Eight fun family games that don’t require anything


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Family is everything. Family is love. But sometimes, hanging out with your family can become boring, and you then have to come up with an interesting family game to play.

According to a survey of global parents conducted in September 2021, approximately six in ten respondents reported that their children used mobile devices to play video games. We need to find new ways to spend family time without screens. Here are a few ideas.

Board games are a good idea, but what if you don’t have a board game available? What about card games? You probably have none available at the moment.

In this article, we’ll be exploring some games you don’t need any special or specialized equipment to play. 

Many of these games include talking to other players, while others need you to stand up and walk around. None of these games require using any equipment or playing surfaces. These, in our opinion, are the finest games to enjoy with your family. 

Games to Play That Don’t Require Anything

Here is a selection of the top free games for family enjoyment. No tangible items are needed!

1. Charades

Most of you have probably played the timeless game of charades. This game is enjoyed by everyone. One (or more) player acts out a sentence silently while the other players on your team try to guess what the phrase is. 

The goal is for your team to correctly guess the sentence as soon as possible before the timer expires.

We may have exaggerated somewhat; you’ll probably want to use a timer on your phone in addition to some paper and a pen. Split your group or family into two groups, and have each group write a phrase on a separate sheet of paper. 

When it is the opposing team’s time to act out, this paper is placed in a jar for them to choose from. Charade is a pretty simple family game.

2. Telephone

Telephone game

There is a lot of fun you can get playing on the telephone.   It can end up being both funny and sad at the same time!

Line up next to each other, choosing a person to lead the way (preferably with a little space between each person). The first individual picks a phrase to mutter to the person next to them and then whispers that thought. The next person is then whispered the sentence by the one who just heard it in their ear. 

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This continues to the last person in line. Then, this individual blurts out the original phrase or a warped version to check their accuracy before letting the first person repeat what they initially said.

Check to see whether your family or friends changed the original statement as it was being repeated from person to person. The result is frequently funny, and you’ll be furious to learn that your friends’ and families’ listening skills are appalling!

3. The Floor is Lava

This one is enjoyable. You don’t need anything to play The Floor is Lava at home. Simply shouting “The Floor is Lava” will give everyone five seconds to find a means to get both feet off the ground (such as standing on a chair or climbing on a table). They lose and perish in the boiling hot lava that is on the floor if they fail to succeed within 5 seconds.

You may play this game repeatedly by adjusting the items in your room, or you can just play it spontaneously one time. Putting a pillow cushion in a certain location in the room or turning a table at an odd angle are two examples. Put things far apart and include a rule that, once everyone rises from the floor, they must escape by a certain door to leave the room.

With the way your room is set up, you may play The Floor is Lava; if you want extra fun, add some additional items. Yes, we know this deviates from games to play without anything, but we were powerless to resist! 

Children will love playing this game, but please watch out when they climb on things; we don’t want anyone to get wounded!


4. Two Truths & A Lie

This is a straightforward, entertaining family game that you can play anywhere and without equipment other than your voice. The idea behind the game is for each player to list three things about themselves. One of the claims is false, and the other two are real. Which one is a lie must be determined by the other participants!

You may play this game again, and it’s an excellent way to get to know someone better. Makeup stories about things you are aware of if you don’t want to tell the truth or a lie about yourself.

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For instance, if I were to play, my three prompts would be as follows:

  • I am brown skinned
  • I love to write blogs
  • I’ve never left my home before

Can you identify which is completely false? You already know that I love to write blogs. Therefore, the fabrication would be, “I’ve never left my home before.” The first two are accurate. Yes, I am brown-skinned.

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5. Never Have I Ever

Another word game, like two truths and a lie, is this one. Your voice and your fingers are all that is required. The way to play Never Have I Ever is explained here.

Each player raises ten fingers to begin. Hence, both hands would be used (obviously). A player is chosen to start, and they start by saying, “Never Have I Ever…,” acknowledging that they HAVE NOT done something. 

For instance, “I’ve never gone skydiving.” After completing this task, players will place one finger on the ground.

Play then shifts to the left, and the next player says something they have not done until everyone has either kept their finger up or put it down. All players who have laid down all of their fingers are removed from the game and lose. The victor is the last person standing with any fingers raised!

This is a fantastic family game to play with family, but if you’re over 21, consider adding some alcohol to the mix to liven things up a bit. Players are required to take a sip of their drink if they have completed the task that was called out. The player who called the Never has I Ever must drink if no one puts their finger down or has already had a drink. Drink responsibly, please!

6. Hide & Seek

You’re probably thinking, “Hide and seek!” Isn’t this a kid’s game? Well, this game never gets old for those of us grownups who are still kids at heart and for those who have children in the family.

As a group, choose a deserving individual to lead off. Have them begin a countdown beginning at 50, and as soon as the count begins, everyone must rush to locate a hiding place. Play can be done inside or outside.

When the count reaches 0, the counter must now walk (or run) around and locate everyone. The first person that is found loses and must serve as the counter in the following round. Find out whether everyone is here.

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7. Man Hunt

A manhunt is another fantastic family game to play without anything, especially outside at night, and is similar to hide and seek.

Manhunt has straightforward rules. Think of it as Hide & Seek played backward. In essence, one individual or a small group conceals while the rest of the group searches for them. The persons who hide are sometimes referred to as “fugitives.” 

Children should be grouped with an adult when playing if you want to prevent them from getting lost (we’ve had that happen before, and it wasn’t fun at all).

Until all of the hiders have been located by the searchers, the game continues. The following round’s hider(s) are chosen by the last hider discovered. Imagine someone on the run (the hider), and the searchers are the police attempting to apprehend them. Interesting

8. Mr. Freeze


This is a family game that does not require any equipment to play it. Make one of them, Mr. Freeze. As usual, have everyone participating in the game move about the gathering. But everyone else must also freeze when Mr. Freeze does. The last person to freeze is out. Repeat the process until you guys are tired.


You now have a lot of great ways to entertain yourself without relying on your phone, tablet, or computer. Why not choose some of these and put them into action? The best part is that all these games are old classics that can be played anytime, anywhere. By all means, have fun playing!


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