How to Pack an Essentials Bag For Your Relocation?

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The fact of the matter is that regardless of how prepared you are or how good of a moving company you hire for your relocation, something can go wrong. You might not be able to access your belongings for a few days. So you will have to live with only the items you have with you. Therefore, it is imperative that you pack an essentials bag for your move. It needs to contain everything you might need to continue living in relative comfort.

The importance of that bag is almost as important as finding a cheap way to get to your new place. Therefore, if you want to freely explore the most affordable travel arrangements without inflating the price, Atlantic Ride is where you can do just that! We will ensure that you get the best out of your relocation by enabling you to spend less money on travel! And with that one worry off your shoulders, you will not accidentally forget other critical things, such as your essentials bag and what you need to place in it.


What is an essentials bag, and how to prepare it for the relocation?

To begin with, an “essentials” bag is a container that will hold all your valuables, as well as daily necessities. These include payment options, entertainment devices, medications, etc. Basically, if you can’t see yourself living without a particular item, even for a day or two, it needs to be in the bag. That way, even if you are left only with the contents of the bag with you, you will be able to maintain a relatively normal routine.

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What are the things you should pack in your essentials bag?

Here are some of the more important items that need to find their way inside the essentials bag:

  • Important documents and papers
  • Wallet and keys
  • Electronics
  • Necessary medications
  • Toiletries

You might want to include a change of clothes, as well. That way, even if your original clothing gets dirty, you have a set ready to go. Don’t go overboard, though, as clothes can take up much of the space.

Important documents and papers

Firstly, you will want to gather all the necessary documents and paperwork before you leave your old home. As some of these papers can be hard to obtain, you might want to set aside some time before relocating. It is always a good idea to start early. Furthermore, if you want to get your house ready for sale, you will need to have your documents at hand. You never know when an opportunity might come knocking. The best place to keep these papers is the essentials bag. If you have your documents there, they will be within easy reach, and you will never lose track of them.

Pack an Essentials Bag - start with the documents

Wallet and keys

You never want to have your keys and wallet far from your immediate reach. As you will always have your essentials bag with you, it is the perfect place for them. Also, if you want to relocate hassle-free across the country, you will need easy access to payment options. These are the essential items to your life, and they need to be in a corresponding bag.


Next up, we have electronic devices to consider. Now, it is evident that you can’t simply put them all inside the bag and expect to have much space left for other things. You are going to need to create a balance between necessity and luxury. Your phone and laptop are the prime candidates for the bag, but your desktop is not. It might be possible that you are so used to having an electronic device nearby that you can’t imagine living even a couple of hours without it. In that case, it definitely needs to be in the bag, if anyhow possible. But it is important to consider whether it is necessary. We are tied to our electronics, but we can manage perfectly fine without them if the need arises.

electronic devices on a table

Necessary medications

Whatever you do, you need to pack all of your regular medications in the essentials bag. While you may be able to procure them easily wherever you end up, it might not be guaranteed. And you can’t really afford to be in a situation where you can’t get access to the meds you need. Therefore, make it your first priority to pack them inside the bag that will be with you at all times. Priorities are a tricky thing and are often endangered by temptations. So, while it may be tempting to look into the most iconic bars in Manhattan first and leave the packing for later, that is the wrong choice. Pack first, indulge later. That is the right way.


Lastly, when you pack an essentials bag, you need to include all the necessary toiletries. You never know what the situation will be when you arrive at your new home, and will you be able to purchase these items straight away. They don’t take up too much space and will make your life a lot easier. Even if you arrive at your new home without a hitch, it is much better to be able to take a shower, brush your teeth, etc., without needing to unpack or go to the store. And if you do end up in an unfortunate situation, having your toiletries with you can be a literal lifesaver!

toiletries on a table
A bit of soap, a brush or two, and anything else you might need!

Prepare an essentials bag for every family member

Lastly, you will not be packing a singular bag if you are traveling with a family. Every member needs to have their own, separate bag packed and ready to go. Therefore, you will need to pack an essentials bag for every member of the family. Besides, everyone has their own unique set of priorities, and the contents of the bag might differ wildly from one family member to another. By communicating and coordinating, you may be able to fit in many more essential items!

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