How To Invest And Earn With Crowdfacture For Life: A Democratized Manufacturing Model


If you are looking for a company to buy shares in with a little amount of money while enjoying lifetime dividends, or you are looking to invest and make lots of profit, then you are reading the right article.

Africa is still green with potential. There are several sectors rife with opportunities to make money and impact lives while at it. This will also go ahead to solve the problems of unemployment in the country currently.


The above listed and more gave a vision which resulted in birthing pangs and finally, Crowdfacture was birthed and will be launched in June. Crowdfacture is a democratized manufacturing business which brings together several people from all walks of life to form a community of like-minded individuals with a common goal. The goal is to liberate Africa from the clutches of poverty through agriculture. Crowdfacture is the “Tesla” of Africa.

What is Crowdfacture?

Before we get down to business, let’s talk about Crowdfacture. Crowdfacture is a manufacturing, production, and distribution business model, where people make a singular investment (once) and become partners for life. I know it sounds too good to be true but stay with me. As a partner, you share the profits and losses of the company. You also participate in making decisions that will affect the trajectory of the company.

Other opportunities in Crowdfacture?

Besides being an investor, there are also other opportunities to earn in Crowdfacture. You can function as a distributor, receiving the goods at discounted rates. You can also earn from referrals.

How does Crowdfacture work?

As stated earlier, Crowdfacture is a Community driven production, manufacturing, and distribution company focused on helping Investors grow wealth through manufacturing for lifetime returns.

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Investment in Crowdfacture is equity-backed meaning that as an investor, you can become a co-owner of a particular factory or production line sharing profits with other investors for life.


Presently, Crowdfacture has 10,000 units of Rice processing plants in Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, available for funding and is sold at #50,000 per unit. Operation is expected to commence by Q2 2022.

How to invest and earn with Crowdfacture.

Besides the ongoing rice processing plant, there will also be other investment opportunities. Investment bestows upon you the title of manufacturer and co-owner. The funds pooled are used to build a production and processing line and profit made from sales of products are distributed back to investors based on the number of units they own on their crowdfacture account on

An estimated breakdown for further understanding.

Presently, we have 10,000 units of Rice processing plant at #50,000 per unit at 30% equity.

Dividends will be paid quarterly (four times a year) and the plant is expected to produce 2500-4000 bags of rice per day. An estimate of #2000 profit per bag is expected.


This means the company stands to generate about 150 million naira in profit per month and 450 million per quarter. 30% of the estimated 450 million is 135 million. 135,000,000/10000 units = 13500 naira. This means you earn about 13500 per quarter.

At the end of one year, profit for one unit is expected to be about 54,000 naira. (13500×4= 54,000)

Note that this is a re-occuring return.

The minimum investment is 50,000 for one unit and the maximum is 50 million for 1000 units per individual.

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Can you earn without investing?

Yes, you can, by joining the Crowdfacture referral program to encourage them to sign up with the investment plan on the website above. The referral system is a two-tier system. You earn #1000 when the person you referred invests and an additional #1500 when the investor refers someone else. Referral bonuses can be paid to your bank directly, or your Sumotrust account where you can earn huge bonuses for saving.


Available product for investment

The first product will be the crowdfacture rice processing plant and will be located at Abakaliki, Ebonyi state. There are 10000 units of shares available for investment and it will span 1-3 months.

When can I invest?

Investment is open now and will be till the 10,000 units are exhausted. Visit for more information. For more information visit here

To start the journey, register here

To join the WhatsApp chat room for regular updates, visit here

Who is behind this project

Crowdfacture is powered by the founders; GT Igwe Chrisent and Okorie Samuel Ossi, and the team of Sumotrust a savings and investment platform. We have been working on this project for the past 3 years and it is a reality today. Feel free to look up the platform and leave your comments, observations, and recommendations below.

Let’s join hands together to rewrite the future of Nigeria.

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