How To Learn Spanish In 3 months and Become a Translator

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For everything that happens, there is a reason. Nothing happens without a reason. Remember that law of Physics that states that an object at rest will remain at rest until something moves it and it will keep moving until something stops it. Was it Newton or Einstein that propagated that law? I don’t really care. Bottom line is that if you want to learn Spanish in 3 months, there has to be a reason.

You may wonder if you really need a reason to learn Spanish in 3 months. Trust me when I say it, you do. You need that reason to be motivational enough.

As you know, there is nothing wrong with taking a year or two to learn a new language but in some cases, you just don’t have the time. You know it has become pertinent for you to learn that language within the shortest possible time.

Well, we are talking about how to learn Spanish in 3 months. You should be comforted that many people have done that in a shorter time so it is not totally impossible. It could be cumbersome but it is doable.

The more pertinent your reason is, the more motivated you will likely be.

I have gone through so many works and many tips on how to learn Spanish in 3 months. Some of them will actually work for you and others may not. More importantly, some of them will even enable you go through the process of learning any other language. Some, not all.

Let me warn you; it is going to get tough and you will wish you can take longer time to do this. Why not, you can if you have that time. But if you don’t, keep up with it and bear in mind that tough times don’t last but tough people do.

Learn Spanish fast

Well, let us get right to this. It doesn’t take rocket science to do; it just takes your commitment to achieving excellence.

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The Tips On How To Learn Spanish In 3 Months

Put yourself in a place nobody speaks your language

Interesting, right? Does the prospect of being in a place no one speaks your language scare you? Well, it should. The truth of the matter is that it is not easy. But if you want to learn how to speak Spanish in 3 months, it is one of the things you should do.

For a Nigerian, it will be difficult to relocate to a place your language or English is not spoken within Nigeria. It may require that you travel out of the country. I wouldn’t know if you have the resources for that. If you do, it will be an added bonus but if you don’t, relax, the other tips we will share will still get you across the finish line.

Bear in mind that technology makes everything cool and possible. So, you will need to also exploit that option before you begin your quest to be in a place where your language is not spoken. Try out plugin for Chrome for translations of other languages.

Learning some Latin will do you some good when trying to learn Spanish in 3 months

Does it sound absurd? I hope it doesn’t but if you feel it does, you are probably right. I mean, how can I tell you to learn another language so as to learn Spanish in 3 months? Well, you will understand why it is important to do that shortly.

You will agree with me that many languages (Spanish inclusive) have so many words that are rooted in Latin and Greek. This is a common knowledge in the learning of languages. You might find differences in their spelling but you did still recognize them.

If you have studied Latin and understood its grammar structure and origin of lots of words, you will find it easier to learn any other foreign language. You can try it out.

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You are going to make mistakes, just accept that as normal

An intelligent man once said that if you don’t fail, then, you are not even trying. If you do nothing, you won’t make mistakes but the implication is that you don’t grow, you don’t learn Spanish in 3 months. You are going to come across two different levels of perfection; accuracy and fluency.

They are both needed for you to master any foreign language. Fluency is the ability to speak the words of that language freely but accuracy involves saying them correctly. Many people are more concerned about accuracy because they don’t want people to laugh at them or to look stupid. Unfortunately, that will happen along the way.

Therefore, accept that fact and be bold to ask people to correct you when you speak. Try to work on your fluency first and your accuracy will follow. The moment you strike the right balance between your fluency and accuracy, then you are good to go. Most importantly, don’t forget that the language is a skill you are learning and mistakes are part of the process. Click here for more information on learning Spanish.

 Spanish language ...

Partake in individual language classes

For most people, taking language classes are done in groups. Group classes are usually fun but it cannot be compared with what you will gain in individual classes. The idea is to have both. Of course, it is common knowledge that knowledge will cost you time and resources. You must bear that in mind. It will provide you with the opportunity to be yourself and learn the necessary things.

The good news is that you won’t spend so exorbitantly on this. That is the truth. It depends on how you are willing to go about it. If you visit sites like, you will find natives that could help you using Skype at 5 dollars per hour.

You will have to formulate SMART goals in other to learn Spanish in 3 months

We have a purpose and we have goals to achieve that purpose. In this instance, our purpose is to learn Spanish in 3 months. But we cannot achieve that without setting certain goals. Goals are those little ways and things that we must follow and do in order to achieve our purpose.

Now, your goals will have to be SMART. SMART simply means Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. When you have goals using SMART, it is almost perfect.

For you to achieve your purpose, your goals will have to specific. By being specific, they are meant to devoid of vagueness. You need to make them very clear and vivid. They will also be very measurable. There has to be a way to achieve that goal. There has to be a blue print that will guide you.

In terms of attainability, you are in charge. If you set your mind to it, you will achieve it. In theory, your goals are attainable but that depends hugely on you. Again, you will also handle the relevance of your goals and then put in a great time frame and you are up for success.

Gather the materials needed  to facilitate the learning process

You cannot learn Spanish in 3 months without having the right materials for learning. Even if you are a genius, you will still need certain materials to be able to push your pursuit of knowledge.

To undergo this seemingly herculean task, you must as a matter of necessity, gather the needed materials for learning. Certain materials give you edge in your quest to become a fluent and accurate speaker of the Spanish language.

The first step is to understand the best way to learn for you. It is very important.

You can buy Spanish courses online, you can enroll in classes and programs, purchase other materials such as textbooks, graded readers, a dictionary, and journals for new words. All these materials will aid your learning but that will only happen if you give them the right time and attitude.

You have got to practice

Without practice, it is impossible to master anything. So, yea, you must practice and practice and practice.

This is no brainer. You must use every chance you have got to practice the art of speaking the language you are learning. You will only get better with it when you make lots of mistakes and get lots of correction.

There is no specific time for practicing. Trust me, you should do it everywhere. While eating, practice, while running; practice, when praying; practice, when you want to woo your crush; practice.

Learn Spanish

You need cultural immersion

It would have been better to take the next flight to a Spanish speaking country if you want to learn Spanish in 3 months. However, I know that your budget may not allow you to do that. Well, all hope is not lost. You can bring the Spanish speaking country to you if you can’t go to one.

This is what is referred to as cultural immersion; it is about setting up your environment to resemble the one you would have visited if you had funds. Does it sound absurd? It is doable. I will show you.

For one, you will need to become a lover (either out necessity or passion) of their music. Getting Spanish songs shouldn’t be an issue now. There are just so many of them.

Very related to music is the fact that you watch movies too. So many people learn new languages through their movies. There are Spanish movies everywhere but you can still view your favorite Hollywood and other movies in Spanish. All you will have to do is adjust your settings.

Lastly, you can take your immersion out of the house. Seek out organizations and clubs or groups that communicate in Spanish. You are advised to join one. Ever heard of a language partner? Seek out one and try meeting often so that you get chances to practice your language skill.

Technology is your friend, use it

With technology, even the impossible looks very possible. With technology, trust me; your chances of achieving our purpose will be increased. Technology can be destructive and helpful at the same time. It is up to you to know what you would want to do with it.

Just imagine the amazing things technology can do.

With your PC and your phone, everything now seems possible. You are always with your phone so you can always have time to go through one material or the other at your convenience.

More so, you can download loads of apps that can help you with mastering the language and aids your practice whenever and wherever you want.

You can access some great materials on YouTube that will aid your quest. Skype can provide you with the virtual language partner who will be thrilled to help your ass. There is SMLL (social media language learning) which can contribute to your quest to learn Spanish in 3 months.

Listen and ensure you ask questions learn Spanish in 3 months

The art of listening is a great skill but it won’t do you much good if you have no idea of what is being talked about. If you like, have ears as big as the coconut leaves, you will benefit very little if you comprehend not what is being discussed and when you don’t understand, you won’t learn Spanish in 3 months.

Therefore, you must ensure that you are able to join conversations. The question is; how would you do that?

In the first place, you must understand the importance of paying attention. Listening gives you about fifty percent or more of the Spanish language or any other foreign language. So, you should just listen attentively and forget about the next thing to say and especially, how are you going to say it. You did pick up certain things such as idioms (native ones), colloquialism, and phrasal verbs.

It will happen that there are words and phrases that you don’t understand; I want you to fear not. Do not be shy to ask someone what those words are. When you are conversing, kindly ask them to repeat those words or even explain them when you have no clue what is being talked about.

It will be nice to eat and shop in the Spanish language

When you have learnt the basis, as part of your practice, you should shop eat in the Spanish language. Remember, you want to learn Spanish in 3 months so those places where you eat and shop offer great settings to enable you become better at speaking the language.

The people at the shop might want to switch back to English or any other language that they perceive that you are more comfortable with but you have got to insist. Your accent may be poor but it doesn’t matter. You will learn a great deal from them. More importantly, it will give you a great confidence boost on your quest to learn Spanish in 3 months and you can ride it from there.

All the tricks and tips for learning Spanish in 3 months

Use mnemonics to expand your memory

You have got to be creative and calculative if you will have any chance of learning Spanish in 3 months. One of the things you can do is to work with mnemonics. Mnemonics help learners remember something. There are words that you will just commit to memory when you are repeatedly exposed to them.

However, mnemonics will help everybody, even if you have low retention ability. It will take time but it is damn effective and you can master it. It is about telling a funny story about the word or writing a short poem about it.

Undoubtedly, doing this all the time may act against the purpose so we advise that you use It is a free resource that will help you with lots of mnemonics. This link will tell you more about mnemonics if you still want to learn more.

Understand the most frequently used words first; this will help you learn Spanish in 3 months

Every language has its list of very common words. English, French, German and the rest all have frequently spoken words. Spanish is not different either. Now, if you learn those words and memorize them first, they will guide your understanding of other words and can help you learn Spanish in 3 months.

I’m going to share a statistical data. It will explain my point better. Do you know that in English, 65% of all written resources and materials are made up of just 300 words. Spanish is not far off. Here is a list of 1000 most frequent Spanish words. They were generated from words found in common Spanish movies and TV shows. They were gotten from 27.4 million words. These 1000 words make up 80-90 percent of Spanish verbal communication. Just try to master them.  

Find the means to talk to native spanish speakers

While it is okay to take language learning classes, it is not about the most effective way to learn Spanish in 3 months. The structure of the classroom means that you won’t be able to practice speaking as it regards normal, everyday spontaneous conversation.

Therefore, it is advised that you take up classes with a native. If you see someone offline, that will be great but there are so many of them online and you will be just fine. If you take one hour everyday for 3 months, you will definitely learn Spanish in 3 months. Below is the process you should undergo before talking to the natives.

You are expected to pick up the basic level of the language utilizing Duolingo. This gives you the foundation on which to build the language. After this, you should memorize that list of frequently used words we talked about and then you can get the necessary understanding of how they can work within the language. With these, you can start a conversation even if they are in the basic ways. Then, you can go ahead and talk to natives and you will finish it from there.

These experienced natives guiding you will make all the difference. Try out Accelerated Spanish by Master of Memory, for you private coaching or any other option you are comfortable with.


The above is a synthesis of tips from different people who have guided people to learn Spanish in 3 months. You will look at the one that can work for you given the budget and time you can commit to it. It is all in your hands. What I need you to know is that it is possible to learn Spanish in 3 months and so many people have done it. You can do it.

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