How to make tan paint (tan paint colour combination)

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What do you do when you can’t get your desired paint? You make one. Then, I’ll be teaching you how to make tan paint where you can’t find one.

But before then, you must note that in acrylic painting, Tan is one of the lively colours. So if you need tan paint colour combination, you’re at the right place.

Informatively, Tan paint is often used to produce colour for doing a lot of things we see every day.

It is used for making items like skin tones, hair, ground, wood, chocolate, trees, chocolates, etc.

How then can you make tan colour where you cannot get one? The definite and precise answer to this question is what this article tends to provide.


Tan paint colour combination

When it comes to tan paint colour combination, you’ll come to the realization that mixing tan colour is absolutely an easy process in acrylic paint.

In fact, beginners can mix it without any problem. While there are many ways or methods on how to make tan paint, method to be explained here is the easiest.

Reason being that most of the ingredients required are easy to find. Plus, it gives room for customization depending on what you imagined while mixing.

Ingredients for making tan paint

Below are, however, the necessary ingredients you need to have in your possession while making tan paint;

  • Red paint;
  • Yellow paint;
  • Blue paint;
  • White acrylic paint;
  • A palette;
  • A paintbrush;
  • A knife;
  • Clear paper to test the paint mixing;
  • A piece of cloth for cleaning; and
  • Water (to clean the brush).

Steps to follow on how to make tan paint


Having got all the necessary ingredients ready, the following are the steps to be taken on how to make tan colour.

Step 1: Set up the palette.

The number one thing to do on how to make tan colour is to firstly set up the palette.

There, kindly pour all of the acrylic colours i.e red, yellow, blue, and white in the same quantity, shape, amount, etc.

And make sure to have a wide space between every single dollop of colours you drop.

Step 2: Mix all the primary colours.

Now, gently put all the primary colours in the same amount and portion all together. Then, mix them together to you get a complicated solution.

After that, combine yellow-red colour together with blue colour and use your knife to gently mix them together for a short period.


Then, the mixture will change from the three different colours mixed in the first place into muddy-like mixture until it turns brown.

Step 3: Addition of white colour

Here, after you must have added the primary colours and the mixture have turns brown, all you need to do is to add a bit of white colour into the same mixture.

Mind you; the white colour to be added could be smaller in amount and quantity than that of the primary colours you used in making brown.

Be vigilant and endeavor that your mixture is not getting too much lighter. Plus, the white colour you added will make it look a little brighter.

That is to say, if the mixture is brighter after adding the white, then the result you will get at the end will be much more perfect.


Step 4: Test it

This is the final step and this is where you will have to test the tan paint you’ve just made.

The result or colour you have before you now is the very basic, appealing, and beautiful tan colour that you want to produce.

So test the tan paint you just create and see for yourself if it is good enough. You are having a beautiful feeling that it’ll be alright, isn’t it?

Take your paintbrush and use it to take out a bit of the mixture and draw or write anything on a paper. Check it out if it is good enough for your demand.

If doesn’t suit your taste or demand, don’t worry, there are few ways or methods to change the tan colour a little bit to what your desired.


In an instance where you don’t enjoy the outcome of the tan paint that you made, do any of the following:

How to make a lighter tan paint

If the outcome of your tan colour productions is too heavy where you like it light and soft, just put additional white colour.

Where you still don’t get the desired result, add more white again until it is light enough for you.

How to make a warmer tan colour

Warmer tan looks perfect on woods, bricks, and trees. So all you have to do to get this desired outcome is to add more yellow or red colour.

If tan is still not as warmer as you wanted, add more red or yellow till it is good. Where the red or yellow is overused, put blue colour to cool it down.


How to make cooler tan

More so, a cooler tan colour works perfectly well if you’re going to make a dark hair, fur, wood, etc.

So where the out of your tan paint colour combination is tool dull or warm and you need to make it cooler, add some blue paint until you get your desired cool paint.

How to make darker tan

If in the course of your painting you will be creating hair, twilight pictures or dark woods, the best thing to use is darker tan.

By using black colour you can make a darker tan but the painting result may look a little too muddy.

Hence, it is advisable you measure the black colour and mix it with the right amount.


A dark tan is, therefore, the combination of many colours to produce a deep dark tan colour effects.


The above discussed are the steps on how to make tan paint without any stress together with tan paint colour combination.

Just see the tan colour combinations discussed as a bonus in case the outcome of the tan colours you made isn’t good enough for your purpose.

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