How Escrow by AtlanticRide Works

You probably know what an escrow is. It is when someone, usually a third party holds funds and regulates payment for a given transaction.

Basically, you want to buy something from someone, but you don’t trust that the person will deliver the product as agreed, or maybe you want to sell a product and the person demands to see the product first, but you are afraid that the person would run or use the product without paying you.

So this is where we come in, offers escrow services.

This is especially important for people who buy things on social media such as Facebook, Instagram or randomly on the internet.

Get Started with Escrow services by AtlanticRide

How does this escrow work?

  1. The escrow service has to be initiated by the seller of the service.
  2. First, the seller has to create an account with and on his/her dashboard, go to add an Mjob at the top right-hand corner of the dashboard.
  3. He then fills out the form including his name and price of the product, and then adds an image with a minimum size is 768 x 435px and publishes it.
  4. Then the seller can now send you the link of the product to make payment.
  5. On making the payment, we will hold the money till you approve of the receipt of the product in good quality.
  6. Once that is done, then we pay out the money to the seller

What if something goes wrong? FAQs

Let’s say you the seller delivers a sub-standard product, what can you do?

The buyer should request a review of the product stating what he wants changed.

If this doesn’t work, the buyer can then dispute the purchase by clicking on the dispute button and we will contact both the seller and the buyer.

After a mutual mediation, a refund can either be made, or the seller makes amends.

What can you do on your part to make the sale and buy go smoothly?

Talk about the transaction extensively. Make sure the both of you (Buyer and Seller) understands what each person wants.

If you can, take screenshots of the agreement made between the both of you before going ahead to accept the deal.

Transact in good faith.

Why Should You Trust AtlanticRide to Hold your Money?

AtlanticRide is a registered company with a registered business. We also use PayStack as our payment gateway.

The parent company being Stripe.

These are two multi-billion-dollar companies and easily refund payments made through their gateway. Because we don’t want to lose our business relationship with these big companies, we will don’t tamper with your funds. We have too much to lose.

If you have any more questions, feel free to send us a message on whats app (+23490 6171 4064) or send an email to [email protected]

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