Kali Muscle’s life—Net worth

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Kali Muscle’s Life is quite a story. You can see why he’s called Kali Muscle just by looking at him. However, getting to know him requires more than just looking at him.

Most active bodybuilders look up to Kali Muscle, and they always aspire to look like him. You’ve come to the right site whether you’re looking for information on his biography, net worth, early life, or personal life.

Chuck “Kali Muscle” Kirkendall, 44, is an American bodybuilder, YouTuber, vlogger, actor, and social media personality who was born on February 18, 1975, in Oakland, California, under the sign of Aquarius. He became well known for his YouTube motivational videos, in which he offered tips on how to gain muscle and deal with various life issues.


He became one of the most well-known content developers in the fitness business, thanks to his frank delivery and abundance of expertise. The story of a scholarship football player who went to prison for seven years and then remade himself as a fitness hero attracted fans all over the world. Kali has exploited his outstanding figure to act in various movies and TV shows, besides gaining a following and fans.

He polished his abilities in multiple national commercials for businesses like Honda, Taco Bell, Snickers, and others before moving on to greater roles.

Kali Muscle’s life–Early life

Kali Muscle’s Life begins from the moment he was born. Kali Muscle was born on February 18, 1975, in Oakland, California, to parents who had three children. Although little information about his family is accessible, we can affirm that he hails from a poor household and was raised by his mother and stepfather.


His biological father is absent from the photograph. Nonetheless, his upbringing does not hinder him from dedicating himself to the sport and excelling at it.

He always felt different from the rest of his family as he grew up. In reality, he frequently expressed his dissatisfaction with his stepfather, who treated him differently than the rest of his siblings did.

Kali Muscle’s life

Kali discovered his interest and release in the gym when he was in his adolescent years. He made it apparent that sports were the most important thing to him. He dabbled in basketball, wrestling, and even track in middle and high school, but football was his bread and butter. Chuck succeeded in the role of running back due to his exceptional size and speed, having already started attending the gym.


His first job was at a 24-hour Nautilus, which was eventually renamed 24-hour fitness. His passion for sprinting and wrestling won him a linebacker scholarship to Fresno State University. However, tragedy struck just as he was about to take a brave move toward establishing a career for himself.

Unintentional self-shooting killed his younger sibling. Kali had just lost one of his best friends and was unsure what to do. This horrible tragedy wrecked his life and changed his perspective, which he carried with him into college at Fresno State University. He resorted to making terrible mistakes and living on the streets after falling on hard times financially.

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Life in prison


Kali Muscle’s Life includes going to prison. He began hanging around with criminals and eventually conducted crimes. When he was arrested in 2001, his aspirations of making a fortune from thefts were dashed; he couldn’t afford a skilled lawyer, so he took a plea agreement to serve 11 years in San Quentin State Prison, one of California’s most renowned prisons.

He was at an all-time low at this point in his life and turned to fitness as a kind of treatment. He was resolved not to let life pass him by, so he spent much of his time in the prison gym and library, avoiding other criminals and dealing with gangs.

Weights were removed from San Quentin State Prison in 1997 because of the safety danger they posed when inmates used them as weapons. This was a tremendous setback for Kali Muscle, as it was the only way he stayed sane during his incarceration.


The detainees tried everything they could to have the verdict overturned, including throwing oranges as a protest. Nonetheless, this failed, and the weights were not returned, as expected. Surprisingly, those experiences did not lead him to abandon Gyming, as he did not want to abandon his only kind of rehabilitation.

As a result, Kali began to gain weight rapidly. Given that he was working with limited tools, such as garbage bags and washing machines, to challenge his muscles, this was ridiculous. He also employed other detainees for exercises like squats and deadlifts. Bodybuilding, according to Kali, was his knight in shining armor, rescuing him from the rubble in which he had buried himself.

His bodybuilding endeavors in prison, however, were fraught with difficulties, as the guards and prison personnel did not like the gap he discovered. He was even detained in solitary confinement at one time.


Kali Muscle’s life—Working life

In 2010, Kali Muscle completed his term and was released. Because they aren’t used to normal life, the vast majority of former convicts wind up back in prison. Kali was aware of this tendency and decided to do everything in his ability to avoid contact with the criminal court system.

He was now confronted with the burden of rebuilding his life in a new world, employing the talents and determination he had developed while incarcerated. He understood he had to keep himself busy and focused on something to avoid robberies, gangs, and narcotics. He learned a lot about the therapeutic benefits of working out in prison, as well as the idea that every problem in life is primarily due to one’s perspective.


Kali Muscle’s life

He knew he wanted to work in the entertainment industry right away, so he flew to Los Angeles to locate his first job. He didn’t have to wait long, as he was cast in a Matthew McConaughey-directed music video for musician Jamey Johnson just two weeks after completing it.

This was the start of a pattern for Kali, as he was able to swiftly translate this into more screen roles, primarily in advertisements. He has appeared to represent companies like Geico, Snickers, Comcast, and Honda, demonstrating that he has truly turned things around.

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Aside from acting, he also competed in bodybuilding a few times. Besides previous competitions, he could win Mr California in 2012.


Kali launched his personal YouTube account on April 10, 2008, and used the motivational channel to teach his admirers how to keep in shape using no equipment. This first part of his content was inspired by his time in prison, where he was compelled to improvise to work out.

People from all over the world were attracted by his narrative and utilized his words as a catalyst for making significant life decisions, because of his intense, motivational tone and clear instructors.

Online presence 

Kali grew in popularity over time, and by 2011, he was one of the most well-known fitness YouTubers. By this time, his views had grown to millions, resulting in numerous new commercial opportunities. Fitness expos and magazines approached Kali, but instead of taking every offer, he decided to do his homework and leave nothing to chance, methodically building his brand.


While most fitness celebrities focused on marketing high-end items and doing photoshoots, Kali identified an untapped market. He based his videos on the idea that if individuals sincerely want to get healthy, they can work out any place.

You may learn a lot about creative meal planning, how to execute a muscle-up, and more by watching his channel. Kali not only gives fitness advice but also talks about mental health, and he frequently posts Q&A videos in which he helps followers address problems in their lives.

Career in Acting

There is no Kali Muscle’s Life story without talking about his acting career. Kali refused to be satisfied with just one achievement, even though YouTube had made him famous. Instead, he took advantage of his exposure and contacted several directors and producers in Los Angeles. His remarkable physique and distinct personality made him an instant success.


His initial acting experience came from commercials, where he could be seen in Honda, Geico, Taco Bell, and other national commercials. It was quite an achievement for an ex-convict with no acting experience. In 2011, he starred in “1 vs. 100” as himself, followed by appearances in “Mr. Sunshine” and “Savior.”

You may have also seen him in the music video for LMFAO’s smash hit “Sexy and I Know It.” Kali established an amazing career out of his outstanding physique and contagious personality, primarily adopting the roles of bodybuilders, bouncers, and football players in recent years’ films “Maury,” “Workaholics,” “Raising Hope,” and “The Taker.”

Writing profession

Kali is another celebrity who places a high value on giving back to the community in which he grew up. He launched the “From Ex-Con to Icon” initiative, a series of lectures, presentations, and workshops held across California, after becoming renowned. He titled his autobiography “FROM XCON TO ICON” in 2013, and he read and discussed passages with children throughout his speeches.


Private life

Dvyne Beverley, Kali’s wife, and he have an odd relationship. She’s an R&B singer who rose to prominence in the mid-2000s. Everything appeared to be going swimmingly until Kali filed for divorce in 2016. He never explained why he did it, but many people believe Helena Vlad, his current girlfriend, had something to do with it.

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Dvyne refused to admit that Kali wanted a divorce, so she ‌put off the procedure as long as she could. Helena and Kali met at a fitness fair, and she recognized him after receiving one of his films from her ex-boyfriend. The couple hit it off right away and didn’t hesitate to flaunt their affection on social media. Kali is dedicated to his girlfriend, even though they are still legally married, and they even have a YouTube channel together.


The internet

Kali is no new to this trendy trend, as his commitment to updating his social media platforms and communicating with his followers is at an all-time high. His YouTube channel, which has two million followers and 380 million views, is, of course, his bread and butter. People adore him on Instagram, as seen by his 750,000 followers. He is a little more popular on Facebook, with 2.3 million ‘likes’ on his official page. He isn’t very active on Twitter, yet he still has over 65,000 followers.

Routine Nutritional

Kali still sticks to the basics with working out, despite her status as a wealthy entrepreneur and star. He combines advanced gym activities with simple skills he picked up while incarcerated. Kali coined the phrase “Prison Workouts” to describe this unique approach to exercising. ‘You had to get huge when you were locked up because someone may attack you‌,’ explains the bodybuilder.


Prison workouts are also a mental state in which you must be focused at all times.’ Kali, interestingly, avoids supplements and overly complicated meal plans, opting instead for the same regimen he had to follow in prison. This includes a concentration on consuming as many calories as possible while also consuming plenty of vegetables, fruits, and water to balance his meal consumption.

Body dimensions

Kali Muscle stands at a height of 5ft 9in (175cm). He was able to reach 245lbs (111kg) in weight after decades of working out. His thick beard and huge dark eyes are his trademarks.

Kali Muscle’s life–Net worth 

Have you ever considered Kali Muscle’s wealth? Kali has a net worth of $5 million as of mid-2019, according to reliable sources. He accumulated this wealth by becoming a YouTube sensation and then launching his line of workout supplements.


His appearances in several films, television shows, and commercials have also added to this amazing total. Kali could add even more money to his name in the near future if he continues to work hard and establish his brand.

Kali Muscle’s life

Kali Muscle’s life is an example of finding a balance between your passions, whether they are bodybuilding or acting. This should encourage us to pursue whatever passions we have in our lives to the fullness of its potential. We should never let anything prevent us from doing what we want with our lives, and if it does, it is our responsibility to find a better for ourselves.

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