How To Sell Your House In 5 Days Without Professional Help

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A good way to turn life’s lemon into a sweet pitcher of lemonade is moving into your next adventure, which could come as a result of selling your house.

Regardless of what could be going on in the world, selling your house will always be a big deal. This comes as a result of several years you’ve spent in the house, the event and memories you’ve acquired in the house, the money and effort invested in the house, just to make it a special place to live in. However, if selling the house is the right thing, for the family and you, then it’s worth selling.

Furthermore, if you are fully ready to take steps, be prepared and learn how to do it smartly. In this guide, you will learn and fully understand how to sell your house in five days, without professional help.



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The Easiest Guide On How To Sell Your House

How to sell your house without a realtor doesn’t need to be a stressful experience, however, it could be a big transition to make. The below are easy steps, to put you through how to sell your house.

Find A Stellar Real Estate Agent

There are thousands of real estate agents out there. This should let you understand that you don’t just need an agent. A good agent is needed if you want your property to be sold at the right price

You need to find a competent agent that will be able to sell your house fast, negotiate a deal, and super-serve you.

Don’t be tempted to hand over your house to a house agent that is your friend, church friend, or relative, rather, hand it over to a professional, that will be able to sell your house in a short period at a good price.



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Your house will be given a much social media presence needed, via the (MLS) Multiple Listings Service to enable potential buyers to see it. In addition to this, it’s the duty of a real house agent, to devise strategies to ensure that the house is exposed to targeted thousands of buyers.

Price Your Home To Sell

Before putting your house for sale, you need to think objectively about your house’s worth. This is because buyers will only offer what your house worth.

Considering the fact that you’ve spent quite a several years in that house, this could cloud your judgment, for this purpose, to need to set aside the memories you’ve made from the house. You can ask people about how much your house could worth, before attaching a prize to it.



A more reliable way to determine your house’s worth is to discuss with a real house agent, to run (CMA) Comparative Market Analysis, this report will compare your house with previous ones that are similar to yours, and give you a prize idea. This will want you to predict an accurate price of what your house could worth.

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Set A Home Selling Timeline

Have a to-do list on when you want to list your house for sale. This can

This can be adjusted to your schedule.

  • Quick one: Take your time to look out for a professional real house agent, who has a good record, to showcase that he’s capable of selling your house.
  • Outline A Plan: Discuss with your agent, how you want the house to be sold, and the things necessary for you to do.
  • Declutter: Items that won’t be needed in the house should be discarded appropriately.

2-3 Months Before Putting Your House For Sale



  • Get Service Of A Professional Home Inspector: A home inspector will be able to detect early issues that can have a negative impact on the home-selling process, and wreck the whole deal. This will surely enable you to fix things on time.
  • Tackle Repairs: Discuss with your agent, where it’s most important for you to fix in the house, and tackle the repairs.

1-2 Months Before Putting Your House For Sale

  • Set The Stage: Make your looks as beautiful as it can, which can make the buyer imagine it, as their new home.

How To Sell Your House Without A Realtor

Most Americans love to adopt the traditional method, while selling their house, which involves listing the house they want to sell, with a realtor or a real house agent. A house agent will take up the responsibility to put the house on the market for sale. In this article, we shall walk you through a stepwise process on how to sell your house and also how to sell your house without a realtor.




Who is a realtor? A realtor can be referred to as a licensed real house agent salesperson. Handling your property to a house agent or realtor to put it in the market for sale, maybe time-consuming before you get the house sold. In this guide, we shall provide ways on how to sell your house without a realtor.

There are tons of ways by which you can sell your house at the right price, these ways are fast and efficient, in addition to this, there are no fees attached, and no commission fee.


Online platforms are a great way to sell your property. With the advancement of technology, and the digital age we are. You can find lots of investors online, who may be willing to buy the house.

Local Advertisement

Another great and effective way to sell your house is via local Advertisement. By reading those newspaper or classified ads, you may find a local investor, who may be interested in buying your house.



Local Authorities

As a last option, you can contact your local Authorities or Government, if they are interested In your house, as they can use It to complete their project.


We’ve taken our time to analyze how to sell your house most efficiently, within a short period in this article. Kindly show some love, and share with others.

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