Delta State Logo: image, description and meaning

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As usual, we shall be discussing the Delta State Logo today where will be analysing, describing, and decoding the meaning behinds the symbols or objects used in the State coat of arms.

Almost every state in Nigeria has its own unique logo or coat of arms that is used to represent what the state stand for and tends to represent.

To some state, the value their culture and they use substantial part of it to demarcate their coat of arms. Some uses the combination of their past and present.

And some state like Oyo, Lagos, Kano, Osun, etc., they use the combination of their heritage, culture, history, past and present of their people to cave their logo.

Hence, like all these States in Nigeria, we will discussing the Delta State Logo today and we shall explain what every single element contains therein symbolizes.

But before then, it’s important we reminisce around the fact that Delta State is one of the top oils producing state in Nigeria. 

Brief Background Check on Delta State

Historically, in 1991, the current Delta State was carved out of the then Bendel state which comprises the Benin (Ben) and Delta (Del) provinces.

Thus, the Delta state formation was as a result of the agitations of some ethnic groups such as Urhobos, Ijaws, Itsekiris, Ukwuani and the Isokos.

This luxurious state is situated in the South-South geo-political zone and it has around 4 million residents according to the last population census conducted.

Asaba, which is the capital of Delta state is located at the far north of the state. There is Warri too, another major city after Asaba in Delta State.


According to research, Warri is famously known as the economic hub of Delta state and it even has the highest numbers of Delta state residents there.

What’s more, before the formation of the dissolved Bendel state, Delta state was part and parcel of the Mid Western state in 1963 to 1976.

Description and Meaning of Delta State Logo

Before then, you must note that the present Delta State coat of arms is quite different from what was obtainable before.

In October 2016, Mr Patrick Ukah, who was the Delta State Commissioner for Information announced that the Delta State Government had adopted a new logo and slogan for the state. 

That logo which can be best describes as a light blue circle with four distinct quarters or division in it. Each division has a distinct element that it represents.

In the first quarter of the Delta State logo, there is a dark blue colour with a mast standing on what looks like the wave of the sea. The second quarter is a red background with a crop or blossom flower growing on a fertile land.

More so, there is third division of the Delta state coat of arms with a light yellow background which seem to look like a cloud, two trees and green zone or vegetation can be seen from afar.

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Lastly, the logo of Delta State fourth quarter has a yellow background that seems to look like a cloud too with a shadow of two able being running towards the direction of the West.


The description made above is what the state is using till this present moment. 

On this note, you may want to consider the following as it explain what each features contains in the logo means or symbolizes.

That is to say, the logo of Delta State has all of the following as its features:

  • Mast;
  • Blossom flower;
  • River Ethiope;
  • Green vegetation;
  • The runners;
  • Delta State motto;
  • Date of creation; and
  • The light blue circle.

1) The Mast

By closely looking at the coat of arms of Delta State, the first thing to see in the first quarter out of the four divisions in the logo is Mast erected on what seems like the wave of an ocean.

This symbolizes technology and industrial revolution. Delta State boost of several raw materials that are being used in big industries.

Some of these raw materials include tar sand, industrial clay, silica, bottle manufacturing, ceramic, decorative rocks, etc.

2) The River Ethiope

Under the Mast, there is an image that looks exactly like the wave of an ocean. This symbol simply represents the River Ethiope in Delta State.

River Ethiope is known and reputed to be the deepest inland waterway throughout Africa — at 176 km. 

The river source is said to be at the foot of a big silk-cotton tree in a place called Umuaja in Ukwuani Local Government.


The river flows through the seven Local Government Areas in Delta State.

3) Blossom flower

In the second image affixed to the Delta State symbol, there is an image of a flower that is blossoming from a virgin land. 

This means the state has a fertile land that is very good for farming. 

4) The runners

Also, there is a shadow of two able being running towards the direction of the West in the Delta state symbol.

Although the image depicts two individuals running towards the west, it means the state connects the people of the east together with the people of the west.

This can be seen in the Niger Bridge which connect Delta with the people of the East. 

5) Delta State motto

Equally, there is an inscription of the Delta State motto in the state logo. Having changed the state motto from what it is used to be known before.

Before the new logo came into existence, the old Delta State motto was “Finger of God” but know, there’s a new development.

Delta State current motto is “the big heart” meaning that the state is magnanimous enough to welcome and give good hospitality to anybody on the land.

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6) Date of creation

Another feature that is present on the new Delta State coat of arms is the date in which the state was created. And clearly, the state was created in 1991.


7) The light blue circle

Lastly, the light blue circle that housed all the four quarters in which the logo is divided into has an inscription on it too.

The words read this: Delta State Government. This simply means that the logo is the original and acknowledges the coat of arms of Delta State, Nigeria.

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