How to Get Travel Insurance in Nigeria

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Nigeria is a country full of many uncertainties, the world itself is full of so many uncertainties. People lose lives and properties every day. The insurance companies try to remedy this.

The same goes for traveling, anything can happen therefore, it is adviced that you get travel insurance before traveling.

Travel Insurance for Nigeria

You have to continually think about buying travel insurance in Nigeria plan on every occasion you are going on a trip whether home or international.

A travel insurance plan in Nigeria will allow you in instances of health and illness issues, cancellations, or another plethora of sudden events. Before making an buying a policy or purchase travel insurance, you have to take the below key things into consideration:

  • The fee of your trip– Sometimes unexpected forces come into play that make you cancel your trip, it’s proper to be aware of that you can get your cash back.
  • The activities you would be participating in whilst on this trip- In case you want any exclusive clinical attention for any sickness or accident.
  • The whole fee of your property- This is very necessary for loss of luggage.
Do you really need a Travel Insurance coverage




Depending on your destination, Travel Insurance is essentially classified with the aid of insurance plan carrier companies into three types. We are going to shortly take a look at the three specific sorts and assist you decide which one works excellent for you


As the name implies, this is a coverage that covers a traveler on any trip inside the borders of Nigeria (Locally). Whether you’re journeying by road on God is Good Motors or Peace Mass Transit and lose a bag or by air and your flight is unduly delayed on Air Peace or even on the newly developed Abuja to Kaduna rail tracks, this product ensures that you are protected and reimbursed, travel insurance in Nigeria is a must nowadays.

Although, Local Travel Insurance in Nigeria is a noticeably new issuer in the market and is now not provided via all insurance plan carrier providers, it is nevertheless on hand from some service providers. (Talk to your dealer to assist you locate them)




If you’re traveling from Nigeria to any of the nations in Europe inside the specific insurance of the Schengen Visa, this is the product you’re likely searching for.

It is popularly referred to as the Schengen Travel Insurance. This is an older product with the absolute best degree of recognition in the market and as an end result of all the worldwide events concerned (the European Union and her constituents); it is extra standardized in phrases of advantages accruable to you. It is additionally simply available.


If you’re no longer touring regionally or to a Schengen/European Country, the international tour insurance plan coverage is in all likelihood the pleasant match for you; this offers you insurance for journeys from Nigeria to the USA, Australia, and the Middle East, China as well as each and every different place outside of Europe. However, in contrast to the Schengen Travel Insurance, this product is now not standardized as there is no central body finding out what the benchmarks need to be in phrases of benefits. This means that, relying on your country of destination, the restriction of advantages accruable to you varies.



Things Travel Insurance In Nigeria COver

What Does Travel Insurance Cover?

A travel insurance plan coverage must essentially cowl the following

Trip cancellation – you never know, you simply may have to cancel your outing earlier than the tour date. Your insurer can back your journey expenses.
Delayed departure – you can be compensated if your flight is delayed.
Loss of Luggage and property – the coverage ought to cowl loss/damage of bags or private possessions. Most insurance plan businesses typically put a restriction on the pay-out for personal items.
Emergency assist – most insurance plan agencies provide an emergency helpline.
Medical cover – you don’t prefer to end up with a large clinical bill if you take sick or have an accident whilst on holiday, your insurer acquired you covered.
However, there are top rate insurance policies that come with greater benefits and offers, however, you have to ask your self if the cover is absolutely necessary. You ought to select a cover that fits your simple needs, or you would be paying for an insurance plan that you don’t need.



Where to buy Travel Insurance in Nigeria

If you’re wondering where to buy for travel insurance in Nigeria, then you’re in luck as most travel companies will provide you with travel insurance in Nigeria when you’re booking a ticket; you’ll often be asked if you need insurance. So it’s an honest idea to match a variety of insurance policies before making a final judgment. Many travel insurance companies in Nigeria offer protect different purposes and most are affiliated to reputable international travel insurance companies. A number of these companies include:

  1. Zenith Insurance
  2. Lead way Travel Insurance
  3. Mansard Insurance
  4. AIICO Insurance
  5. Industrial General Insurance
  6. Cornerstone Insurance
  7. Mutual Benefits Assurance
  8. Linkage Assurance

 I advise you to compare them by accessing their main websites and choosing the one that their services seem the best to your taste. These are the list of the best travel insurance brokers in Nigeria, they won’t disappoint you.


Thanks for reading if you feel I should ADD something or I made a mistake in something, please comment, we would like to hear your views. We love you, our readers.



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