How To Find Cheap Hotels: A Complete Guide for you

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There are many ways that you can employ to find cheap hotels around the world. You will be making a big mistake if you think that hotel prices are fixed. You should never make such costly assumption when looking for hotels to lodge during your business trips, vacations, and conferences. In this article, I will be helping you with tips on how to find cheap hotels around the world.

These important tips are not limited to any particular country or continent. At AtlanticRide, we provide you with all the information you need to make an informed choice when booking a hotel. In order to find cheap hotels, you need to pay attention to everything that you will be told in this article. The points listed here have been as a result of the experience of many people trying to find cheap hotels.



According to travel research, after flight tickets, accommodation is the next thing that accounts for the large chunks of money you spend on traveling. As written in our article on how to book very cheap flights, the internet is actually a savior. In order to find cheap hotels during your travels outside your immediate locality, below are some tips to help you.

Ways You Can Find Cheap Hotels Around The World

1. You should compare different sites to find cheap hotels

When you make use of different hotel booking sites, it improves your chances and ability to find cheap hotels. Be rest assured that the hotel prices will vary depending on the hotel booking site you are using. When carrying out your comparison, below are the different sites that you should use in order to get the best desired result.


The different sites that we have suggested for you have been selected based on their features and easy accessibility.

 Use AtlanticRide to find cheap hotels

Best known for its ability to combining different hotel prices for you to help you make the right choice. AtlanticRide is able to compare millions of cheap hotels for you in order to help you make a well-informed choice based on pricing, location, and facility. the website also provides access to taxi transfer and flight comparison. So, when trying to find cheap hotels anywhere around the world, you can always trust AtlanticRide to guide you through it.


Using Skyscanner to find cheap hotels

Although Skyscanner is best known for flight comparisons, you should not take away hotel comparisons from it too. It has different filters like that of star ratings and prices for you. You can also filter using the hotels cancellation policy and meal plan as well. Therefore, to find cheap hotels, you can always try out Skyscanner.


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Make use of TripAdvisor to find cheap hotels

Another tool for you to compare hotels while trying to find cheap hotels is TripAdvisor. It provides you with hotel price comparisons as well as detailed customer reviews you. It makes use of a good traveler rating technique that guides you in making your choice.

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Use Kayak to find cheap hotels

Aside the other well known standard filter, it provides you with other filters that tells you more about the environment. Kayak also provides you with information like availability of airport shuttles. With Kayak, you can always find cheap hotels in your locality at all times.


Immediately you have identified the cheap hotel that meets your expectation, give them a call to see if it’s true. This is because; there are certain deals that these hotels offer that some booking sites will fail to mention.

2. You should take note of hidden charges and taxes

While trying to find cheap hotels, beware of the hidden charges and taxes that some booking sites fail to mention. There are certain countries that the hotels will charge up to $40 per day room tax. This is not always clearly stated in the onset, so you should take note that you are not taken unawares. Although many of the booking sites mention these extra charges, they always avoid mentioning the actual amount.


This tells you that certain sites appear to give you the cheapest hotels while in actual sense they don’t. You must always be very careful not to be “boxed in a corner’. Disclaimer, AtlanticRide does mention all charges upfront for both flights and Hotel booking.

3. Subscribe for websites’ email alerts for discounts

In your quest is to find cheap hotels, you can subscribe for email alerts with more than 10% blanket discount codes. Once you have located and booked your hotel, you can unsubscribe and register again when you need the services. You can also register with your site as some of them offer exclusive discounts only to registered members.

4. Try to look for special hotel opening offers


While trying to find cheap hotels, you should also scout for special opening rates. Every new hotel always offers special discounts in order to attract customers. You should always try to identify new hotels in your location so that you can also enjoy the discounts.

5. You should register with some of the hotel loyalty schemes

In trying to find cheap hotels to lodge, you need to try and register with hotel loyalty schemes. There are many loyalty schemes that you can join for free that can fetch you great discounts with time. Some of these royalty schemes include Best Western Rewards, Hilton Honors, The Marriott Rewards, and Intercontinental Hotels Group Rewards Club.

Although getting a free stay may seem to take an eternity, there are special offers that the members enjoy too. As a member of any of these loyalty schemes, you can call the hotel and request a discount. You stand a higher chance at having your request granted if you are a member of these loyalty schemes.


Sign up with hotel loyalty schemes to find cheap hotels

6. Get up to $200 off hotels using Tesco Points

By shopping with Tesco, you can actually save up to $200 from hotel charges. This is because; the Tesco Club card points can be traded for Reward Vouchers that are spent around the world. You should know that many world hotel chains such as Mercure, Hilton, and Best Western accept these Rewards Vouchers. also accepts these Rewards Vouchers.

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7. You should monitor all the latest MSE hotel deals around the world

You will certainly save money from any hotel around the world with MSE guide. There are lots of special promotions that is definitely going to save money for you as you try to find cheap hotels.


8. Find out if the price includes breakfast

When trying to find cheap hotels, you should try to find out if the price includes breakfast or not. There are many times the booking sites will just add breakfast in order to attract customers. The hotels might even include the breakfast to impress you and at the end, you just regret paying that amount. You can always buy cheap breakfast items around if you don’t pay for breakfast in your hotel.

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This is really a very good ways of saving money while lodging in hotels during your travels.

9. You should make use of review sites to check for cheap hotels


No matter the kind of hotel you desire to lodge in for the night, should also check their review. Immediately you have settled on a particular hotel or a list of different ones, you should check the price on their website too, before booking. This gives you a good standard for the going price. It also affords you the opportunity to know if there is a special discount or people that book directly from the hotel.

10. Work to uncover hidden hotel bargains

With a little investigative work, you can uncover excellent bargains available from sites selling “hidden hotel rooms”. This is a very great way of trying to find cheap hotels around the world. One very uncomfortable thing about this approach is that you don’t get to know the name of the hotel until you have paid the money.


 The hotel can be located in the most unwholesome environment or the best environment to. At best, you need to know that this approach is the toss of a coin at best.

If the cheap hotel is too good to be true, it probably is

11. Try to book with free cancellation

In trying to find cheap hotels, you should try to book with free cancellation. Irrespective of whether you booked with the hotel directly or from an agent. This free cancellation can be applied between 24-48 hours after the time of booking. If your booking doesn’t have the free cancellation, don’t worry as you can also take advantage of the sites’ price promises.

On the free cancellation, you have the chance to cancel an already booked hotel if the price drops before you were able to lodge. Here, you can cancel the original booking and rebook at a cheaper rate. There are certain conditions to be met. One of such conditions is that you must be within the specified time frame. There are different time frames for different hotels, some stipulate 24 hours and others 48 hours. You must have to know which applies to your particular hotel.


You should know that most hotel websites and booking sites offer you anon-refundable and free cancellation option. The non-refundable rooms tend to be more costly so you will decide whether the free cancellation is worth the price for you.

How you can check for free cancellation before you book the hotel

Sometimes that you will find it difficult to know if you have a free cancellation or not. Before booking for the hotel, go to the terms and conditions and check for free cancellation option. If you were unable to locate the option of free cancellation, you should call the hotel to confirm.

Things you should watch out for

There is no 100% guarantee here, but they will certainly be of great help in your search to find cheap hotels. These things include:


  • You should note that if you book your hotel with any currency that is not the pound sterling; your refund value might decrease. This is as a result of currency unsteadiness.
  • Always check your hotel booking papers for any hidden terms and conditions. Make sure there are no other hidden charges whatsoever. Also be certain that booking cancellation is free and there is no condition attached.
  • Note that certain booking sites make you pay in full when booking for your hotel with their websites. You should probably consider if you can be able to rebook. This is because the refund from the initial booking may take days if not weeks to pull through.

12. Take note of hotel booking sites with price promises


While trying to find cheap hotels, you should take advantage of sites with price promises for you. There are some hotel booking sites that guarantees a refund of the difference in price when the booking price drops before your stay. Some booing sites also refund when you also find it cheaper in another site.

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Under this special arrangement, you can still get some money back even without cancellation of your booking. You must make sure that the comparable hotel has the same terms and conditions as the original booking. Conditions like room type, booking type, hotel, and dates must be the same. It must also be in same currency you paid for the original booking and the price includes all taxes and fees alike.


For those hidden hotels that you don’t find their identity after you have paid, they are excluded from this particular special arrangement. Some of the loyalty scheme deals are also not included under this site price promises to customers.

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How To Avoid Fake Hotel Booking Sites While Trying To Find Cheap Hotels

According to the Memphis Daily News, fake hotel booking websites have become a growing problem. The American Hotel and Lodging Association reported that 6% of travelers who thought they had booked a stay through a hotel website in 2015 actually did that through fraudulent sites. 

In 2017, that number increased to 22% telling you that you need to be very careful of these fraudulent sites. You should know that 1 out of every 3 hotel bookings is done online. This is the major reason these fake hotel booking sites are emerging on daily basis. You have to note that many of these fake sites resemble legitimate hotel sites. Some of them even go as far as using the logos and emblems of known hotel chains.


You should know that once you suspect that there is something fishy about any booking site, it is probably a fake. Also, see The Seattle Times for more information regarding these fake hotel booking websites around the world.

One major flaw about fake travel booking sites it that they usually don’t have the time to develop a blog section. So if you don’t see a blog section on the site, better avoid that site

Tips You Can Use To Identify Fake Hotel Booking Sites

  • Don’t always believe what you see

Be very careful and go through the said site and see if it at all looks legitimate. If the site is badly built, best to avoid it entirely. The site might be using the logo or emblem of the legitimate hotel, but this doesn’t mean it’s a legitimate site. One thing to check for is if they have a blog section.


  • Always look for fake contact information

Another means that you can use to identify fake hotel booking sites is fake contact information. Before you pay for your hotel booking, try to verify the contact information of the hotel or the booking site. At the very list, make sure the email address is something like contact@[hotel name].com not some random Gmail or Hotmail account. These fraudsters impersonate the customer care of these hotels. Don’t be clouded with your desire to find cheap hotels that you fall into the wrong hands.

  • You can always verify the URLs of site

Before making payment for your hotel booking, be sure you have verified the URL of that site in order to be sure that it is actually that of the legitimate website. You need to be alarmed when you see sites that have a brand name as a sub-domain of another URL.


Here is an example: Don’t let the Sheraton-hotel at the beginning fool you, anyone can do that, the name before the dot com is what you should be worried about.

If it all looks fishy, just check another website. Better safe than sorry.

  • Make sure there is a secure connection

Before you release your personal or private information of any site, be sure that the information is been transmitted securely. You can make sure of this by ensuring that the web address starts with “https” and also has a lock icon like our website has at the URL section. Normally, fake sites don’t bother to have these secure connections because it costs more.

Check that the URL is correct and secured with https when search for hotels online
  • Look out for those too good to be true deals

Lots of persons are simply carried away when they are given mouthwatering deals when booking for their hotels. This is one of the ways that fraudsters use to entice their victims. While you are trying to find cheap hotels, don’t be too desperate. There are deals that are just not true; you must have to be cautious with sites that present such deals to you.


In fact, the rule of thumb is: if it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

Whatever you do to find cheap hotels; the watchword is that you should not be too desperate that you ignore these warning signs.

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