Freelance Websites Like Fiverr and Upwork For Nigerians

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Over the years, freelancing has proved to be highly profitable and has given many the opportunity to offer their skills while they get paid for it.  Thanks to freelance platforms like fiverr and upwork that has made all this possible. But it’s interesting to know that there are numerous freelance platforms like fiverr and upwork for Nigerians and this article will show them to you.

However, the demand for freelancer has greatly increased over time and it keeps increasing with time, this is because organizations and most individuals now prefer to source for freelancers to get their jobs done to ease their loaded schedule, some reach out to freelancers to get their jobs done in order to reduce the cost of hiring a fulltime staff to get the task done.

Freelance websites like fiverr and upwork

On the other hand, the number of people joining the freelancing world also keeps increasing greatly to the extent that it has created great competition in the freelancing marketplace.

Freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork keep getting lots of applications to join their platform daily and the number of applications they receive keeps increasing. Even if approved, getting is getting a job has become a great task as completion has set. So, to excel, you must be consistent and exceptional to beat the competition.

You might be bidding on Upwork voice over jobs with over 10 people on the same job. This makes it exceptionally difficult to get any job.

In the midst of this competition, many factors determine how fast and often you land a job (Gig) on this popular freelancing platform. However, there are many other freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork in Nigeria that we might not be aware of or perhaps we never tried out. These freelancing platforms are with less competition and you can easily get a job locally (i.e. from a Nigerian).

To further help your freelancing career, below are some freelancing platforms like ”Fiverr” and Upwork for Nigerians and they include, among others.

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Justfrom5k is one of the biggest freelancing platforms in Nigeria like upwork and fiverr where someone who needs to get something done and willing to pay for it is connected to someone (a freelancer) who is available to get it done and be paid for it.  This is a simple platform and easy to use where anyone can find basic errands, professional tasks and projects to perform for people and get paid in return. Justfrom5k is basically a freelancing platform for Nigerians.

It is owned and managed by one of the partners at Asterix Innovative solutions, which is a tech company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) with registration number 959033. Currently, the platform is considered a “Work in progress” and welcomes suggestions and feedbacks.

How it works (summary)

Organizations/individuals that have errands, tasks or projects that need to be done come to the platform to create a profile, create an entry that describes in detail what they need to get done by a freelancer.

Registered freelancers with categories of interest relating to the posted Jobs (Errand, task or project) are notified via emails. The freelancer then proceeds to place a bid containing the amount they are willing to be paid for the task.

The individual that posted the job then reviews the profile of the freelancers who submitted a bid and contacts them directly according to his/her choice.

To access the platform, visit the website URL at

N.B: services below 5000 naira can be offered on the platforms as well, the “5k” used in the name of the platform was said to be a word that motivates the team behind the success of the platform.

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234works is said to be Nigeria’s First and Largest freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork for Buying and selling of services such as website design, logo design, article writer, makeup artist etc.

How it works

234works requires the freelancer to post their service including the amount they are willing to offer the service. While anyone in need of their service will contact them for their service via the platform.

To access the platform, visit the website URL at


Jolancer is a dedicated marketplace for skilled Nigerian/African freelancers to register their profiles, post the service they offer and bid for projects in line with their expertise (skills).

How it works

As a freelancer, you register and complete your profile, post the service your offer. Clients in need of your service will contact you, you both discuss using Jolancer chat user interface about the client’s project and you both reach an agreement.

To access the platform, visit the website URL at


Findworka is an elite network of pre-vetted African software developers who are tested, graded and effectively matched with the platform’s partners in an integrated talent and project management ecosystem.

Findworka was launched in 2016 as a platform for hiring artisans and semi-skilled workers. In 2017, it morphed into a digital services-only freelance platform where users could find, connect with, hire and pay professionals.

How it works

The of their operation is similar to the platforms explained above

To access the platform, visit the website URL at

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GoWork (formerly WorkDesk- with website URL: is another Nigerian freelance platform like fiverr and upwork where businesses and freelancers collaborate and get more done, remotely!

GOWork is a trusted Nigerian Freelance website where you can hire trusted Nigerian professionals at low and affordable rates. Our goal is to bring Nigeria’s best talent to you on the WEB – “Where Everybody Belongs” with a sense of purpose, creativity and affordability. 

How it works

Freelancers are required to create account

Post a proposal/service that is in accordance with your skills. While buyers come to hire them for thei4 services.

To access the platform, visit the website URL at


Dirlance is a community marketplace for professional freelance in Nigeria that connects business services to skilled freelancers.

This is a best place for employers and freelancers to connect, collaborate, and get work done

How it works

The mode of operation on Dirlance is similar to the freelancing platforms explained above.

To access the platform, visit the website URL at


Yokebay is a freelancing platform for skilled individuals in Nigeria and it accommodates both experts and newbies. Yokebay is not just a freelancing platform, they also provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Digital Marketing Services for Businesses in Nigeria.

How it works

Their mode of operation is also quite similar to the platforms explained above.

To access the platform, visit the website URL at

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