How To Get The Best Budget Travel Insurance: A Complete Guide

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How To Get The Best Budget Travel Insurance: A Complete Guide

The importance of having very good budget travel insurance cannot be overemphasized due to the protection it gives travelers. People have lost valuable money and time and even their lives simply because they failed to get the best travel insurance.

To drive the point home, the death of the holiday maker Michael Doyle in 2016 says it all about budget travel insurance. When Michael had blood poisoning in Bulgaria, he wasn’t able to be flown back to UK for treatment and couldn’t be treated there in Bulgaria because his travel insurers said that his policy did not cover that.

Therefore, while embarking on that journey, make sure to use the best budget travel insurance available in the market. The purpose of this article is to guide you on ways to get the best budget travel insurance.

The guidelines listed here for you have been compiled from the experiences from lots of travelers. The points listed here will guide you in buying budget travel insurance that covers all your travel plans.

Don’t be too quick to rush to price comparison websites in order for you to get the cheapest travel insurance, cheap isn’t always good, budget on the other hand is better. One may end up spending far more than they should have in the real sense of it if you chose a wrong insurance policy. The ability to understand that the best budget travel insurance for Harry may not be the best for Kane is a good start. You have to know that different travelers have different needs which affect their travel insurance policy. Know what you want and then seek the best budget travel insurance that covers you on that.

Who Needs Budget Travel Insurance?

You should not assume that budget travel insurance is specifically meant for a particular set of persons. There is a saying that if you cannot buy your travel insurance, then you shouldn’t travel. Lots of people are only interested in booking for their flights and accommodation that they neglect budget travel insurance.

No matter how tight your travel budget is, please you should never forgo travel insurance. You can simply cover the most important things and let go of some benefits you know are not needed for your journey. Always see to it that you compare the benefits and exclusions of any travel insurance you want to purchase. You should know that it is not always about the price, there are other important considerations as well.

Some benefits you should consider when buying your travel insurance include:

  1. Your travel insurance should provide you with unlimited emergency hospital and medical expenses.
  2. It should cover for the loss of your passport, credit card, cash, or any of your possessions while on the journey.
  3. Any expenses that were incurred as a result of delayed or cancelled flight or any other means of transportation you desire to use.
  4. Your travel insurance should also cover for any adventure sports you wish to take part in.
  5. It should also cover your alternative transport expenses.

In fact there are lots of things that your budget travel insurance covers for you. You should stop seeing travel insurance as a waste of money; the benefit is just too much. I believe that you will start taking good advantage of travel insurance to protect yourself from losses that may come in the course of your travel.

Budget travel insurance just as stated earlier is for anyone that should travel. So long as you want to travel, always have your budget travel insurance available.


Tips To Get The Best Budget Travel Insurance For Your Travel

  1. Decide the type of cover you need before visiting price comparison websites.
    You need to know that the best budget travel insurance is beyond just buying them cheap. It has to also cover you loss extensively should they occur. There is no need for you to buy a $50 cheap policy that has $250 excess and single item limit of $150. This type of policy does not come anywhere close to what I will advise you to buy. Any good budget travel insurance should cover your expenses of at least $6.5m worldwide, $4000 for flight cancellation, and least $2500 for your baggage and belongs cover.
    So, you can see that price shouldn’t be your main focus rather the cover that the policy will give you. If you always have this in mind, you will always get the best budget travel insurance anywhere in the world. See for more information.
  2. You need to be careful about the insurance excess.
    The insurance excess is the total amount you will have to pay for your claim. Take for example, if you claim for $800 and the excess is $200, the insurer pays out only $600. Even when you see that the policy is cheaper that others always remember to compare the excesses before buying. This is a very good way of getting the best budget travel insurance for yourself.
  3. You should know things that are already covered by your home insurance or bank.
    Many of the home insurance policies cover your personal belongings even when you are not at home. This means that you can save money by not insuring your luggage because it is covered by your home insurance. Sometimes, the best budget travel insurance helps you save money. The underlying factor is that you need to know the things already insured another policy you registered in the past.
    You should also note that certain bank credit cards or currents account offer travel insurance to their customers. If you happen to be one of such customers, if that insurance cover is adequate for your needs.
  4. Be on the lookout for age limit and medical exclusion deals.
    In your quest to finding the best budget travel insurance, check out for age limit and medical exclusion deals. Many of the cheap insurance deals you see do not cover you once you are above 65 years. Also, they don’t cover you as well if you have any pre-existing health condition. If during the time of your travel you had a medical treatment as a result of a pre-existing condition, your insurer won’t pay.
    Therefore, before buying cover tell your insurer of any such pre-existing conditions. Some insurers might agree to cover you, but not before you have paid extra money. If your health condition can’t be handled by ordinary insurers, you will definitely be referred to the specialists. I believe you are taking note of points concerning getting the best budget travel insurance.
  5. Exclusion of risky sports activities.
    It will be worthy of note that many insurers exclude risky activities, so you need to be on the lookout. If you are travelling to partake such “risky sports” like jet skiing, rock climbing, scuba diving etc; make sure the policy covers it comprehensively. At this point, you have got to be very careful reading the terms and conditions before buying such cover. Getting the best budget travel insurance includes that you get yourself in all directions.
  6. You should select the annual cover if you travel more than thrice in a year.
    If you are a constant traveler, it will serve you better to get the annual cover is best for you. Instead of buying single trip policies each you travel, it will cost you far less when you have an annual policy. You need to know that these annual policies does not cover for extended trips, they cover trips that lasts not more than 31 days. For your best budget travel insurance, especially constant travelers this annual insurance policy is the real deal. You really need to check it out
  7. Having your EHIC can be good budget travel insurance.
    This is only if you are travelling to Europe. With your European Health Insurance Card, you can access state provided healthcare services for free or at a reduced price. You can make use of this card when you are temporarily visiting any European Union country. You can acquire or renew your European Health Insurance Card at as terms and conditions apply.
  8. Know the travel anomalies in order to get the best budget travel insurance.
    The statement that Egypt is in Europe but the US is not in the world should really give you an idea. Many of the worldwide insurance policy deals exclude countries in North America like Canada and US. Some African countries like Egypt and morocco are placed under Europe. So, whenever you are buying worldwide insurance policy deals bear in mind that North American countries are excluded unless otherwise stated.
    This will give you an insight in the budget travel insurance policies worldwide.
  9. Avoid buying budget travel insurance from third parties.
    Although it may seem easy and simpler for you buy your budget travel insurance from third parties, it will definitely cost you more. Apart from spending more when you use third parties, there is also the risk of you been scammed by some of these third parties. You should avoid buying from any travel agent, tour operator or even an airline. Do your transactions solely with the insurance companies directly.
    When you deal with the insurance company directly, there is a better chance you get the truth about their deals. These third parties charge you for their services as well as the cost of the insurance cover. This only increases the amount of money you will spend for your budget travel insurance.
  10. Extra cover as part of best budget travel insurance.
    In order for you to enjoy the best budget travel insurance, buy extra cover policies. These extra cover policies shield you from the failure of an airline or other travel companies. It also covers additional losses like not being able to get to your hotel because of your airline malfunction. You may not completely enjoy your budget travel insurance if you fail to add this extra cover insurance deal
  11. Select your level of cover.
    You should know that most of the insurance companies have three different levels of cover for you to choose. When trying to get the best budget travel insurance, you really need to understand these levels. These different levels include:
    The basic: This particular level most of the time is only for your medical cover only. It simply tells that if you only need medical cover during your travels, the basic level is for you.
    The mid-range: Here, it covers a little bit more things than the basic. It includes loss of baggage as well as theft during the course of your travel.
    Comprehensive cover: This particular level of cover involves exhaustive coverage for you. It covers virtually everything regarding your travel. You should know that price is what really determines the insurance level that one enjoys.
    Before choosing any level of cover for yourself, you should really the things that you will be exposed to during the course of your travel. It is simply not enough to just eliminate the comprehensive cover because it costs more. You should able to be able to also consider the lots of coverage that it affords you.
    For news on cheap travel insurance, you can visit for trending happenings.


Some Characteristics Of The Best Budget Travel Insurance

Every great and wonderful insurance plans contains all or most of the following:

  • They cover most of the countries in the world
  • The coverage of illness and injury is also included
  • They also cover for your 24 hours emergency services and help
  • Your damaged or stolen possessions such as documents, luggage, jewelries and cars; and cover lost.
  • They also cover for the cancellation of your hotel bookings and flight bookings.
  • Emergencies that require you get home early will also be covered.
  • Things That Are Not Covered In Any Insurance Deal
    Even as you try to get the best budget travel insurance, have it at the back of your mind that certain things are not covered by any insurance.

Although, most of the insurance companies list some of these things under their terms and conditions it is very important I also remind you. In fact, any insurance company that tells you they cover any of the listed items below is a fraud. This is always the case with many insurance registering third party agencies.

They say lots of things just to get your money, so be very careful when searching for budget travel insurance.

Some of the things that even the best insurance doesn’t cover include:

  • No insurance deal covers for the injury you sustained while taking part in an extreme sports activities unless you pay extra for them.
  • If the reason for the damage of your baggage is your own carelessness, no insurance company will pay a dime to you. So, you need to be careful with your possessions.
  • When you are involved in any drug or alcohol incident as a result of your own intake of these substances. There is no budget travel insurance on earth that will pay your claim.
  • Pre-existing conditions are excluded from your insurance deals. For example, you have hypertension and needs to buy ore drugs, you won’t be covered.
  • Your travel insurance does not cover for your regular hospital check-ups.


Basic Questions That Your Budget Travel Insurance Will Definitely Ask You

If on purchasing your travel insurance and you weren’t asked any of the below listed questions by the insurer, you should beware.

What is your destination?

Virtually all legitimate insurance companies will ask you this question before they can cover you. This is so because there are certain destinations that insurance doesn’t cover. The insurer will always want to know the place you are going to avoid breach of contract.

Are you travelling alone?

If you are not travelling alone, then you must include the names and date of births of those you want to be included in the policy. Most of the time, kids attract no additional cost to you when buying you travel insurance.

How long you intend to stay?

You will also provide your insurer with this very vital information. Just as I have stated earlier, if you exceed you departure date the travel insurance will no longer cover you. You are only covered for the length of time you said you will be staying, when that date is exceeded then you are on your own.

What will you Be doing there?

This is more to those that will be taking part in extreme sporting activities. You have to be sure that the insurer is willing to cover you so that you are not caught unawares. Some of the sporting activities that are covered include swimming, surfing, trekking, cycling, and horse ridding. Activities that are sometimes covered are scuba diving, skiing, rock climbing etc.

It is always very important that you are certain the insurer has got you covered while at your destination.

There are also questions like whether you have a pre-existing medical condition, the things you will be taking with you, etc. All these are to ensure you have good budget travel insurance.

All the things that has been listed here were all to guide you in selecting the best budget travel insurance for your journey.

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