How to Make Money on Instagram

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Did you know that you can make money on Instagram?

Instagram is a largely populated social media platform and its’ users keep growing daily. There are many reasons people get on Instagram, ranging from entertainment, getting updates, growing followers, socializing, etc. Whatever the reason is, is based on individual interest.

However, Instagram has many opportunities that its’ users can benefit from. People have also asked questions like “can I make money on Instagram?”, “does Instagram pay” etc. has been all over the internet. Below are the answers to the questions.

Get More out of Instagram Right Now

Does Instagram pays?

The answer is “yes” and “No”. Instagram does not pay any of its users, for using Instagram, but you can earn money using Instagram.

This brings me to your next question, can you make money on Instagram?


Can I make money on Instagram?

Yes, you can make money on Instagram through different methods. These Instagram influencers who have thousands of followers earn money on Instagram. Accounts like instablog make money on Instagram.

Below are ways you can make money on Instagram and a step by step guide to put you through.

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Ways to make money on Instagram

1. As an influencer:

Influencers are people (internet users) that try influencing people (majorly their audience) to take certain actions; ranging from buying a product, a service, patronize a brand etc. in return they are paid for their influence based on the agreement they earlier had with the owner of the brand/product which they just recommended their audience to patronize. Instagram as a social media platform permits the use of different media materials such as images, videos etc. and this can be used to promote brands and products.


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Brands of different categories e.g. fashion, health and fitness, Information communication and technologies, consumables etc. easily work well with influencer marketing on social media platforms like Instagram.

To make money on Instagram as an influencer, it is good and would be of advantage if you have good number of followers, as this will help to reach out to many people, and also will make big brands and organisations partner with you.

Making money on instagram

 As an influencer, you earn in different ways such as:

  1. As an affiliate marketer:  earning on Instagram as an affiliate marker is quite similar to influencer marketing, you sign up with a brand and you are given a unique link to promote the brands product. In affiliate marketing, you earn based on the number of leads/sales you are able to make.
  2. Through sponsored post: an influencer, you can earn through Instagram by putting up sponsored post in form of an advert to your audience and you will be paid in return. Earning through sponsored post is great when you have a desirable number of audience coupled with consistency and posting valuable contents.
  3. As a brand ambassador: earning as a brand ambassador is possible as well on Instagram. This is strictly to people with great influence on Instagram. Once a bran sees you command great influence on Instagram, they will be interested in making you their brand ambassador. So to make money as a brand ambassador on Instagram, you must position yourself well and be adequately equipped with the requirements. Being in a specific niche helps as well.
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2. As an entrepreneur:


Earning as an entrepreneur on Instagram has also been made easy. We are in a generation where as a business you can’t afford to miss out on the benefits of social media platforms such as Instagram. Either you manufacture products, or you renders certain services, you can easily reach out to people all over the world with the help of Instagram as it offers a personal account, business account and a professional account. With utilization of the tools combined with other features on Instagram, you can easily pitch to your customers and add a call to action button which enables them to contact you and take action even while you are offline.

As an entrepreneur trying to make money on Instagram, it is not a must you have your own ready-made products. You can sell other peoples product by buying from the manufacturer (i.e. as a wholesaler), open an ecommerce store, promote it and sell on Instagram to retailers and final consumers.


3. As a freelancer

As a freelancer, you are not restricted to freelance platforms, you can as well make money on Instagram selling your skills. As a writer, you can help influencers write great contents for their page posts. You can as well help brands with sales copy, product description etc. while as a graphics designer, you can help people not just influencers and brands to design a graphics for their post etc.

Regardless of the service you render as a freelancer, you can meet with clients to patronize you for their daily activities and other tasks they need help with.

ways you can Use Instagram to make money

4. As a social media manager.

Social media managers are people that helps celebrities, brands, political tycoons and other individuals manage their social media pages, groups and handles. You can help them manage their pages or handles effectively to meet their needs while they focus on other vital activities and get paid to do so. 


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5. Teaching people about Instagram marketing.

Many people have an account Instagram but they don’t know how to use it effectively to attain their goals. Being a social media expert, you can teach them how to use Instagram effectively and profitably while you charge them certain amount to teach them.

6. Selling information products

Do you have a skill you have acquired long ago or of recent and you are an expert in the skill.  Here is how you can make money on Instagram teaching people the skill.

Convert the skill into an information product, in any format of your choice and sell it to Instagram users.

You can as well earn on other peoples information products by getting license to resell them.


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