Money Guide: How to make money with Konga affiliate marketing

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The vast majority of Nigerians always ask questions on how to make money online in Nigeria. Konga affiliate marketing programme is yet another way one of the biggest eCommerce stores in Nigeria, Konga, provides opportunities for everyone.

Konga as already pointed out has a bragging right in the country. The truth remains that it is one of the most popular online stores in Nigeria, at least one I could easily remember after Jumia. Therefore, bringing people should not be much of an issue as it is already a big brand with a big reputation in Nigeria.

The emergence of the internet and various technologies that come with it now makes it easier to find prospective buyers. On every referral, you earn a percentage of the cost of the product. So as an affiliate marketer beginner, starting with Konga is not a bad idea at all.

How to make money with Konga affiliate


Konga Affiliate Programme is a program developed by Konga to enable anyone irrespective of their level, self-employed or not, to earn money when buyers buy through their referral links.


With this method, there is no need for startup capital or physical location for the business. Everything can be done over the internet at no extra cost. Using all the various channels provided by the internet, you can earn massive commissions and profits. However, it may take patience, time and strong strategies to earn big on Konga.

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On each successful sale, you can earn up to 20% on some products. Therefore, it is still one of the best ways to make money without committing too many resources.

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This is not a quick way to make money. Like most affiliate marketing programmes especially for beginners, you will need to build a strong profile and apply various techniques if you want to make passive income on Konga.

To become a reseller, you will need to register as one. Once you have registered, your application will be reviewed by an agent. After approval, then you can now advertise any products on Konga. Your referral link is the most important thing, always ensure that buyers buy through it.


To attract buyers, you can make use of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. If you own a review and information blog already, then you can reach out to a larger audience by ranking for products on Konga organically.

Another way is by reaching out to family and friends. Your family or friend could be working in a company that needs a large supply of electronics or computers and this could be the perfect opportunity to make money on Konga as an Affiliate.

Remember, it is on you to look for whatever could bring customers, and for your effort, you earn commission every time.


Write a review on Konga Product

As an affiliate, having a blog could make it easier for you to get the products across to potential customers. Nevertheless, you can also always make use of microblogging sites like Twitter and Facebook.

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Besides, they are free to use. Write a beautiful review, engage with your audience and start making money through referrals. However, if you own a blog hosted on WordPress, you could get a rating plugin like Rich Reviews by Starfish.


This plugin makes it easy to know what users think based on their reviews, testimonials, and rating which can also help in attracting buyers. Most people want to know what people think about a product before buying. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is also one of the best ways to attract buyers and make sales. And for that, you need Nigerian audiences. If you have already built your list, the job is half done but the next step is creating content with a high click-through rate.

If you do not yet have a list, you can contact bloggers as they are fond of hoarding email list. If you own a blog, you can start collecting email addresses by making use of Optin forms. Nevertheless, you need to ensure that you do not bombard your subscribers with messages frequently.

You should also make it a point to let them know that purchases and orders take place on Konga’s official website since most of them may not trust you enough to buy through you. However, if your blog is already authoritative enough, then building trust becomes easier. You can also share your social media profile alongside with the content to further ascertain your credibility.


Another way you could boost your earnings is by sharing your Konga referral links on your blog post. If you have written about a particular product, you can embed the link on the post.

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If it is a very good post, you can expect good traffic from search engines like google. Alternatively, you can also share to active group pages, pages, and forums, all these should be able to give you the kind of reaction you want. Most importantly, know everything about the products as it could also help you gain the trust of the prospective buyer especially if you are about to provide satisfactory answers when they seek your opinions.

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How To Sign Up For Konga Affiliate Program

To become a Konga Affiliate, simply click the Konga Affiliate Registration Page to register.

Fill out “Personal and additional Information”. If you own a website or blog, provide the URL and if not, you can ignore it. On the “Method Of Promotion”, you are to specify if you will be promoting via social media, blog posts, or any other.


Read the “terms and conditions” and click “sign up”.

Now that you have submitted your application, then you can wait for a response which could take a few hours. If approved, you will get mail from Konga.

You are now an affiliate on Konga and you can start making money with just your phone..

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