Jobs In The Russian Federation That Nigerians Can Easily Get

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There are lots of jobs in the Russian Federation that you can get as a Nigerian; all you need is the right information to guide you in your quest. The purpose of this article is to provide you with the needed information to land your dream job in the Russian Federation. Going in search of greener pastures is good, but before you do make you equip yourself with the requisite information.

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The Russian Federation

If you are reading this article, that means you are a Nigerian residing in Russian or planning on moving over to Russian. You must have a work permit in order to legally work in Russian. Russian Federation is located in Eastern Europe with Russian as the official language

Easy To Get Jobs In the Russian Federation

When you are in the Russian Federation and looking for jobs you can easily land, you should consider works in the:

  • Construction jobs
  • Agricultural sector
  • Marketing and sales jobs
  • The health sector
  • Teaching jobs
  • Hospitality jobs
  • Engineering jobs

With the requisite skill set, you can easily get any of the above listed jobs in the Russian Federation. It is very essential that you always have your CV handy at all times as an opportunity can come from places that you might least expect it. To also improve your chances at landing any of the aforementioned jobs, it is advisable that you take up a short-term volunteer gig. This helps you to build your experience in interpersonal and communication skills.


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Requirements For Working In The Russian Federation As A Nigerian

As a Nigeria going to work in The Russian Federation you will definitely need a resident permit. Before deciding to move over to Russian for a job, you must have settled everything regarding your travel documents as well as your resident permit. You cannot simply stroll into Russian in search of a job, so get the necessary things handy and in order before searching for a job.

Jobs in Russia

Why It Is Attractive To Work In The Russian Federation

With great state law reforms going on in Russian, there are potential employee benefits in Russia. You are certainly going to enjoy the top notch infrastructure in this country and lots of other benefits. Currently, it is mainly the senior employees in the Russian Federation that have access to pensions, share schemes, bonus plans, and other important healthcare perks as well.  As it stands, the Russian Federation pension system is constantly evolving. Employees in Russia pay an average of 22% of their salary into the scheme. Just like other communist countries, the state pension is around 16% which is far less than the 40% that is seen in other countries in Europe.


The Minimum Wage And Basic Salary In The Russian Federation

The minimum wage in the Russian Federation increased to 11, 163 Rub per month which is equivalent to $178.6 per month. At the moment, the minimum wage is at an all time high unlike what was seen in previous years.

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  1. I am currently a professor of weed science at the Federal University of Technology, Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria. I graduated from Moscow Agricultural Academy, Moscow in 1990. I would like to take up a teaching appointment at the Academy after my retirement from service in 2025. How do I start processing this?


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