How to make money as a content writer with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Nigeria

I will show you, how to make money online as a writer, and you don’t even need to know how to write. In fact, what we will be showing you is the art of using artificial intelligence to write articles that look like this one. Yes, this page was written by an AI.

Over the years, we have employed the services of numerous writers and other professionals and what we have noticed is that writers are scarce. In fact, we are currently looking for writers we will hire.

So we have decided to create this course to train a few people, 50 persons to be exact on how you can turn “writing” into a full-fledged business and make thousands of naira monthly with minimal work.

Disclaimer: And when you finish this course, we just might hire you.

Information is power. You’d only think this is not true because you don’t have the wealth of information we have. Speaking from a buyer’s perspective, I know what I want from a writer. So I know what I am saying when I say I will teach you in a few hours how to be a writer that I can hire.

After you take the course and are ready to do the work, use the script on us properly, and I am convinced we will hire you. Why? Because there is a shortage of good writers and even the ones who know about AI writing don’t even know how to use it like a professional.

Not convinced yet? Check the course description below.

Course description

In this course, we will show you how to use AI to write perfect content that your clients will like and keep buying. The AI will do 95% of the work while you handle only about 5%. After teaching you how to write, we will also show you

  1. Where to get cheap AI for as low as $2. Yes, $2, meaning that you don’t need a lot of investment to start out
  2. We will also show you where to find clients. Yes, where to find your clients.
  3. And then we will give you a script that you can use to pitch your clients and get the jobs 80% of the time. Yes, for every 5 clients you send it to, at least 4 will contact you guaranteed.
  4. We have packed this course with a lot of content including how to set up your Paypal to receive money from international clients

So if this is such a guarantee, why am I selling it, instead of using it? The answer is simple, I also need qualified writers to hire, not just one, not just two, not even three. That’s why I said you can also pitch me the script.

But this is only one reason, when you are done taking the curse, you’ll realize that this isn’t charity for us, nor is it about the money, but something deeper. It is a win-win for you and me.

Be among the first 20 and buy for N4000, after that, it will go for 18,000

buy now for only N4,000 N18,000

Please use your correct email address on the payment page or you can send proof of payment to whats app

What is this course about?

How to make money writing content with the help of an AI writing tool that will do 95% of the work. This is a step-by-step process.

Course content

  1. How to do the research
  2. How to structure the content like a professional 
  3. How to use the AI
  4. How to do the SEO
  5. Final Settings

Bonus Add-ons

  1. Where to get cheap AI like Javis for as low as $2 (Worth $200)
  2. Where to find your clients (The worth can not be estimated because it is valueless)
  3. Pitching scripts that will make those clients hire you for sure. I will even hire you if you use this pitch. (Worth $100)
  4. Other tools that will help you make your work outstanding. (Worth $50)
  5. How to open a PayPal that receives money from Nigeria so you can receive international payments (Worth $50).

Price: N4,000 for the first 20 people, and N18,000 for the remaining 30 people.

Why are we selling only 50 of this, because of competitive advantage? If more people know how to do this, it will cause the market to be overflooded with people who know how to do the job and too much supply causes prices to drop. So yes, just 50 people.

How to purchase

  1. Please input your correct Gmail account where you have access because that Gmail will be given access. Or contact us on what’s app
  2. Click here to purchase

Available payment methods are transfer, card, USSD, and much more.

buy now for only N4,000 N18,000

Have any questions, contact us here

8 thoughts on “How to make money as a content writer with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Nigeria”

  1. I think the only thing I learned here is how to get clients and where to buy cheap AI.

    Las las, it’s worth more than the price shaa.

    Thanks for a swift response on what’s app

  2. I liked that this course was very direct and didn’t waste time beating around the bush.

    I used the script and the blogger I sent it to said I’m very professional.

  3. Guy you Sabi oh, took me less than 1hr to write an article for my original client.

    And he liked it I swear. Even me sef like am.


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