How to use Apple pay at Target. Everything there is to know

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Have you been surfing the internet on how to use Apple pay at Target but can’t find a definite and explanatory answer? If yes, then this article is on the verge of solving your problem.

To begin with, Target is one of the famous American retailers with over 368,000 employees in more than 1,900 locations across the nation.

Target is known for its cheap groceries, chic clothing, electronics, jewelry, toys, furniture, lawn products, shoes, pet supplies, beauty and health supplies, etc.

Since we are now cashless society, Target had reviewed their payment options and added several payment gateways.

But it’s quite unfortunately that most of their customers are not updated on this latest development.

Does Target take Apple Pay?

Before going into the topic of discourse, it’s important to know if Target take Apple Pay in the first place.

It is common sensical that with 2,000 or thereabouts Target stores situated in the United States, people would at a point in time want to use Apple Pay.

The answer to the above question is, therefore, YES! Target take Apple pay and that’s why we’ll be discussing how to use Apple pay at Target today.

As a Target seasoned or new customer, you can use Apple Pay to make payments of goods you purchase on Target.

With over 383 million Target users worldwide, one of the most popular and convenient ways for its audience to make payment for the purchased items is through Apple pay.

Does Target accept Apple pay?

Is it safe to use Apple Pay on Target?

There is need for one to be so sure that any transaction to be made online using ones credit or debit card info is legit and not scam.

As such, you might want to know if it is safe to use Apple pay for the payment of goods or services made from Target.

On this note, be informed that it is safe to use Apple Pay at Target or anywhere else. And of course, taking all the necessary precautions is advised.

Additionally, endeavor to be sharp and at alert every time when using any payment gateway – including Apple Pay. All in all, it is totally and completely safe.

How to verify your iPhone or Apple watch for Apple Pay

To conveniently use Apple Pay at Target, there is a need for you to firstly verify that you set up Apple Pay on your iPhone or Apple Watch device.

In other to do this, you need to add a credit or debit card to your Apple Pay Wallet app on your iPhone device.

In case you will be adding a credit or debit card to your existing Apple checking account, just click on the + sign in the wallet app.

After that, you’ll take a photo of the debit or credit card you want to use or better still, you can manually enter the card details in Apple pay.

Once your card has been connected to your Apple Pay app Wallet, using it at Target as your medium of payment for the purchased items will be easier.

Having verified your device for Apple pay, the next thing to learn now is how to use Apple pay at Target.

How to Use Apple Pay at Target

To use Apple pay at Target as your means of payment for the items you purchased, you need to do the following.

But before then, it’s very important you verify your device with Apple Pay first before you can enjoy the service with Target.

To verify your iPhone or Apple watch, kindly follow the step below:

1) Double click on your home button

In a bid to use Apple pay at Target, there is a need for you to double-click the button placed on the outer right edge of your iPhone.

That is the same button you normally used to turn on and off your phone’s screen. Just double tap it.

If done correctly, you will receive a pop up display of your Apple Wallet which will open automatically with an image of the card you added to the Wallet.

2) Make use of the Payment Terminal

Once your Apple Wallet is opened, you need to make use of the payment terminal or card reader as the case may be to pay for the items you bought on Target.

To do this, you are obliged to hold your iPhone device — with the Apple Wallet open — over the card reader a bit far away from the card reader/payment terminal.

When done correctly, the payment will be processed automatically and the payment will be charged from the card associated with your Apple Wallet.

Does Apple pay charge for using Apple Pay at Target Store?

You may want to know if there is any charges to be deducted by Apple pay for using their service at a Target store.

Hence, you must understand that there is no any charges for using Apple Pay as a means of payment at Target or any online or offline store.

In case you are being charged, then the charges is coming from the bank and not Apple Pay. You might have to visit your bank for further inquiries.

Can Apple Pay be used on the Target website?

The answer is YES! At your own discretion, you can use Apple Pay to purchase goods from the Target website conveniently.

However, for you to do this, you are obliged to use an Apple device like iPhone or iPad, and when visiting the Target website, endeavor to use Safari browser.

On the contrary, using Google Chrome or other browser to visit Target’s website will not be successful as the option to check out with Apple Pay will not be available.


From the foregoing, it is obvious that Target take Apple pay. That is to say, you can use Apple Pay to make payment at Target store.

No only that, we let you know that using the Wallet in Target is secure and safe, and all the necessary steps needed on how to use Apple pay at Target have been explained.

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