List of Oil Companies in Nigeria and their salaries

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Have you ever wondered how much the top oil companies in Nigeria pay their staff? I have wondered too, so here is the answer to your question below.

Nigeria is an oil-producing country. The areas rich in oil is the South-Southern and South-Eastern part of the country which include; Bayelsa, Rivers, Cross River, Delta, Imo, Abia, Enugu, Anambra, Akwa Ibom, and several other states.

Due to the crude oil endemicity, Nigeria plays host to several oil companies. A list of oil companies in Nigeria is arranged below.

This article covers the salaries of the several Oil companies’, resident or possessing branches in Nigeria.

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Oil Companies in Nigeria and their salaries.

1. Dangote Refinery

Dangote Refinery

The Dangote Refinery is the newest oil company in Nigeria. It is owned by Nigerias’ riches man, Alinko Dangote. It that was inaugurated on the 22nd of May 2023 in Lekki, Nigeria. When in full operation, it is expected to have the capacity to process about 650,000 barrels per day of crude oil, making it the largest single-train refinery in the world. The investment is over 19 billion US dollars.

The refinery is expected to produce gasoline, diesel, kerosene, and polypropylene. It is also expected to create thousands of jobs and reduce Nigeria’s dependence on imported refined products.

Since the Rifanary isn’t in full operation yet, we cannot tell you the salary of the workers in the refinery, but we will update this article as soon as we get the necessary information.

1.    Chevron Texaco Nigeria Limited

Chevron Texaco is an American oil company. It is also an oil company in Nigeria.

  • A Financial Analyst is paid about #1,700,000 monthly
  • A Facility Engineer is paid about #855,000 monthly
  • A Process engineer earns about #200,000 monthly
  • An Accountant earns about #190,000 monthly
  • An Intern earns about #30,000 monthly
Chevron is an Oil Companies in Nigeria

Chevron Texaco Nigeria Limited pay about N22,000,000 per annum to a fresh recruit at an entry-level position.

2.    ExxonMobil

Exxon comes second with Chevron in the ranking of the highest paying international oil companies in Nigeria.

  • Commercial Manager is paid #1,500,000 to #5,800,000 monthly
  • Construction Manager earns about #2,000,000 to #5,100,000 monthly
  • Civil Engineers are paid about #1,000,000 to #2,800,000 monthly
  • Chemical Process Engineer is paid #1,500,000 to #2,400,000 monthly
  • Chemist is paid #1,000,000 to #2,100,000 monthly
  • Chemical Laboratory Technician is paid #1,200,000 to #2,000,000 monthly
  • Chemical Engineer is paid #5,600,000 monthly
  • Mechanical Engineers is paid #5,000,000 monthly
  • A Process Engineer is paid #3,500,000 monthly
  • Financial Analyst is paid #3,000,000 monthly
  • Corporate controller is paid #3,000,000 monthly
  • Business Analyst is paid #2,000,000 monthly
  • Administrative Assistant is paid #1,600,000 monthly
  • Convenience Store Manager is paid          #1,300,000 monthly
  • Contract Administrative is paid #950,000 monthly
  • Lead Pipeline Engineer is paid #950,000 monthly
  • Drilling logistics officer is paid #937,000 monthly
  • Assistant Store Manager is paid #800,000 monthly
  • Environmental Engineer is paid #658,000 monthly
  • Cashier is paid #500,000 monthly
  • Geophysicist is paid #238,000 monthly
  • ExxonMobile pay fresh graduates about N22,000,000 gross per annum.

3.    Nigeria Liquefied Natural Gas

This is an oil company in Nigeria. NLNG is a limited liability company. It was made such, so as to harness the vast natural gas resources that Nigeria has. They also produce Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) for export. There are two subsidiaries under NLNG which are, Bonny Gas Transport (BGT) Limited and Nigeria LNG Ship Manning Limited. The salary of some of their staff is listed below

  • Graduate Trainee is paid about #400,000 monthly
  • Civil Engineer is paid about #800,000 monthly
  • Tax Accountant is paid about #500,000 monthly
  • Technicians are paid about #250,000 monthly
  • Planner/Scheduler – Contractor is paid about #200,000 monthly

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4.    Schlumberger

Schlumberger is a leading provider of technology in the world. They specialize in reservoir characterization, drilling, production, and processing in the oil and gas industry. The salaries of some of their staff are listed below

Schlumberger is one of the highest paying Oil Companies in Nigeria
  • Maintenance Technician earns about      #760,000 monthly
  • General Field engineer earns about          #520,000 monthly
  • An Administrator earns about     #285,000 monthly
  • A Field Engineer is paid #210,000 monthly
  • Field Specialist Trainee earns about #133,000 monthly
  • A Security Advisor earns about   #103,000 monthly
  • An Intern earns about #72,000 monthly

5.    Shell Development Company Nigeria

It is an integrated energy company that has branches in several countries of the world. They have spent about fifty years in Nigeria. The salaries of some of their staff include

  • Business Development Manager earns about #2,200,000 monthly
  • Senior Metocean Engineer earns about  #2,100,000 monthly
  • Senior Production Engineer earns a little above #1,500,000 monthly.
  • Team Lead is paid about #1,400,000 monthly
  • Commercial Advisor earns about #1,400,000 monthly
  • Information Analyst earns about #1,300,000 monthly
  • Mechanical Supervisor earns about #1,200,000 monthly
  • Safety supervisor is paid about #950,000 monthly
  • Flow Assurance is paid about #800,000 monthly
  • Engineer is paid about #748,000 monthly
  • Petroleum Engineer earns about #700,000 monthly
  • Maintenance Planner earns about #618,000 monthly
  • Web Developer earns about #475,000 monthly
  • Mechanical Engineer earns about #428,000 monthly
  • Contractor Coordinator earns about #400,000 monthly
  • DD Analyst – Monthly Contractor is paid about #360,000 monthly
  • Occupational Health Nurse is paid about #285,000 monthly
  • Operations Manager is paid #238,000 monthly
  • Contractor Planner earns #260,000 monthly
  • Computer Engineer earns #143,000 monthly
  • Intern earns #95,000 monthly

6.    Total Nigeria Plc.

Total Nigeria Plc is an oil company in Nigeria and is a subsidiary of Total. They have been in Nigeria for over fifty years. Their salary scale is

  • Instrumentation and control engineer-#2,190,000 monthly
  • Project manager- #1,140,000 monthly
  • Cost Engineer – #800,000 monthly
  • Business Development Manager -#500,000 monthly
  • Financial Accountant -#500,000 monthly
  • Project Manager -#400,000 monthly
  • Senior HSE Supervisor – Contractor earns about #400,000 monthly
  • Administrator earns about #320,000 monthly
  • Logistics officer earns about #320,000 monthly
  • Graduate Trainee earns about #300,000 monthly
  • Geologist earns about #200,000 monthly
  • Quantity Surveyor earns about #190,000 monthly
  • An entry-level graduate is paid N25,000,000 per annum as gross pay.
Total Nigeria Plc salary. Oil Companies in Nigeria

7.      Addax Petroleum.

Addax Petroleum is a Chinese multinational oil company. The company was established in 1994. Addax Petroleum is a subsidiary of Sinopec Group, and they are one of the largest oil and gas producers in China.

Addax Nigeria is the highest paying non-IOC in Nigeria. Entry-level graduates earn about N16,000,000 per annum. The average salary is slated at #437,000.

8.      Amazon Energy

The average salary is #326,000. Information Technology Manager earns about #231,000 each month, Process Engineer earns #168,000, procurement assistant #139,000 and Training officer earns #102,000. Find out more about them here.

9.      Amni International Petroleum Development Company.

They are an independent oil and gas exploration and production company. The average salary is at #424,000.

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10. Bell Oil and Gas

It is an independently owned company in Nigeria and was established in 2002. The average salary here is about #147,000 per month. Find out more about the company here

11. Cakasa Nigeria Company Limited.

 The average salary of this company is about #263,000.

12. Conoil Plc

This is an independent oil and gas company located in Nigeria. It is owned by Mike Adenuga, owner of Globacom. The company was established in 1984 under the name, Consolidated Oil Nigeria Limited. Conoil pays about #250,000- #380,000 after tax for entry-level graduates. Oil Companies in Nigeria is conoil

13. AGIP

This is an Italian oil company. They are known as Agip or NAOC – Nigeria Agip Oil Company. They pay their entry-level recruits more than N18,000,000 per annum.

14. Seplat

Seplat is an oil company in Nigeria. They pay their graduate entrants around N12,000,000 per annum, making them the highest paying Nigerian oil company for entry-level positions.

Would you want to work in any of these oil companies? Let us know in the comment section.

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