Everest Base Camp Trek in July

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Is Everest base camp trek in July is possible? It is possible throughout the year, but you mush have a proper preparation of the trekking itinerary and equipment as per the trekking season. 

July is the mid-month of monsoon season in Nepal. It also the offseason trekking in Nepal. Thus Everest base camp trekking trail is less crowed of trekkers. You will get the experience of the monsoon season in Nepal. If you are a peaceful nature lover, Everest base camp trek in July is the perfect time to trek. 

Mount Everest

However, it doesn’t rain throughout the day except for a very few days. It usually rains in the evening and night time. But the morning and day time is clear and sunny.


After rains the whole night, the weather is clear and astonishing views of nature and snowcapped mountains. Also, as you trek at higher altitudes, rainfall will be decreased. 

Trekking in the Mt. Everest in July has its advantage and disadvantage. During the trek, mountain flight tickets will not be overbooked. Off-season trek is less crowed of traveler. If you enjoy the solo trek, July will be the best month of the trek. 

If you have proper gear and cloths during the Everest region trek in July will be more adventurous and fun.

Everest Base Camp Weather in July

July is the monsoon season trek in Nepal. The monsoon season starts in mid-June in Nepal. It is the wettest month in Nepal. However, monsoon season coincide with the summer season in Nepal, so it offers the wormer weather. Usually the rain in the evening and night time. 


Because of the warmer weather, trekking in higher altitudes is a pleasurable trek. During the trek, you don’t deal with cold weather in the Himalayan region trek. Also, higher altitude trek is less perception. 

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Trek over 4000m altitude very fewer chances of rainfall. 

Everest base camp trek in July the temperature will be going up to the 17℃ (62℉) and can drop to the 2℃ (36℉) at night.

A zero-degree sleeping bag will be enough during the EBC trek in July. You can also ask for the extra blankets during monsoon off-season trek in Nepal. Do not stay in tents.

Mount Everest

Advantage of Everest Base Camp Trek in July

Here we listed some benefits during the Everest base camp trek in July. 


Fewer Trekkers

Autumn and spring are the peak season trek in Nepal. To compare the peak season and off-season trek few trekkers along the trekking trail during monsoon. 

You have sufficient time to enjoy nature, and no one will disturb you along the trek. The tea houses provide the best services. If someone loves the peaceful environment and does not enjoy the crowed nature, July is the best month trekking in EBC. This will be the best experience of life to refresh your soul and mind.

Breathtaking Beauty 

After rainfall in the evening and night, time morning weather will be clear without any clouds. And you can get the stunning views of nature and snowcapped mountains. 

Plus, the environment of July is greenery, and the air is also evident.


During the monsoon season along the trekking trail, you enjoy the colorful blooming wildflower. 

Also, you will get fantastic biodiversity along the trekking trail.

Off-season Discount 

In July, some of the tea houses offer the off-season discount. You can get the lower price of the flight ticket with accommodation service. 

However, the price of the tea house is already fixed. If you request them, you can get a discount on the hot shower bucket, charging phones, etc. 

Also, you will get some discount provided by the travel agency. 

Plus, you will easily get the hotel during off-season trek. You will get special respect and delicious foods than peak season trek.

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Witness festival like SauneSankranti

SauneSankranti is the first month of Shrawan in Nepal. It falls in mid-July. 


After the plantation of Ashad, the farmer washed the mud and proceeded to eat delicious things on that day. 

Explore the different countries you will get a different experience of culture and tradition. The local culture and tradition will add the extra charm of your travel during a trek in Nepal.   

The women go to temples, especially Pashupatinath, to pay their respect to Lord Shiva.

You can see the females wearing green saree or kurtas, green bangles, and henna in their hands.

Mount Everest

Everest Base Camp Trek difficulties in July

July is the monsoon season trek with high altitude trek, and it is quite difficult and challenging during the trek. Due to the heavy rainfall, the insect can suffer during the trek. Along the trek in the lower region, you will get infected by the leeches and mosquitoes.


The trekking trail can be muddy and slippery. So you have a good pair of waterproof boats. 

Because of the bad weather, you can’t fight on time, and your planned schedule is affected.  

Packing list of EBC Trek In July 

While packing things, you might be forgetting some essential items of the trekking gears. So you have to careful to packing your clothes for the Everest Base camp trek in July. The summer sun, the monsoon rain, and the high altitude chills, etc.

You have to pack wise and smart. If you pack all the necessary elements, your trekking will be more comfortable and adventurous. 

Here is the general list of trekking gears you will need during the trek.

  • Rain jacket
  • Rain trousers
  • Rain backpack cover
  • Trekking Poles (very important)
  • Waterproof Shoes/ Gaiters
  • Waterproof Sunscreen
  • Waterproof hiking glasses
  • Down and Fleece Jackets
  • Tops
  • Gloves
  • Warm Cap (for the night)
  • Socks
  • Camera
  • Mobile phone
  • Portable charger
  • Head Torch
  • Water Bottle
  • Water Purifying Tablets
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Snacks
  • Trash Bag
  • Personal Hygiene Kits: Shampoo, Sponge, Toothpaste, Toothbrush, Toilet paper
  • Sun Hat
  • Lip Balm
  • Moisturizer
  • Quick Drying Towels
  • Washing Powder
  • Medical Kit
  • DEET containing bug spray
  • Salt
  • Whistle
  • Notebook and Pen
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Hiring Guide and Porter in EBC Trek 

Hiring a guide and porter for your safety and adventurous travel in the Everest region trek. The trekking trail fallowing the off beaten trail rugged and sometimes blocked by the landslide. There was a chance of losing away. 

The guide will provide the proper information about the trekking routes and the best accommodation service during higher altitude trek. Trekking at higher altitude is challenging and tricky when you walk along the trekking trail. So the guide can help you. 

They will help you translate the local language while talking with local people and introducing the local culture. Also, they will help in an emergency in case of altitude sickness and the unwanted situation. 


On the other hand, the porter will carry your heavy load. It will be beneficial to enjoy nature without any burden of the heavyweight luggage. You can give more time to explore the beauty of nature and a lifetime, memorable journey.


July is the wettest month in Nepal, so this may bring complications to your trek. You have to prepare yourself for your safe and adventurous travel in Everest base camp trek. 

Also, the trekking trail is relatively less crowded and more peaceful. It serves the great for the peace lover. You can take part in the Everest base camp trek in July. 

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