How To Pack Wine While Travelling Outdoor?

Those lovely crushed suits, fancy lingerie, perfumes, handbags, etc., look common in a suitcase. Carrying a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon in a travel bag may not be a regular feature. Lugging priceless liqueurs is occasion-based or for self-satisfaction, not a daily tea-coffee purchase. While a regular vineyard visitor may be a frequent customer, the real-time challenge lies in safely carrying wines for home.

The transportation cost of wines does not cost a fortune. Good packing can make a world of difference in carrying a French origin Malbec or precious spirits without draining the pocket. So, when you start feeling proud of the wine labels you will be carrying, start thinking about how to make the wine carton land safe and sound. Here are some packing tips that will be of immense help to you.

Wine Suitcase

These are specialist suitcases designed for packing wine bottles for air travel. They are cost-friendly in case you travel more often with your wine. It also comes of help when the vineyard doesn’t have a wine shipping service to deliver the label you picked. 

VinGardeValise wine suitcase provides a safe journey for your favorite liqueur brands. It can carry up to 12 bottles of 750 ml each and personal belongings, too, if you remove the six removable inserts. Made of 100% polycarbonate shell and Hinomoto wheels, it is easy to maneuver.

Wine Tote Bag

Now, this is a sturdy and robust wine bag that spells convenience and style. It usually accommodates one or two wine bottles and seals securely at the top, not the sides. The handle is a valuable asset for carrying wine with you in the vineyard after the purchase. It also protects wine bottles in checked luggage.  

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The BUILT NY 2 – Bottle is a fantastic gift for the host. It protects bottles from breaking during travel and is made from stretchy neoprene. Soft-grip handles and Velcro closures keep the wine bottles comfortably secure.        

Wine Bottle Travel Protector

Fear your wine cork spilling the liqueur onto your clothes? Get yourself a specialist wine protector to pack wine in checked luggage or backpack.

The inflatable wine sleeves are a secure way of carrying fragile items such as wine bottles in your suitcase without running the breakage risk. The wine bottle protectors come with a free air pump and usage instructions to inflate the wine holder with air. Made of high-quality Polyurethane, they are reusable to protect the wine bottles and glass. Up to 1 liter of bulky bottles can fit in this wine bottle protective bag. The motto is simple – no breakage, no spills, no worries!

Clothes for Wine Bottle Protection

Items of clothing are a tried and tested method travelers worldwide use to pack their wine bottles in luggage. Use your shirts or heavy-size garments as a wrap around the wine bottle. Then place it inside your bag, away from any hard items. The clothes provide enough padding support to your wine from any smashing incident.

Clothes wrapping is a low-cost option that many people take to cart their wine anywhere across the world safely. It is a conventional way and an excellent alternative to packing wine with modern methods. As for the clothing material for wine bottles, a jersey dress is a good option over a thin vest. Use weighty clothes, not featherweight dresses, to pack the bottle.

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Wines in Wood Packaging

Sturdy-looking cardboards are a standard option in carting wine bottles. Foam padding gives them security and strength. But there is a new packaging option for discerning drinkers.  

Wooden bottles are the new find for wine and whiskey drinkers. No bottle size is too large for a custom-made wooden box for wine. Wood is a stable and durable option to carry wine containers.       

Extra Notes

A word of advice for your wines at the airport. Write all the information on the cargo box containing your wines with your flight details and contact number. When you show up at the check-in, pay extra baggage fees since wines and liqueurs are not counted as usual luggage.   

Some airlines check-in your wine luggage for free. Alaska Airlines Wine Flies Free program gets the wine traveler the benefit of taking 12 bottles for free while departing from 29 airports in places like Washington, California, and more such wine regions. Make sure to ask about such loyalty perks with the airline you are traveling before flying or while reaching the destination.


As you read, it needs intelligence and utmost care to take a bottle of precious Irish whiskey from one destination to another. When you are flying with wine, first find out how many bottles you wish to transport. Then, decide on the wine packing option. Wine packing is easy. If it is the first time for you, then take the help of an experienced hand in the family or friend circle. The routine habit of taking your wine to the destination safely will bite your fear and make you feel more confident in this task.

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