Illegal Gambling Games You Should Avoid


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For decades, gambling has been a popular leisure activity among adults of all ages, as it provides an interactive form of entertainment for individuals that enjoy high-stakes games. However, with gambling becoming more present in the everyday lives of people, punctual gambling laws have been adopted to avoid unfair games and cheating.

In today’s article, we will offer a detailed analysis of 3 of the most emblematic casino games which are often played against the law, either due to lack of awareness or in the attempt of achieving a certain profit that would otherwise be impossible to reach in well-established casinos.

Underground poker


The concept of underground poker refers to a type of poker game that takes place on a site that doesn’t operate under a local gambling jurisdiction. All the basic rules of poker are still viable for underground poker rounds as well.

In the UK, according to the Gambling Act released in 2005, poker games which are played for real money are mostly restricted within the grounds of licensed casinos.

It is relevant to note that poker games can still be played within private homes or other similar places without a legal license if no individual receives a percentage of people’s bets in exchange for hosting the game.

Despite its illegal claims, underground poker is believed to be widespread throughout the UK, especially in Greater London.

As for the USA, the legality of underground poker varies from one state to another, but for the vast majority, playing either for fun or money without offering a designed person a percentage of people’s bets should still be deemed legal if it takes place in private homes.

Illegal Baccarat

Illegal Baccarat mainly refers to playing Baccarat within the legal grounds of a licensed casino. The Baccarat rules are easy to comprehend, so the popularity of the game has been continuously increasing ever since it has been introduced in the West.

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In the UK, the game has been declared a game of ‘chance rather than skill’ in the 19th century, which significantly changed the course of the way Baccarat playing sessions took place.

Since then, all the Baccarat games that are played with real money must take place in an organized regulated space by the UKGC if someone receives a percentage of people’s bets.

Playing for money in private spaces owned by one of the gamblers without someone getting a cut of people’s bets is not specifically illegal, but it still falls within a grey area.

In the USA, the laws are more restrictive, as even online gambling is only legal in very few states. Hence, it is probably better to refrain from playing Baccarat for money outside a legalized ground.

Instead, you can try playing this game with your friends by using chips so you can enjoy a pleasant leisure activity without the fear of breaching the law.

Street Craps


Street Craps is a dice game in which a selected number of players place bets on the outcome of throwing a pair of dice. It is a variant of Craps which happens outside a regulated casino site. Learning how to play Sreet Craps is very accessible, for the rules are mostly self-explanatory.

The appeal of Street Craps lies in its fast-paced nature, which often disappears when it takes place within a casino. The rules for street craps are also fewer in comparison to its casino-based version. However, its legal nature is disputable, so the number of players who engage in this version of Craps has substantially decreased over the years.

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In the UK, while it is not illegal to play street craps for real money, it is not legal for any player to receive a cut of people’s bets or winnings. But being stopped during a round by a police officer or being noticed by a UKGC agent during your gameplay has discouraged many Street Craps lovers from meeting in the alleys and playing their favourite game.

In the USA, the regulations for Street Craps can vary from one state to another, but the main rule remains: no player is ever allowed to obtain a percentage of the money used in the game for organizing a Craps playing session outside a regulated legal ground.

Illegal Blackjack

Blackjack is one of the most popular gambling games out there, for its simple rules and fast-paced style appeals to several players. The game uses a 52 cards system, and several popular strategies are known to offer players higher winning chances when applied.

Technically, in the UK, as long as no player gets a percentage of people’s bets or winnings, playing Blackjack among friends shouldn’t be a problem. It is relevant to note that such endeavours must always take place within private homes, and not in public pubs or clubs.

As for the USA, the law for online Blackjack highly varies depending on the state you live in. Whilst some states have detailed regulations toward playing Blackjack outside casinos, others offer more ambiguous information. Hence, we would strongly recommend gamblers refrain from playing Blackjack outside a legalized site, for they may end up breaching the law.

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Final Thoughts

Playing games of chance among friends outside casinos is indeed a fun activity that should always be encouraged when it comes to casual play. When players decide to gamble for real money, it would be recommended for them to play within a regulated and licensed site.

Playing inside a renowned casino offers players the guarantee of safe gambling and fair results. Hence, they can enjoy countless playing sessions in a safe environment without having to worry about breaching the law.


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