How to secure computers from viruses and hackers


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Did you know that a Cyber attack is more likely to bring down an F-35 fighter jet than missiles? This is according to information published by Interesting Engineering in 2021. The hacking community is growing rapidly and they pose a huge threat to our entire digital landscape.

They pose a great deal of threat to our society and even after spending millions of dollars, we are not able to protect our data fully. Every single year, we are losing millions of dollars due to organized attacks from cybercriminals.

Does that mean, we can no longer protect our smart devices from hackers? The obvious answer is NO. Just by following some simple steps, we can easily make things much more difficult for the hacker community.

In this article, we are going to discuss some amazing techniques by which we can secure computers from viruses and hackers. Let’s get into the details.


1. Always use updated software

Most people tend to ignore the importance of using updated software. If we keep on using old software, the hackers will use the bugs and get into our system. The developers always release new updates for their software as it contains the latest security patches.

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So, if you don’t update the software, you are not going to get the latest security patch. Learn more about the importance of regular software updates and you will no longer stick to the older version of any software. In fact, by updating your software, you are going to enjoy many amazing features.

2. Avoid using crack software

Some people might be thinking that updating the software is no longer an option for them as they are using crack software. Using the cracked version of any software is another key reason for which people become victims of hackers. In most cases, the cracking tool which is being used is developed by hackers. So, you are infecting your PC with a malicious program.

3. Learn to use VPNs

To protect your identity, you should always use a VPN. The moment you start using the VPN in the network is the very moment you will hide your identity from the hackers. If you are on a tight budget, using free VPN is a good choice. You might be thinking that you don’t have to use the VPN as you always browse through reliable sites.

But don’t you think that reliable sites are often hacked? At times, you might end up on phishing sites and give critical information. Once you do that, you are going to lose all the money. To avoid such problems, learn to browse the internet by hiding your identity.

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4. Start using a complex password

Most smart people protect themselves from hackers by using complex passwords. It would help if you were not using too simple a password in any online place since a simple brute force attack can cost your account.

Learn to use a complex password and change it every one or two months. Even after using the complex password, you are not safe. You need to turn on two-factor authentication as it will make things much more difficult for the hacker community.

Some of you might have trouble memorizing complex passwords. To deal with such problems, we can easily use the password manager. Google provides us free password manager and we don’t have to spend a penny to get such a fantastic service.

5. Avoid the spam mail

You need to have the skills to identify spam mail. In most cases, the spam mail contains malicious links which can infect your computer. If you see such spam emails, you should delete them without even opening them. At times, there are invisible links hidden inside the email. Even if you click on a space in the body of the email, your computer might get infected.

6. Use a secure network

You should never use an insecure network to access the internet. Those who rely on public Wi-Fi often lose their credit card information to the hacker community. Try simplifying your things by accessing the internet on a secured network.

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If you intend to use the internet outside of your home or workspace, try using mobile data. Turn on your VPN and add an extra layer of security when you are outside of your home. You can keep the VPN on 24×7 to improve your online security tremendously.


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