David Mann Net Worth and Biography


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Today’s biography section will reveal David Mann net worth and biography, family background, age, lifestyle, career, and more.

David Anthony Mann is a United States citizen born in Tarrant, Texas. He is a singer, comedian, theatre, and TV show actor.

David Mann Biography

David Anthony Mann, better known as David Mann, was born on the 7th of August, 1966, in Fort Worth, Texas.

There’s no information about his family background yet. Still, all we could gather is that he’s a black American raised in Texas.

David is a man with tall stature. He stands at the height of 5 feet 10 inches (1.68 meters) and weighs 187.39 lbs (85 kg).

During Mann’s early career, he began working with a group called “The Family.” While working with this group, he met Tamela, who later became his wife.

David Mann’s Family

After extensive research, details about his parents are not revealed to the public. Likewise, there is no info about his brothers or sisters.

David Mann's net worth and biography

As a man, David met Tamela while working with Kirk Franklin and “The Family,” where their love story began.

Mann got married to the love of his life, Tamela J. Mann, in 1988. That is over 34 years of blissful home together.

Their marriage has been fruitful as they are blessed with four children, namely; Tiffany, La’Porcia, David Jr., and La’Tia.

Anthony Mann’s Career

David Mann began his career by performing alongside the famous vocal ensemble group called “The Family,” led by Kirk Franklin.

Accentuating his natural gift of changing people’s moods from sadness to happiness as a youth, David Anthony Mann set his sights on acting.

Nurturing his natural element, Mann was commonly used as the production team’s funny man right from when his infectious comedic flair was visibly realized.

His marvelous performances quickly gained notable recognition moving his diversified personality into public notice.

Because of his eloquence and action, David has portrayed the iconic funny man character in several theaters and TV shows.

Being the famous Mr. Brown, he acted the same in the popular theatre created by Tyler Perry.

He (Mr. Brown) is the father of Madea’s daughter “Cora.” The character was also acted Cora by Mann’s wife, Tamela Mann.

Ever since his first movie as Mr. Brown, he has portrayed the name and character in numerous Tyler Perry stage plays and productions over the years.

As time went by, Perry’s productions metamorphosis from being a play to films, where Mann was able to reach more significant audiences as Mr. Brown.

Most often than not, David Mann and Tamela Mann (his wife) act alongside each other. As a result, they have featured together in tons of production.

David and Tamela joint works

As if this is not enough, Mann has joined Tamela in two different reality shows where they focused on their relationship and family life.

The first of its kind was “It’s a Mann’s World,” It was aired on the BET channel from 2015-to 2016 (that’s two good seasons).

Equally, David and Tamela Mann have appeared together on another TV show titled “The Manns,” aired by TVOne. It began in 2017.

What is more, Mann and Tamela (his wife) have recorded and released two sound albums together.

Their first album together was “The Master Plan: Special Edition,” released in 2010.

It was followed up with “Us Against the World: The Love Project, ” released in 2018.

The Love Project features Mann and Tamela singing an assortment of gospel songs and R&B. Classic, right?

David Mann business: The TillyMan Entertainment

You’ll agree that David is a good actor because of the number of movies and shows he has featured in.

And it’s crystal clear that he’s not only an actor, but he also sings and does comedy. His other business you might not know of is owning an entertainment company.

Mann and his Grammy-winning recording artist and veteran actress (Tamela Mann) have their own entertainment company that they jointly own.

The company is called “Tillymann Entertainment.” That is, Tamela (Tilly) and Mann Entertainment.

Tillmann as an entertainment company was established in 2003 in the famous city of Dallas. It’s akin to the couple’s portfolio.

They use the company to represent themselves as well as their children professionally. Isn’t that what a family company does?

The company also major in producing music of all genres, comedy, movie projects, etc. They use it to develop and nurture new talent in the industry too.

List of movies and TV shows David Mann has acted.

The following is the list of plays, movies, and television shows David Mann has acted.

  • “Madea’s Family Reunion” || produced in 2002,
  • “I Can Do Bad All By Myself” || made in 2002,
  • “Madea’s Class Reunion” || made in 2003.
  • “Meet the Browns” || produced in 2004,
  • “Tyler Perry’s House of Payne” || produced in 2007,
  • “What’s Done in the Dark” was created in 2008,
  • “Meet the Browns” || aired for two seasons (2009-2011), and
  • “Madea Goes to Jail” (2009),
  • and “Madea’s Big Happy Family” (2011)
  • “It’s a Mann’s World,” || a reality show that aired for two seasons (2015-2016),
  • “The Manns” || reality show aired in 2017,
  • “Tyler Perry’s Assisted Living” || produced in 2020.

Be that as it may, David resumed the role of the funnyman “Mr. Brown” for his captivating audiences in the successful Madea’s Farewell Tour in 2019.

As a matter of fact, the tour was an absolute hit, played in packed theaters across the United States.

David Mann Net Worth and Salary

As a black American, David has made a name for himself in the American entertainment industry.

He succeeded as a stage actor, gospel singer, and comedian. What’s more, he made a name for himself along the.

The famous Mr. Brown actor; David Mann estimated net worth is $6 million. Not bad for a man like him, right?

He has come this far. If you can recall, he started his career as a singer with Kirk Franklin and “The Family” musical group.

End note.

If you have any contrary information about David Mann Net Worth and Biography, don’t hesitate to share it with us using the comment section.


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