How To Get PMP Certification Fast In 2022

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In recent times the need for project management is augmenting across the industries and organizations are looking forward to the certified project managers.

A certified project manager is responsible for smooth project management and product delivery. To become a certified project manager what you need is a PMP Certification Online course.

Why This Course


The first question that may arise in your mind will be why this course. Well, the answer is pretty simple.

In this course, you will earn 35 PDUs in live sessions and 24 PDUs in an on-demand course. This course is aligned with the advanced and latest PMP exam pattern and curriculum.

With this course, you will learn many things like,

  • You will learn how to make a team, how to set the ground rules, and how to enhance the productivity of your team
  • You will learn how to negotiate project agreements, manage compliances, choose the right approach for the project and how to manage project changes with other things
  • You will learn how to swiftly assess and respond to the internal and external business environment changes in your organization
  • You will learn how to manage project changes, how to transfer knowledge, how to adjust to changing situations, and how to complete the project successfully
  • You will learn conflict resolution, customer service, agility, project communications, risk management, budget planning, and project risk management.
  • You will also about the project governance and how you can handle the project management in spite of different challenges

So through this course, you will acquire many useful skills such as team building, leadership, time management, mentorship, and leading changes.

With all these skills and knowledge that you will get in this course, you can help your organization to evolve and improve its performance.

Who Can Choose This Course

If you want to make a career in the following job roles then this course will be perfect for you,

  • Project Manager
  • Project Coordinator
  • Product Manager
  • Project Leader
  • Program Manager
  • Project Analyst
  • Project Sponsor

So through this single course, you will be eligible to choose any of the above-listed job profiles. All of them are related to one process that is project management.

And when you choose this course, you are widening your career scope for you and there will be tons of job opportunities in front of you.

What You Will Learn In This Course

In this course, you will learn all the relevant themes of project management. Your units will be as follows,

Unit 1. Introduction

  • Knowledge on PMI
  • PMBOK Guide
  • Evolution of Project Management Institute
  • Certificates offered by PMI
  • PMI contact resources
  • Knowledge on PMP

Unit 2. Team Building

In this unit, you will learn various themes on team building and how you can increase the productivity of your team.

Unit 3. Project Management

This will be your core unit where you will learn all the relevant themes of project management that are necessary for you to learn. Through these topics, you can face and successfully overcome any obstacle in your project management process.




And by this unit, you are fully trained for your future project manager career.

Unit 4. Project Execution

In this unit, you will learn how to execute the project in an organization and what are various aspects of it.

Unit 5. Team Maintenance

With project management, an equally important area is team maintenance where you have to ensure the smooth functioning of your team.



As a project manager, you are responsible for maintaining your team and boosting its productivity through the appropriate methodology.

Also as a project manager, it is your responsibility to make a balance between your team members and stakeholders and maintain effective communication between the two.

Through this, you can actually enhance your project management procedure and surely deliver the high – end products.

Unit 6. Deliver Project Benefits

Delivering the project benefits is one of the important responsibilities of a project manager. And in this unit, you are trained for the same.

With that, you are also prepared to lead change in the external and internal business work culture. As time is changing at an unremarkable speed you need to match the pace with changing environment in your company.

that is why through this unit you are trained to assess and respond to the changing work conditions and complete your project management process throughout these changes.

Unit 7. PMP Exam Preparation

  • PMP examination preparation
  • Samples questions
  • Tricky and complex test questions
  • Exam tricks and tips


So you can see that your units will cover each and every theme related to project management. And in last you will also get training for the PMP examination.






Hence in this course, you are trained for future job roles and responsibilities as a project manager and to encounter challenging situations in your work environment.

Your mentors are industry leaders who are eager to share their years of experience and knowledge with you. They will guide you throughout the course and share their valuable tips with you.

In this course group discussions, panel discussions, and question and answer sessions are held timely so that you can clarify your doubts.

This course is based on two approaches to learning, theoretical knowledge, and practical work. In theoretical knowledge, you will have numerous e-resources, webinars, and various reading materials.


And in practical work, you will have real-world problem-based assignments and on these assignments, you will get detailed feedback too so that you can improve your mistakes.



What You Need Before Starting Course

There is not any specific requirement for this course but an elementary-level knowledge of project management will help you in learning quickly.

You just need to know about the fundamentals of project management and how it is helpful for an organization.

Although for the PMP examination you need relevant skills, knowledge, background, and experience.

What You Will Accomplish After This Course

Nowadays people are more focused on the quality of the products and that is why organizations are concentrating more on the delivery of high–end products.


This demands streamlined project management where the primary objective is to deliver high-quality products.



So every company is demanding certified project managers who can lead the project management process, increase the productivity of the team and deliver high–end products.

Also, the demand for project managers is not limited to some industries and they are in demand across various industries.

Thus after this course, you are not only a part of certified project management professionals but also have tons of job opportunities for you.

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