IP Capital Trading Bot; Legit or Scam

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Disclaimer: IThey have packed up and have made away with peoples hard earned money (June 2022)

We do not have any affilataion with them either, so this is not an advert.

Intelligence prime capital is a forex broker offering Personal trading, copy trading, and AIA system trading are the three main services offered by Prime Capital, a Forex broker.

IP Capital Trading known as Intelligence Prime Capital is an International Financial Tech company that is into providing financial services to thousands of users all around the world.

It is an innovative company that is registered with FINTRAC(CA) and Financial Crimes Enforcement Network Department of the Treasury(US) as a money service business.


Listed on FiNTRAC websites, their services include:

  1. Dealing in Foreign Exchange
  2. Virtual currencies
  3. Money transferring

The company also specializes in the development and research such as leveraging AIA bots for quantitative trading.

Traders are offered AIA bots that do technical analysis and execute trade profitably for investors in all forms of trading like cryptocurrency trading, forex, oil, gold commodities etc.

You can either trade yourself or do copy trading or AIA system trading.

Types of Trading offered by IP Capital

Personal Trading:

Just like the name suggests, this is trading you can do personally, but to succeed, you will need to have a very good knowledge of trading cryptocurrency and forex. Do know that forex trading is very risky and volatile.

Copy Trading:

This is when your portfolio is synchronized with someone else, that is whenever that person decided to trade, that sade trade would be automatically placed on your account too. This form of trading is not without its own risk, but the risk here is quite minimal.

AlA Trading:

This is the main form of trading performed by this company. This works with the forex bot that they claim has 98% outstanding performance ROI during their monthly Beta testing.

IP Capital Trading Bolts are of three types namely;

  1. The Smart Bot
  2. The Brilliant Bot and
  3. The Genius Bot.

Smart Bot: to get the smart Bot, the cost price is $19.9 but because of their ongoing promo you can get the Not for $9.9 and the minimum amount needed for you to start trading on the MT4 Trading is $100 minus the bot fee.

The maximum amount is $300 and it carried one or two auto trading per day

The Estimated Monthly Return is 15%.

Brilliant Bot: The Brilliant Bot Bot is $39.9 (on sale for $19.9).

Minimum deposit $100 to the maximum amount which is$1000 in MT4 trading capital. Its auto trading is between 1 to 3 per day

The Brilliant Bot requires a total of $139.9 as a minimum deposit including the bot Fee. During this promotional period, however, you will just have to spend $119.9.

Your monthly profit is expected to be roughly 30% of your invested cash.

The Genius Bot: the genius bot goes $99.9.

$100 to No-Limit MT4 Trading Capital

The Genius Bot requires a total deposit of $199.9, however, you will just have to spend $149.9 during this promotion.

Your monthly profit should be roughly 45 per cent of your invested cash.

Is IP Capital Trading Bot Legit or Scam

They are a scam and they have packed up. They have always backed up their claims with proof and their individual and independent bodies out there with links to these claims, so from their end, it looked legit, and again they offer fixed returns on investment and that is considered too high.

But some claims are flying around that the company is Scam because there are no visible products given by the company. And yes, they have packed up, confirming its a scam

How To Register With IP Capital

Go to IP capital using your mobile phone or Pc.

Fill in all your details requested.

Check your email address to enter the OTP sent to you, so you can have your account verified

After registration, followed by KYC procedures, you will be sent an email with your MT4 Account ID, Investor and Master password to enable you easily log in.

Download the MT4 Application from the play store or the apple store

Link your IPC account to your MT4

Fund Your IPC account

Activate your Bot

Transfer your trading capital to MT4.

How To Fund Your Account

Login to your account

Navigate to your dashboard, locate the three dots by the right-hand side on your dashboard

Click on transactions

Copy the address, either USDT or Bitcoin

Head to any of the exchange platforms you use to make deposits.

Refresh your dashboard and check if the deposit has been reflected on your dashboard.

Advantages of IP Capital Trading Bot.

After getting your Bot which is very affordable for $99.9 for a lifetime depending on the package you went for, your money is safe in your account as it was not given to anybody.

With Bot trading, you do not need to have any previous trading knowledge or experience as the Bot will do the trading for you.

The whole process is automated and all the process regarding trading is done for you, including buying and selling

The interface is completely simple and very easy to navigate.

Your account is not blown by the robots

It is a very rewarding enterprise as not only cryptocurrency is traded, but Oil and Hold CFD as well, the bot will analyze the market, pair trades, it will provide you with accurate data of 97% and you will not be trading at a loss.

The bot knows the best trading decision to make because it has 16 built-in fundamental analysis systems enabling the bot to perform well in any given coverage.



The intelligent prime capital as we have been told earlier is an international Fintech company duly registered and into providing financial services to hundreds, even thousands of people around the world.

The company is known to offer both trader and investors enhanced AIA bots that do the technical and execute trades profitably in whichever coverage.

Their investments span forex, gold, commodities and cryptocurrency and the three bots offered by this company are The smart bots, the brilliant bots and the genius bot.

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7 thoughts on “IP Capital Trading Bot; Legit or Scam”

  1. This is a scam, I finally got my money back.
    I was conned into paying my hard earned money. I was able to recover my money back.

  2. I signed up with the minimum of $200 USD from my wallet. It was $99.95 for the Genius Bot and $100 in investable capital. I wanted to be sure to use the correct corporate link as i was scammed before.
    They called me back to verify my enrollment too! Good luck.


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