve your financial status.

Here are tips to help you stretch inward and save more money from the family expenses.

Money saving tips

1. Say Goodbye to Expensive Vices

Habits such as the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, coffee quickly become expensive.

With a little willpower and support from friends and family, you will not only live healthier but also save a lot of money. I know this looks like an obvious money saving tip, but its usually over looked

If you’ve been trying to quit smoking or drinking for a while but haven’t made it yet, I recommend Finally Non-Smoking by Akin Chaktty.

2. Use LED Lamps at Home to save Energy bill

LED lamps cost more to buy but use only about two to ten percent of the electricity of conventional lamps.

This means you can save much more money for a long period.

In addition, the service life of LED lamps is many times longer than that of conventional light bulbs or energy-saving lamps.

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3. Another money saving tip is Saving Fuel

If you clean your air filter regularly and replace it now and then, you can save up to seven percent fuel.

It’s very easy and can be done in just a few minutes. In addition to replacing the air filter, you should always make sure you have the correct tire pressure to avoid unnecessary fuel consumption.

4. Think Before you Buy Anything and save more

Master the 30-day and 10-minute rules before you buy something and you’ll make better decisions.

Think, relax, and reflect on whether you really need the product/service or not.

For smaller spontaneous purchases, hold the item in your hand for about ten minutes and look around the store a little longer.

Before making larger purchases, take 30 days to find out if the purchase is really necessary.

5. Write your shopping list and stick to it

We often spend more when we go to the mall without having some specific items we want to buy. This is another obvious money saving tip you’d expect everybody to know, but its fairly uncommon.

If you go without knowing the price of the items you want to buy, you’re going to make more cash and will end up buying more goods than necessary.

You are advised to shop only when you know exactly what you need.

 Only items that are on the list will be added to the shopping cart, no matter how tempting the offer seems.

For small purchases in the supermarket, you should not use the shopping cart.

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Other Ways to Save Money

The overdraft facility:

Having to pay debts in the next month only makes things worse. So don’t use an overdraft facility – as tempting as it may be!

Are you up and running? Then try out Museum Day: in most cities, the museums on Sundays only cost one euro.

Know when to go to Cinema:

The afternoon shows are usually a little cheaper!

Spending too much money on restaurants? Then invite your friends over to your home. 

Everyone just brings something to eat or a bottle of wine – and the evening is perfect!

If you don’t want to miss out on a visit to a restaurant, register as a companion for restaurant critics! 

In this way, you will be invited to dinner and – depending on the agency – even receive an hourly wage. 

You don’t know where your money is? Then just write it down. 

If you manage to record every expenditure and income in a budget book for a month or two, you can learn a lot about your consumption behavior and quickly notice where you are – unnoticed – spending too much!

Cash or card? Change your strategy:

Maybe it will give you a better overview if you pay by card instead of having cash with you!

Do you fancy a new look but don’t want to spend money? Have a look at the second-hand shop or online at the clothing circle – clothes are much cheaper there!

Do your kids insist on pudding and yogurt? You have to pay a lot of money, especially for portions that are particularly small.

 Instead, you can buy a kilo of yogurt at once and refine it with jam or fresh fruit, Techpally boss said.

And from half a liter of milk, 30g cocoa powder, 40g sugar, and 40g starch you can make delicious chocolate pudding for little money in no time! 

Simply mix the dry ingredients with 100ml milk, boil the rest of the milk and stir in the mixture – boil once and you’re done!

You can save a lot of money at the hairdresser if you let the trainees cut your hair. 

They are strictly controlled by the master hairdresser – and most of the time you only pay a fraction of the sum!

Eating can be Healthy and Cheap:

the cheapest dishes include pasta with tomato sauce, jacket potatoes with quark and cucumber salad, pancakes with applesauce, pumpkin soup, or potato pancakes with zucchini. 

If you pay attention to seasonal vegetables, you can save even more money and still have a balanced diet! By the way: ready-made products or bag soups are many times more expensive!

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