Fidelity Bank Salary Structure; How Much Do Fidelity Bank Staff Earn?


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Fidelity Bank is one of the popular banks in Nigeria, which has been established in the country for decades. If you desire to work in a fidelity bank, one question you will always ask yourself is, how much do fidelity bank staff earn?

In this article, we shall provide answers to all these heart-burning questions in detail.

Since Fidelity bank has commenced its operation in Nigeria, lots of Nigerian graduates have been able to get employed, placed in different positions, according to the level of their certificates, and get paid accordingly.

Fidelity Bank Salary Structure

About Fidelity Bank

Before we dig deep into the fidelity bank salary structure, let’s examine how this bank started its operation in Nigeria.

Fidelity bank started its operation in Nigeria in 1988. They became established and commenced operation in that same year, and ever since then, they have been committed to producing quality service to the Nigerian banking system.

Furthermore, as a bank dedicated to producing quality service, and making Customer satisfaction their primary goal, they have been able to acquire over 5million Customers in Nigeria, and as well as having branches all across the states in Nigeria.

As a new bank in the country in 1988, they started with their first headquarters in Lagos. As of the moment, Fidelity Bank is among the best top 10 banks in Nigeria, they were able to achieve this victory, via their quality service, recognized presence in major cities in Nigeria, good Customer service, etc.

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In addition to this, the bank has maintained a good relationship with several financial institutions both in and outside the country, such as

  • United state agency for financial development
  • Chartered bank
  • ANZ London
  • Standard Bank
  • Afrexim bank
  • United States EX-IM bank and,
  • ABSA

All these financial institutions have contributed positively to the fast-growing development of the bank.

Furthermore, fidelity banks offer varieties of services which include, credit cards, loans, mortgages, savings, and investments. Over their years of service in Nigeria, the bank has been able to maintain a large network of interconnected branches, with about 774 ATMs and over 240 business offices in all major cities across Nigeria.

As a result of their quality banking system, fidelity bank has won several awards such as,

  • Best in mobile banking
  • Most improved corporate/investment bank
  • Best SME friendly app

Needless to say, these are just a few of the numerous awards that have been bestowed on this bank.

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If we should dig deep into full details about the bank, millions of words won’t be able to convey the information.

How much do fidelity bank staff earn? Without taking much time, we shall quickly examine the fidelity bank salary structure.

How much do fidelity bank staff earn

Fidelity Bank Salary Structure

There are a lot of questions arising from those intending to work in fidelity banks, one of those questions is, how much do Fidelity Bank staff earn? Employees in fidelity banks are paid well, just like other Banks pay their bank. For privacy’s sake, we may not be able to dig fully into the fidelity bank salary structure, however, we will unveil the little we can.

In most cases, big companies or organizations do not disclose their private information to the public such as their salary structure, however with the little available information we’ve gathered, we will give the salary structure, fidelity bank pays its staff.

How much do Fidelity Bank staff earn? The below list contains the fidelity bank salary structure for their Nigerian staff.

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Interns/IT Student Salary Structure

IT students or interns, are those who are working in the bank for training purposes. This set of workers are majorly undergraduate college students that won’t be in the bank for a long time, but only for a limited time, for practical training.

The amount being paid to IT students or interns depends on their qualifications, area of expertise, and the office they were asked to occupy.

IT students or interns earn a staggering amount of #10,000-15,000 monthly, as they will only be working in the bank for a short period.

However, outstanding students among those that came for practices are likely to be retained after their training.

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Fidelity Bank Graduate Trainee Salary Structure.

Graduate Trainee refers to a set of people who recently got employed in the bank.

This set of people are not yet acquainted with how things are done in the bank, for this purpose, they will be subjected to going into advanced training in the bank.

Furthermore, this does not mean that graduate trainees are not qualified staff in the bank, they are! But they will have to undergo compulsory training to assess their competency, if after their training, they are found dim fit, to work in the bank, they will be retained as permanent staff.

How much does a graduate trainee earn? Fidelity Bank Graduate Trainee workers earn approximately #60,000 monthly. If after their training, they are retained as permanent staff, their salary will be topped up.

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Fidelity Bank Entry-level Structure Of Salary

This is an advanced level graduate trainee enter after their period of training. The amount they earn is quite low when being compared to other workers, who have been in the banking sector, as this is just the basic level of a permanent employee. However, their salary is not static, it’s subjected to increase based on promotions and how well they perform.

How much do entry-level workers earn? Entry-level workers earn #140,000 monthly, and they are also entitled to some other allowances, such as

  • Performance bonuses
  • Free healthcare
  • Vehicle bonuses, etc

Bank Manager’s Salary Structure At Fidelity Bank

Bank managers take the biggest bite of the pie among other workers in fidelity banks. They are highly valued and paid hugely, due to the high tasks they will have to handle.

Aside from the huge pay they receive, they also stand to benefit from other allowances, such as

  • Weekly allowances
  • Official car Etc

How much do bank Managers earn? Fidelity bank pays their bank manager an estimated amount of #700,000 to #2million naira.

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Among other Banks in Nigeria, fidelity bank has grown to acquire a good reputation for itself by providing good Customer support and treating their staff well. For those who aspire to work in the bank, we do hope this article is detailed enough to provide useful information on fidelity bank salary structure.


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