List of construction equipments used during civil construction


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You are probably here today because you need the full list of construction equipments used during civil construction.

It’s crystal clear that one of the most laborious work that requires physical strength is construction work.

Ranging from house building down to bridge construction, there is nothing like easy work in the civil construction industry.

So if you are interested in this industry and would like to venture into construction business one day, you might want to consider this list.

But before then, you might want to know that every construction equipment is important to achieve good results.

Hence, they are all vital and crucial in completing any kind of building or constructions project.

List of construction equipments

The following is the comprehensive list of construction equipments used during civil construction works:

1. Drill Machine

This is used to making and drilling holes in the slabs, walls, doors, and into the window frames.

2. End Frames

End frames is a construction equipment that its use is similar to that of line and pins.

While this has no pins, an End Frames has a L shape that is often used at the end of thread.

It purpose is to effectively hold brick work and accurately level the alignment.

3. Float

There is a Float too and it is used for smoothening plastered concrete surface during civil construction work.

4. Gloves

In other to prevent the hands from having a direct contact with cement or paints, civil engineers use gloves during work.

They also use it to avoid accident while using heavy machines or other consideration tools.

5. Bolster

Bolster is used for cutting bricks accurately. It is like a chisel but its cutting edge is wider than that of the chisel.

6. Chisel

You cannot avoid a chisel in wood work construction works. It is very useful in removing the excess concrete bumps in the hardened surface.

7. Concrete Mixer

The list of construction equipments used during civil construction work can never be completed without mentioning concrete mixer.

It is a machine that is use for mixing water, coarse aggregate, fine aggregate and cement to arrive at a perfect mixed result.

8. Crowbar

Used for digging the ground surface to remove tap roots, nails, etc.

9. Digging Bar

This is a solid metal rod usually with a pin shape bottom. Where there’s a need to dig the hard ground surfaces, digging bar is used.

10. Brick Hammer

Used for cutting bricks during construction work and it’s often used to push the bricks back into their spot when they’re out of the course line.

11. Trowel

Meant for lifting and applying the mixed cement to the appropriate places in small quantities.

It has a wooden handle with a steel flat mouth. The ends may be bull nosed or pointed.

12. Head Pan

This is commonly use in the construction site for lifting cement or concrete or the excavated soil manually to the working site.

13. Measuring Tape

Often used for checking the length and widths of masonry walls, thickness foundation beds, excavated trenches, among other things.

14. Chain Lewis and Pin Lewis

The lewis brother is two different construction equipments that are used for lifting heavy stones.

15. Line and Pins

The importance of line and pins in the civil construction work cannot be overemphasized.

They consist of threads whose end are joined with two metal rods coupled with pin points.

Usually, the line and pin is used in brick laying for leveling the alignment of brick course.

16. Screed or Bump Cutter

Screed or Bump cutter is used in brick laying to level the concrete floors, foundation beds, etc.

17. Measuring Wheel

Another important construction equipment use in the construction industry is the measuring wheel.

Generally, it main functions is to measure the length or distances during road or bridge construction.

18. Ladder

The general purpose of a ladder in construction work is to climb up the building, bridge, or any other place that requires climbing.

It could be made of rope, iron rod and it could be made of wood with two sides pieces with fastening rungs.

19. Earth Rammer

Another uncommon mentioned on the list of construction equipments is the Earth Rammer.

It’s usually used to level the earth surface where the lower level is uneven after ground excavation.

20. Rubber Boots

To avoid leg contact to chemical materials such as cement or even physical accident hence, there’s a need for rubber boots.

21. Safety Helmet

Since any structure or material may fall subconsciously from a far height during civil construction work, there’s a need for a safety helmet too.

So, to protect the head from injury or any fatal accident, this safety helmet should be used.

22. Polisher

During civil construction work, Polisher is one of the instruments used in smoothening the surface of wood, tiles, etc.

This smoothening makes the tiles and wood works shine and the process of doing this is called polishing.

23. Wedge

Wedge is a construction tool that is usually use to cut the rock surfaces in conjunction with the help of sledge hammer.

24. Spirit Level

Also, during a brick masonry building construction, window installation and the likes, the spirit level is used to check if the surface is leveled.

The spirit level will be placed on the surface of the item or article and bubble is checked.

Once the surface is leveled, the bubble in the tube will settle in the middle of the tube.

25. Tile Cutter

Tilers uses tile cutter to cut the tiles into their desired sizes. After all, the tile size will at some point larger than what is required.

Most especially, at the corners or edge or end of the floor where it meets the wall hence, the tile cutter will come in to play a role.

Other notable tools on the list of construction equipments used during civil construction work are:

  • Plumb Bob
  • Wheel Barrow
  • Vibrator
  • Pick axe
  • Plumb bob
  • Iron pan
  • Jack plane
  • Hoe
  • Safety Glasses
  • Mason’s square
  • Circular saw
  • Hand saw
  • Straight edge brushes
  • Putty knife, etc.


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