How to Start a lipstick line and break into the cosmetic Industry


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How to Start a lipstick line

Few people can do without using lip gloss, lipstick, or lip balm every day, and that ensures the continuity of good sales for lipstick line owners.

Starting with any niche in the cosmetic industry tends to come with a high cost, but if you don’t plan to start on a large scale, you don’t have to break the bank to start your own lipstick line.

The best environment to market your Lipstick Line is the social media outlets, and the means you will have to learn a little of copywriting, which is a way of writing adverts that convert and generate sales for you.

However, if you don’t want it to be an online avenue, you could target your neighborhood instead.

Apart from Lipsticks, you could also produce lip gloss in cold weather conditions, winter, rainy seasons. You’re sure to generate more income like that.

However, you must understand that the Lipstick Line business is full of pure hard work, consistency, and diligence.

You will compete with brands, so you have to make your products most presentable, original, and cheaper.

It is lucky that 75% of people buying lipsticks do not check the brand name or exquisiteness of the product, so the only thing that may hinder your sales is if your products do not look presentable enough.

How to Start a lipstick line and break into the cosmetic Industry

Starting a Lipstick Line Step-by-step guide

Starting your own Lipstick Line is not so easy but with the right amount of knowledge, it could be.

Step 1- Draft a Business Plan

In starting any business, after conceiving the business idea, the most important thing to do first is to document your business idea.

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Write down the amount of capital you have, how you plan to name your brand, where are you going to use as your base, and so on.


Step 2- Gather Information

The next step is to ask your friends or neighbors who are in the cosmetic industry, or even in the Lipstick Line business, how best to do your business, whether to produce the Lipstick products yourself or hire someone to produce them. Remember to document your information.

Step 3- Draft a Plan for your Lipstick Line

According to the information you would have gotten from people who are in the cosmetic industry or own a Lipstick Line, they should make an outline of how your Lipstick Line is going to work, the production days, the capital you may need, and whatever you need to know. Remember to document this too.

Step 4- Start Executing your Draft

The next step is to execute the drafted plan for your Lipstick Line, starting with creating a unique name for your Lipstick Line. Choosing a name shouldn’t have to be a problem at all but make sure the brand name is not too long.

It should be a short name like Bell Line, Luna, and so on. Your full name doesn’t have to be your brand name.

After deciding on a name for your Lipstick brand, you should create a unique logo for your business identity (Remember that your products have to be branded and presentable).

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Make sure that the logo is simple and indicates what your brand does and the name. Check for the logos of other popular brands.

Step 5- Publicizing your Lipstick Line

After creating the brand name and logo, you start preparing to publicize, you could print a flex banner, pay for flyers designed by expert Graphics Designers who have knowledge of Copywriting, you may also have to pay for little ads, and remember that your own product must be cheaper than that of popular brands.

Step 6- Test-run your product

You may choose to produce the Lipstick yourself or purchase from someone who would do that (This may be better and easier).

You may have to discuss with the person to make your own product unique, especially flavored, and exceptionally original. This is because your Lipstick Line is a brand and has to be unique.

After the Lipstick products are produced (In small quantities for Test-run), you can go to purchase cases and print them with your brand name, it will be better if the cases are specially designed too.

Fill the cases with the little quantities you produced and use them yourself, share to neighbors, relatives, and friends to get their reviews.

Step 7- Improve your Lipstick product

After listening to reviews from the neighbors, friends, and relatives you gifted the products to, you should meet your producer to discuss how to improve your Lipstick Line products, based on user reviews.

Improve your Lipstick product

Step 8- Kickstart your Business

After making improvements on your products, try to document all that you’ve learned in the experience of the test run, and make a plan on how you will run your Lipstick Line business for six months. Follow your plan strictly unless you “must” adjust.

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This is to avoid borrowing money to introduce unnecessary projects.

Step 9- Run Adverts for your Lipstick Line

Now is the time to make a lot of noise about your Lipstick Line. Run Adverts on the Internet, Social Media outlets, print banners, if you have enough money, give your Lipstick Line products to 20 LUCKY PEOPLE FOR FREE.

This should be printed on your banner, include the price of your products so as to persuade prospective customers.

When you start a Lipstick Line, remember that the money will come later, and you just have to attract customers.

Conclusion- Starting a Lipstick Line

Your Lipstick Line business would produce not only Lipstick’s but also Lip Balm, Lip Gloss, Lip Liner, and Lip stains.

It is advisable to consider the best weather conditions to produce each product, an example is Lip Gloss.

Eighty percent of people only use a Lip Gloss in the Winter and rainy season, hence, that should be your season of production for Lip Gloss. This would also help to minimize the amount you have to spend on production.

Remember that you’re in a business that is sure to survive if you work hard enough.


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