How to answer what sparked your interest in finance

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Are you looking for tips on how to answer what sparked your interest in finance? If yes, then ride on as this article will guide you through.

There is nothing wrong if your interviewer asked you why you choose your career path. They just want to know if you are really the guy for the job.

They need to understand why you choose to work in finance industry and see if you know more about the role to be filled.

Hence, if you are on the verge of doing an interview in any financial institution, expect question like “what sparked your interest in finance”?

What sparked your interest in finance?

Of course, this article is on the verge of nurturing you on how to answer what sparked your interest in fiance.

But before then, it’s ideal to look into what the finance industry looks like. Why you might have known this already, try to appreciate it more.

The Finance Industry is very famous for its energetic work environments, as well as the technical advancements that are evolving in the industry.


Without any doubt, the industry is up there doing well as one of the most desired sector to work in.

Why is “what sparked your interest in finance” a hard question to answer?

You might want to ask why are we treating how to answer what sparked your interest in finance today.

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The truth is that the question used to get repeated by hiring managers often and it’s a difficult one to answer because of its generic nature.

Giving generic-sounding answer in return will not do you any good during and after the interview.

As such, we are here to help you analyze the best and accurate answers to such a generic sounding question.

These answers are entirely different to what employers and hiring managers have been hearing over and over again.

How to answer what sparked your interest in finance

How to answer what sparked your interest in finance industry

Working in the finance industry comes with pressure and stress that can take a whole long working days.


There are tight deadlines and you are not allow to make any mistake. But upon all, it is a great and fantastic industry to grow.

You’ll also have the opportunity to learn on the job and evolve from the senior team members.

But how then do you prepare yourself for interview so that you can land that dream job of yours?

Well, that’s not far-fetched.

The following are the best tips to answer why your employer why choose finance and decided to work in the financial industry.

1. Be specific in your answer

In the cause of responding to the interviewers or hiring manager question as to “why finance?”The first rule is to be as specific as possible in your answer.

Tell them why you stand before them and if you have aspiration for any job at that moment or in ten years time, say so.

Explain to them how had your education and why you are trying to get the job now. Tell them about your journey towards achieving your set goals.


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It’s interview session, so show some excitement, let them see the passion in you and be specific as possible.

That’s the best and simple way to succeed in answering any interview question.

2. Do not dare to dream.

The fact that they asked you what sparked your interest in finance doesn’t mean you have to be dreaming before your interviewers.

Tell them that you derive pleasure in thinking outside the big, and one day you will do something huge for their company.

Adding details to your interest in finance and giving specific answers will make your response more authentic.

Hence, things will be easier for your interviewers to imagine about you and your capabilities.

3. Tell them you enjoying playing with numbers.

There is no way you can succeed in the finance sector if you don’t know your way around numbers.

Show the hiring manager that you derive pleasure in working with numbers and as such, it sparked your interest in finance.


4. Ready to learn and evolve.

More so, tell your interviewer or the hiring manager that you choose to work in the financial industry because of your willingness to learn and evolve.

Tell them that you want widen your horizons beyond what is taught in the four walls of the class room.

You want to learn more about accounting principles and you really want to evolve in what your teachers taught you in school.

What Does the Hiring Manager Want to Hear?

During the interview process, there are some key points that your interviewers want to hear from you.

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Some of the points your interviewer want you to evidence in your response are as follows:

  • That you know how the financial industry works.
  • That you know and understand why you want to work in the finance sector.
  • That you know what to come or challenges to face in the future.

What Not to Say During the Interview

During the interview process, you are advised to monitor the following:


  • Do not mention money, show your employer that you care about the value you’ll bring to the table.
  • Do not say too much, be precise, concise, and straightforward.
  • Do not mention the experience you have for another industry, you don’t want your employer to see you as “jack of all trades master of known.”
  • Keep your answers relevant, stirring away from what you are being asked will send another meaning and message to the hiring manager.
  • Do not be too vague, let your interview understand and have the full glance of what you are trying to portray.
  • Do not lie, it will not do you any good.

Final Thoughts

There’s more to gain in working in the finance industry other than the monthly salary and other financial benefits.

Knowing how to answer what sparked your interest in finance before the hiring manager will do you good during and after the interview.

Endeavor to use the above highlighted tips and you’ll definitely secure the job in the long run.


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