How to Protect Your Phone from Being Tracked


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If you still didn’t know about it, your phone is spying on you. Unfortunately, this is a flip side of rapid technological progress. You may believe it or not. However, you probably could notice different ads popping up on Google, Facebook, or Instagram after you discussed those goods on the phone. The information collected is a treasure for marketers and advertisers.

Phone Tracking

Your privacy matters though and this is what this post is created for. If you want to know how to prevent someone from tracking your cell phone and how to, actually, find out that someone is spying on you, keep reading until the end.

How Do You Know Your Phone is Being Tracked?

Normally, the correct work of your cell phone depends on the connection to the cellular towers. You are connected to the nearest tower. But how do you know when your phone is being tracked knowing this information?

If there is a moving or private tower, you are, most likely, tracked. To check it, install the Netmonitor utility on your phone and complete the following steps:

  • Enter *#*#4636#*#* on your iPhone or *#*#197328640#*#* for Android
  • UMTS Cell Environment — UMTS RR info — Save Cell ID
  • Menu — MM info — Serving PLMN — Local Area Code (LAC) values
  • Download the Opencellid site
  • Enter the saved values
  • See towers you are connected to

How Can I Prevent My Phone from Being Tracked?

Your privacy is crucial. It is sometimes quite annoying to notice different disruptions in the operation of your phone. If you find out you are being tracked or just suspect it and want to prevent your phone from spies, check the following tips and do it at ease.

Disable location services

Turning off your location services is the number one step. Here are the steps to do it.

On iPhone:

  • Settings
  • Privacy
  • Location Services
  • Turn location services off

On Android

  • Settings
  • Security and location
  • Google location settings
  • Switch off the toggler for every account (if more than one)


You browse the Internet on your phone daily. Using a VPN server address will keep you safe while doing it. A VeePN helps hide your IP address and stay incognito for web browsers. The best VPN servers will hide your data and won’t let any third parties collect them. If you are not sure whether it is efficient, you can always use a free trial and make sure you need it.

You can even download a free private browser instead of using your current one. Such browsers like Chrome track everything and everyone. A VPN that stands for a virtual private network will list servers and you will be able to pick one of them. Choose the country you like, you can connect to any server and any location.

The trackers will find it very difficult to see where your traffic comes from. You should use it, especially when being connected to public Wi-Fi where your data is not protected at all. Hiding your online activity is the main purpose of VPN and it does this job perfectly well. However, this is not the main reason for using it.

Your Internet provider will also not be able to track your data. It sells the data collected to advertisers and marketing companies. This is how you get all that annoying ads on your phone and social media. When using different apps and services, you also risk disclosing your personal data. VPN protects you from this. Moreover, it protects your data from the government.

How to Protect Your Phone from Being Tracked

Switch on Airplay Mode

It is another very simple but very efficient way of protecting your privacy and limiting those who track your activity. This action limits cellular activities, location services, and Wi-Fi on your smartphone. To do it on your iOS or Android device, do the following:

  • Settings
  • Airplane Mode
  • Turn On

That’s it. Everything is very easy but very helpful.

Turn off Bluetooth

No, this time you should not switch it on but vice versa. Bluetooth services are a very good way to track your phone and your activity. Just go to Bluetooth and turn it off. Everyone knows how and where to do it on his phone or tablet in just one click.

Use a Faraday Bag

This is a very efficient way to block all signals on your smartphone. It will not allow your phone to connect to any satellites and cellular towers, as well as prevent it from being tracked.

Unfortunately, this method is not free, unlike all others. Others will not be able to track your location either. However, this option has one very big shortcoming. While using it, you cannot receive any SMS or incoming calls. This is a way to stay totally incognito if you really need it.

Remove the battery

Although it seems to be quite a radical method, it is yet very effective. Of course, don’t forget to shut off your device first. When you do it, it stops connecting to all towers. If you think someone is tracking you, just turn your phone off and remove the battery. It will help you protect yourself from the government, marketers, and even your neighbors spying on you through your open window.

This way is great while traveling. You do not allow your phone to be connected to cellular towers and thus, do not allow anyone to track you in the range. Once again, it is good when you don’t need to receive any calls and are on your way to the airport, etc. Disabling your GPS radio would also be helpful.

Being tracked on your phone is not a big deal nowadays, so you should take care of your privacy yourself. Use one of these options. Sometimes, they work best when applied in a team.


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