How to Get Bitcoin as Payment?


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When a trader starts trading, the first thing they need to know is how bitcoin works. Only then can you understand how and when to receive payments using cryptocurrencies. As we all know that there are many traders and common people who completely confuse the whole concept of bitcoin virtual currency.

We also call it a peer-to-peer financial network that we use to exchange some digital currency and also to send payments to people. Bitcoin has never required a centralized bank or government. It is only used by the value public for their supply and demand.

Along with this, today, various types of payments are being accepted very easily on some websites or online stores which is very attractive to the merchants and buyers who want to use it more and more. More interesting crypto news can be found in Fintech Insight reviews.

Let us know how payment can be received through the website. Here are two options for you.

How to Get Bitcoin as Payment?

Coingate Payment Gateway

First of all the site one ever considers to get any currency in crypto-currencies is known as CoinGate, and it can make payment with quite a few websites telling about Like WordPress and Shopify, PrestaShop is full of integration it allows

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First of all, you have to register on the Coingate page. After that, once you’re registered, you’ll need to verify your email with us, and then you’ll be able to seamlessly access the entire CoinGate control panel. After that you go to the API section in a board, after going to the API, some displayed options come, after that, you have to select the apps which are selected d, and after that, you have to click on New App.

You always have to remember that all the information related to the app has to be included. Next comes a link between our website as well as CoinGate that works.

CoinGate and WooCommerce.

In this, you have to keep in mind that if we have only one blog in any WordPress then it is considered easiest to pay Coingate through it and also integrate the platform. All we need to do is to install the WooCommerce plugin correctly from the WordPress administrative panel which is quite a requirement. Once this plugin is installed, you have to go to WooCommerce/Settings and also there you see that there is CoinGate in the Payments tab, after enabling it you have to click on Settings.

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In this, you see that bitcoin and some other cryptocurrencies are being paid and it is only possible through CoinGate to be enabled. To enable cryptocurrency payment you have to click on CoinGate, after that,t we have to add the title description and API code which you have done earlier to set API auth token.

We will be reaching out to CoinBase very soon and soon you can create a CoinBase account very easily. Let’s go ahead and show you how to reach CoinBase.

First, we see Shopify is paid within CoinBase which connects to the platform then the token is generated as well as API access and +new API key in its settings. Now you must be wondering what is the API configuration it selects with all the accounting of the currencies which we are going to discuss further.

Only when we understand this are we able to get all the payments to the merchant correctly, and at the same time, we are given full permission. This means how to accept crypto on Shopify with Coinbase. Shopify has been recognized as the industry’s most popular and not only that it is also one of the most preferred among online stores. This allows us to store without any hosting knowledge or technical programming of any kind.

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